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Body Tosses

Brumaire - Near opponent, press or + or

  • Ash grabs his opponent, emitting a green flame, cocks his hand up and punches his opponent. C version throws the opponent forward. While the D version will throw the opponent the opposite direction. The D version is good to use when you get an opening while in the corner. Also good to use for opponents who roll too much. You can also store a Ventose charge by executing the throw with back + C. If done with back + D, then hold forward.

Unique Moves

Messidor - Press + (QS)

  • Ash punches at a down-ward angle. This is Ash's command over-head. Can be comboed into, however when you cancel into this move it loses its over-head properties. In addition, this move doesn't contribute any sort of frame advantage, blocked or not. There is absolutley no reason to use this in combos outside of Quick Shift combos. With that said, when this move connects you should always Quick Shift cancel it if you have 1 stock available. It can be used in block strings however since it recoils Ash to a safe distance. On another bad note, when used standalone this move has short delay before the punch connects. Use this move sparingly, mainly after jump-in's or on waking up opponents.

Floreal - Press + (QS)

  • Ash twirls toward his opponent with a straight kick. This is good to use after a blocked Ventose, to advance on your opponent and keep them locked down. This move can also be used in combos, however there's no reason to combo into it. Just as the Messidor, this move offers no real advantage. Average recovery, enough to mount a on-staying offense. The Floreal is best used in poke strings. One good trick to use with the Floreal is after ending a poke string with it, pause for a second than execute a Pluviose or Germinal.

Prairial - Press + (QS)

  • Ash twirls backwards with his leg extended. This move can hit your opponent, however the range is quite small. Best used as a defensive move. Comes out fast and little recovery. Possible anti-air as well. This move should be use to retreat from your opponent. In addition, you can store a charge for a Ventose while executing this move. Can be used in combos, but not recomended. This move can serve as Save Shift Counter mainly because Ash recoils. It will not hit the opponent that is jumping out. However, this is still not a consistent Save Shift counter. Rather it works or not depends on the character jumping out and the angle and or range of the Save Shift attack.

Special Moves

Ventose - Briefly hold, press + or

  • Ash emits a green flame from his hands and launches it forward. A version comes out fast but travels at a slow pace. C version has more start-up, but travels faster, hits twice and has a slightly larger hit-box. You can only combo into a Ventose (A) and only from a strong attack. Though you should not use the Ventose (A) for combos. From max range, you can use the Ventose for turtling or as a shield to move behind. With a Ventose in front, you can amount a free offense on your opponent. This fireball is also useful in corner traps and poke strings.

Nivose - Briefly hold, press + or (QS)(SC)

  • Ash executes a somersault kick engulfed in emerald flames. This technique is Ash's bread and butter combo ender. Good priority, hits twice and knocks down. This is also Ash's best anti-air. You can also used this move when waking-up if you expect your opponent to do something. The Nivose is very susceptible to punishment if it is blocked or whiffs. In addition, always use the B version in combos. Even though the D version travels at a higher arc, it is prone to whiff the second hit sometimes. Due to this flaw, you should only use the D version for anti-air. Both versions can be super cancelled on the 1st hit. The best way to super cancel is through a tiger knee like motion. Charge down, qcf, up-forward + B or D, qcf + the button corresponding to the move you want to execute. The Nivose can also counter save shift attempts, but is too inconsistent to be used effectively.

Vendemiaire - Near opponent, + (SC)

  • Ash command throw. He will grab his opponent and execute a auto-combo ending with an uppercut that launches your opponent in the air for a free juggle. Landing this move can be slightly difficult smetimes. Now with the new whiff animation, this move requires better planning. Since Ash is left open for punishment if the Vendemiaire whiffs. The range on this command throw is nothing great. It extends to just outside of standing close A range. This move definetly works to your advantage since it allows you to land a free combo and knockdown. The Vendemiaire also works well as a quic-shift combo set-up, this espcially works well for Gato. 3 hits, knockdown and the 3rd hit is super cancelable. You can easily buffer a super during the entire move.

