Athena (NGBC)

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Body Tosses

Silky Throw - Near opponent, press b or N or f + C+D

Unique Moves

Icarus no Kutsu - Press d, d + D

Special Moves

Hamadrias Buster - qcf + A or C (useable in air) (hold A or C to delay) (SC)

Neptune Killer - dp + B or D

Morning Star Attack - qcb + A

Morning Star Crash - qcb + C

Lion's Shield - hcb + B or D

Life Flower: Yakusouka Tairyokume Corpse - Press d, d + A+C

Yakusouka Tairyokume Pneuma - Press d, d + B+D

Yakusouka Bakutenme Pure Blossom - Press d, d + B+C

Pukapuka Hovering - During jump, press B+D

>Unicorn Horn - Press A or C

>Typhoon Sing - Press B

>Cancel - Press D

Desperation Moves

Poseidon's Rage - qcb, hcf + B or D

Heaven's Gate - f, hcf + A or C (2 stocks required)

Pegasus Fantasy - qcf, hcb + B or D (3 stocks required)

Homura no Tsue - qcfx2 + A

>Flying Fire - qcfx2 + A

>Fire Storm - qcfx2 + C (1 stock required)

Kaze no Tsue - qcfx2 + C

>Flying Hurricane - qcfx2 + C

>Storm Fire - qcfx2 + A (1 stock required)

Advanced Strategy

By Dark Geese

Now while I am not going 2 give away all my Athena tricks I will give those few of you out there enough to see that though bottom tier Athena can wreck havoc on characters if they are not aware of what she can do.

Sure she takes some work but in the right hands she can murder in the corner.

I am going to briefly break down some of Athena's best moves-

qcfx2+a flame super- This super is paramount to playnig Athena the best you can play her. She has many many things she can do off her "Ouroborous" Flame Super that makes this the super to use when you have Athena hands down. While in this super if the opponent gets offensive most of the time they will lose the battle.

With this super you can force the opponent to turtle, and if you are real tricky like me can even break their guard in many mischievious ways!!!

Qcb+A- Overhead smash- This move is good because it will catch MANY people off guard and can wreck havoc on them if they do not expect it. This move is an overhead as are all jump ins in NGBC/SNK games, but this one comes out relatively fast and has good priority!!! use it to catch your opponent Slipping!!! Do not do this move while in Her Flame Super because the flame will DIE OUT..

Dp+D-Mermaid Kick-This move is godly almost in its sheer priority as an Anti Air..use it practically anytime your opponent jumps..90% of the time it will beat whatever they have to offer and if not it will more than likely trade.

Dark Geese's healing trick- Okay guys here is a little trick of mine I am going to give you guys...

After you nail a Deadly Assault with Athena IMMEDIATELY do her healing Plant-down,down, A+C, because they cannot tech after a Deadly Assault making you at least 95% safe from them attacking you and healing in the process!!! it will only heal your red bar so if you have all that healed up then do her down,down+B+D move to restore super gauge so you can keep the rushdown with more Flame Supers!!!

This is a little for now I gotta get back to work..if anyone actually plays Athena please pm me and I will give you more immediately..