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Ahh...Balrog. The Engrish-spewing wonder, based on the stereotypical "banned boxer" mold. Spewing such quotes as "I am John" ("I am champ!"), "I got paid", and the infamous "NON-STOP MEEEEAT!!!" ("DON'T STOP ME!!")...he's one of the characters commonly laughed at, making victory while using him grounds for humiliating your opponent. But Engrish or no Engrish, he's still the same Balrog we've come to know and love, based on the Street Fighter Alpha model. With his dash punches, he's a good character for people who like to use Q in 3s.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Dash Punch

  • Charge Back, Forward + Punch

Dash Uppercut

  • Charge Back, Forward + Kick

Dash Lower

  • Charge Back, Down-Forward + Punch

Dash Lower Uppercut

  • Charge Back, Down-Forward + Kick

Buffalo Headbutt

  • Charge Down, Up + Punch

Turn Punch

  • Hold 3P or 3K, release

Super Moves

Crazy Buffalo

  • Charge Back, Forward, Back, Forward + Punch
    • Balrog rushes forward and starts throwing a barrage of punches. 2800/4000/5100 damage, Crazy Buffalo is not safe on block and requires a grounded opponent. It does not work like Chang, Iori or Kim's super that sucks you into it. It is worth knowing that unlike most supers, CB has invincibility frames at all levels (9/15/23).

Gigaton Blow

  • Charge Back, Forward, Back, Forward + Kick
    • Gigaton blow is a level 3 or max super meaning it cannot be done in A-groove. It is probably the most dangerous super in the game. There are 2 reasons for this. First off, it does massive damage weighing in at 6800. Second, it is the fastest super in the game in terms of distance traveled. Gigaton will punish almost every single special w/ recovery and will punish nearly all whiffed fierces and roundhouses. It will blow through nearly all projectiles as well due to its immense speed. Worth noting that it also has a -10 on block.
    • Gigaton will punish
      • Whiffed HP/HK's
      • Iori Rekka's
      • Hibiki QCF slashes on hit and block
      • Blanka Balls, Psycho Crushers, Scissor Kicks, Headbutts
      • Yamazaki Serpent Slash
      • Badly spaced Cannon Drills
      • Almost every single projectile (may get pegged by iori and guile's lp version)
      • Hard Edge
      • Oxford Red on hit and block
    • Gigaton will not punish
      • Sakura Hurricane Kicks
      • Blanka Electricity
      • Vega Balls
      • Properly spaced Cannon Drills
      • Crack Shoot

The Basics

Advanced Strategy

Guard break FTW!!!


Characters who can't crouch Balrog's Dash Straight

  • Capcom

E.Honda, Eagle, Sagat, Zangief, Dhalsim

  • SNK

Kyo, Terry, Joe, Benimaru,Chang, Raiden, Geese, Yamazaki, Rugal

Characters who can crouch Balrog's standing Fierce

  • Capcom

Cammy, Chun-Li, Vega, Sakura, Morrigan, Yun, Maki

  • SNK

Hibiki, Rock, Iori, Athena, Mai, Kim, Vice, Yuri, Nakoruru

Rule of thumb, most of the girls can go under it, with King being an exception. Then you just add the short guys.

I need to do some more testing. If anybody can confirm more characters, that would be awesome. --Eddosan 02:36, 17 January 2007 (UTC)

Faster to use the height chart, in Buktooth's system FAQ. Rog's st. HP hits height 64 and higher. Dash punch is 68 and higher.

--Viewtiful Elvis 06:26, 17 January 2007 (UTC)

For smaller characters than can duck underneath the standing Fierce, you can use standing Roundhouse, though it's roughly 1/3 shorter than the Fierce.