Super Moves

Thermidor - + or

  • Ash creates a large sphere of emerald flames and pushes it forward. The Thermidor has little to no invincibility frames on start-up. It is also too slow to be comboed into. The only real combo for it is off of a super cancelled Vendemiaire. The Thermidor moves forward somewhat slow. But works as a good pressure tool. On top of that, it is safe if blocked and allows you to poke your opponent. Upon connecting, this move puts the opponent in a long enough hit-stun to get a free combo off. The Thermidor can also hit an airborne opponent and put the opponent in a juggle state. Strangely enough this move can work as a save shift counter. It won't hit the opponent, instead the opponent will land in front of you, while the save shift attack will pass right through you. But his super is best used outside of point-blank range.

Pluviose - + or (QS)(DC)

  • Ash performs 3 somersault kicks. This is basically Ash's super version of the Nivose. This move can be used in all of the same sitautions as the Nivose such as combos or wake-up. This can also be used as a anti-air but must connect against a late jump-in. Otherwise most of the hits will whiff and your opponent will recover before you. With this said, this move can lead to punishment if it doesn't connect or is blocked. Keep in mind though, yo ucan easily avoid punishment through a Quick Shift and attempt a mix-up. Unlike the Thermidor though, the Pluviose has invincibility frames on start-up. While the D version moves Ash further upon the 1st hit, hence the D version has more range. First 5 hits can all be dream cancelled. The Pluviose can also counter Save Shift attempts, but is too inconsistent to be used effectively.

Leader Moves

Sans-Culottes - Press , , ,

  • A green aura flashes around Ash. The activation can hit opponents and knockdown. Upon activation, Ash has 0 charge times on the Ventose and Nivose. In addition, he can cancel his unique moves and cancel the 1st of his Nivose into a Ventose or any of his unique moves. You can use this 0 charge time to advantage by throwing back to back fireballs from max range. With this said, you can have multiple fireballs on the screen. Plus, he can use the hit stun from the Ventose to combo into Nivose. Unfortunatley this move has no invincibility on start-up. Just like the Thermidor you can only verify a Sans-Culottes from his command throw. Upon hitting with Sans-Culottes his opponent will stay in a juggle state. With this said, Ash can land a possible 50% - 100% damage combo. This move should not be used in dream cancels since it does very little damage. Your opponent cannot quick recover from this move when it is not comboed.

Germinal - During Sans-Culottes, + E (requires 1 stock)

  • Ash can only execute the Germinal while he is still in his leader state. Upon executing the Germinal, Ash will dash across the screen behind the opponent burning the opponent in a trail of green flames. Upon connecting, the victim cannot perform unique moves, special moves, super desperation moves or leader desperation moves. The Germinal comes out extremely fast, making it useful for footsie games. If the opponent whiffs 1 normal, this move will definetly catch them off guard. Unfortunatley this move does little damage and can't hit airborne opponents unless they are close to landing or beginning to jump. The Germinal also combos from both light & strong attacks. If this hits a cornered opponent, than both fighters will be repositioned and placed outside of the corner. If Ash executes the Germinal, he will automatically leave the Sans-Culottes state. Your opponent cannot quick recover from this technique.


  • Jumping deep D, crouching Ax2, Nivose (B)
  • Crouching B, link crouching Ax2, Nivose (B)
  • Anti-air crouching C (counter hit), Nivose (D)
  • Jumping deep D, crouching Ax2, Pluvoise
  • Crouching B, link crouching Ax2, Pluvoise
  • Vendemiaire, juggle with Nivose (D) or jump up E
  • Jumping deep D, crouching Ax2, Germinal
  • Crouching B, link crouching Ax2, Germinal
  • Jumping deep D, crouching Ax2, Nivose (B), SC, Pluvoise
  • Crouching B, link crouching Ax2, Nivose (B), SC, Pluvoise
  • Vendemiaire, SC, Thermidor, run in after it until you reach the corner, juggle with Nivose (D) or jump up E
  • Jumping deep D, crouching Ax2, Nivose (B), SC, Germinal
  • Crouching B, link crouching Ax2, Nivose (B), SC, Germinal
  • Mid-screen, Vendemiaire, SC, Sans-Culotte, juggle Nivose (B) (1 hit), Ventose (A) and juggle with Germinal
  • When the opponent is in the corner, Vendemiaire, SC, Sans-culotte, juggle with a Nivose (B), juggle with another Nivose (B), juggle with Prairial, Nivose (B), juggle with another Nivose (B), juggle with another Nivose (B), juggle with another Nivose (B), juggle with another Nivose (B), Prairial, Ventose (A), juggle with another Ventose (A), finally juggle with a late Germinal
  • When the opponent is in the corner, activate Sans-culotte, walk-up, Nivose (B) (1 hit), Messidor x N, Floreal, Ventose (A), Pluviose (Combo Video)

NOTE: the crouching B, link crouching Ax2, Pluviose can be character specific sometimes. Meaning that some characters will have to be cornered in order for the Pluviose to connect.

NOTE: Jumping C can be substituted for jumping D. While both jumping C & jumping D can cross-up.

Leader MAX

  • During Sans-Cullotte, Jumping deep D, crouching Ax2, Nivose (B), SC, Pluvoise (5 hits), DC, Germinal
  • During Sans-Cullotte, Crouching B, link crouching Ax2, Nivose (B), SC, Pluvoise (D) (5 hits), DC, Germinal

Differences from King of Fighters 2003

  • New animation on his standing close B, which hits low now.
  • His normals are easier to verify into combos. Doesn't have such a tight window to cancel.
  • Standing close A, crouching A, crouching B are all faster and chain into each other easier.
  • Can no longer cancel crouching B.
  • Messidor can no longer cancel into super desperation moves.
  • Floreal comes out slower and has a longer recovery window. Also, you can no longer link Pluviose after it hits. Can not combo off of light attacks anymore.
  • Prairial has more range. In addition, if it hits a airborne opponent it will put them in a limited juggle-state.
  • Ventose travels slower (either strength). In addition, it whiffs and goes through an cornered opponent at point-blank range (either strength). The Ventose (C) will not out prioritize other projectiles. Instead, both projectiles will negate each other.
  • Nivose's (either strength) range has been reduced slighlty. It travels about half a step less.
  • Vendemiaire has less range and a new whiff animation similiar to that of the Messidor. Do to the new whiff animation, the move will hit or not hit. Unlike before when a hit or 2 might whiff. Plus, you can no longer combo into the Vendemiaire. The recovery on the Vendemiaire has also been reduced. It is now easier to juggle afterwards.
  • Thermidor no longer has invincibility frames on start-up. Has a smaller hit-box and won't hit opponents behind you. On a good note, the Thermidor travels faster and if it hits an airborne opponent it will keep juggling them until the Thermidor finishes. On the plus side, you can throw a Ventose out when the Thermidor is on screen. Before you can only do this during Sans-Culottes. Now during Sans-Culottes, if you excecute a Thermidor than you will automatically leave his leader state. When the opponent is directly in the corner, and if yu connect a Vendemiaire, SC, Thermidor then the Thermidor will whiff.
  • If Ash is hit before he starts to glow from Sans-Culottes, then he will not go into the Sans-Culottes state. With that said, the Sans-Culottes does not have invincibility on start-up. The state doesn't last as long anymore. Also when Sans-Culottes hits an opponent, then they will enter a juggle state. However, Sans-Culottes has slightly more range and can be 2-in-1'ed now.
  • New Leader Desperation Move, the Germinal.

Mix-Up's, Poke Strings and Throw Set-Up's

  • When the opponent is in the corner, Hyper-Hop E (blocked), crouching A (blocked) X N

Jumping deep A (blocked)

  • Vendemiaire
  • Brumaire
  • Crouching B, link crouching A, Nivose (B) or Pluviose
  • Crouching B (blocked), crouching A (blocked) and then continue with any of the Jumping D (blocked) mix-up's

Jumping C (whiffed)

  • Vendemiaire
  • Brumaire
  • Pause, Pluviose
  • Crouching B, link crouching A, Nivose (B) or Pluviose
  • Crouching B (blocked), crouching A (blocked) and then continue with any of the Jumping D (blocked) mix-up's

Jumping deep D (blocked)

  • crouching A (blocked), Ventose (A) (blocked), run-in crouching D
  • crouching A (blocked), Ventose (A) (blocked), run-in standing C (corner only)
  • crouching A (blocked), Ventose (A) (blocked), run-in Floreal, pause and counter with Pluviose
  • crouching A (blocked), Ventose (A) (blocked), run-in crouching B (hit), link crouching A, Nivose (B) or Pluviose
  • crouching A (blocked), Ventose (A) (blocked), run-in crouching B (blocked), link crouching A (blocked), run-in crouching D
  • crouching A (blocked), pause and counter with Nivose (B) or Pluviose
  • hyper-hop D (blocked) crouching A (blocked) and then continue with any of Jumping D (blocked) mix-up's of your choice
  • hyper-hop, Vendemiaire
  • hyper-hop, Brumaire
  • hyper-hop, pause and counter with Nivose (B) or Pluviose

NOTE: If Jumping D (blocked) connects early, than you can follow-up with crouching Ax2 (blocked).

Max Range Ventose (A) Pressure

  • The above mix-up's patterns can be used here except you must substitue the jumping attacks with super jump attacks.
  • Super jump forward B to catch an opponent trying to jump over the Ventose
  • Run-in early Nivose (D) to catch an opponent trying to jump over the Ventose
  • Super jump forward E (counter hit), Nivose (B) to catch an opponent trying to jump over the Ventose
  • Run-in crouching C (counter hit), Nivose (B) to catch an opponent trying to jump over the Ventose

NOTE: If you fear that your opponent will ever counter your poke strings, then cancel the crouching A (blocked) into Prairial

Team Placement and Leader Recommendations

Ash should most likely be placed as your first character. Ash works as a great battery. And with his solid combos, pokes & mix-up's he doesn't intentionally need bar. Use alot of his Ventose pressure strings to build some bar. Another good option is Standing E (kara-cancel), Ventose (A) from max range to build bar. Try to leave the second slot open for a leader with not only a good leader but who can also get good usage of their supers, like Kula, Adelheid or Oswald. Kula & Oswald works well of a Vendemiaire, quick shit to LDM juggle. Ash can also be placed in perhaps the 3rd slot if you have max gauge. Between pressure with Thermidors and Pluviose combos, Ash can very well end the match in the end. It's just that people with more reliable super cancels, supers, LDM's and Dream Cancels should be the reason not to make Ash the leader and to make him more of a battery character. In addition, do not use Ash's LDM. Sure 0 charge times are fun. He also has his juggle combos but the thought of really pulling it off in a match is quite far fetched. Yes, he does have a 100% Damage combo with it, but it has no good set-up's. And placing him as leader will whore out your gauge real quick like, since the Germinal requires 1 stock. The Sans-Culottes is only good off a super-canceled Vendemiaire in the corner or in quick shift corner juggles. Of course the Germinal is nice to have since it seals all commands moves. Which can be espcially good for everyone's favorite team - Kula/Gato/Oswald. But the damage is poor, the timing is strict to combo it off of light attacks. And it has a tendency to whiff on some attacks. Though it does lead to a free cross-up game and good in footsies which is a plus. But also having to do Sans-Culottes to execute the Germinal also dimishes this move's usefulness slightly. In the end, Ash's LDM is all show and nothing more but a gimmick. You are better off sticking to someone that can verifed a LDM without consuimg bar for a super-cancel or dream-cancel that does big damage.


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