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1. Crouch C, f+A/(dp+B, Jump C) - 20%/33%<br>
1. Crouch C, f+A/(dp+B, Jump C) - 20%/33%<br>
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1. Crouch BBB, f+A, Crouch C, f+A/(hcf+A, qcf+A) - 45%/50%<br>
1. Crouch BBB, f+A, Crouch C, f+A/(hcf+A, qcf+A) - 45%/50%<br>
2. C, dp+D, qcf hcb+A - 65%
2. C, dp+D, qcf hcb+A - 65%
1. CD hcf+P
'''Max Mode Activation:'''<br>
'''Max Mode Activation:'''<br>

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1. Crouch C, f+A/(dp+B, Jump C) - 20%/33%
2. Crouch BBB, f+A/(dp+B, Jump C) - 20%/35%

1. Crouch BBB, f+A, Crouch C, f+A/(hcf+A, qcf+A) - 45%/50%
2. C, dp+D, qcf hcb+A - 65%

1. CD hcf+P

Max Mode Activation:
1. C, hcf+A, dp+D, qcf hcb+A - 80% (Corner)
2. A (repeatedly)(2), hcf+A, dp+D, qcf hcb+A - 70% (Corner)

Attack Strings:
1. C/Crouch BBB, f+A
2. C, f+A, Crouch C, f+A (Corner)
3. CD, hcf+A, qcf+A
4. Crouch B, Crouch C, f+A

Move Properties:
-cancellable normals are close A, far A, close B, crouch B, close C, crouch C, close D
-Crouch D hits low twice
-f+A is a two hit unpunishable command move
-f+B can be punished with a throw, but suspends him above the air, avoiding ground projectiles and sweeps
-qcb+D counter is supercancellable on the first hit


Billy is top tier for his space control and lock-down capabilities. His combos are few, and he doesn't really depend on them. His gameplan consists of forcing the opponent to make mistakes.

Basically, Billy's game is focused on getting the opponent in to the corner, then locking them down. It's not an MVC2 hard lock, but a very annoying one that's difficult to escape. His corner block string is c.B c.B f+A c.C f+A c.A CD. The c.A CD parts don't combo, but your opponent cannot attack you between them. The CD on whiff is slightly punishable (beware V slasher), but is worth throwing out every so often because Billy's CD can be cancelled after the impact frames into qcb+A or qcb+B both of which can punish hyper hoppers going over the c.A.

Billy has many other strong tools for getting the opponent into the corner. c.C sc.C and s.CD all cancel into hcf+P qcf+P. This is the only time to do this move. The opponent cannot interrupt and is forced to block and move the direction you're forcing him. Meaty damage if he eats it.

Billy biggest difficulties come from aerial assault. Since Billy has no consistant dependable anti-air, it's important to know how to use the tools that he has.

j.C (jump forward or jump backwards C) is a high priority attack that will often stuff your opponents jump in. It comes out fast and will often stuff your opponents attack if performed at the same time.

c.C is a reasonable anti air, it's pretty slow to execute, so should be timed early enough to be effective.

f+A doubles as a premptive anti-air, it's very good at stuff opponents who try to jump out of your pressure.

qcb+B is your anti-air counter, rather risky, can be use against really obvious stuff. It is especially effective against air moves that you can tell WILL execute. For example, Andy air qcf+D/ground hcf+K or Mai's qcb+P, will be cleanly beat by the Billy counter

qcb+P tends to be crap, it's rarely aligned properly to effectively anti air an opponent. It will however work at long range premptively, use your own discretion.

hop back+B can be used as an instant overhead if done the moment he leaves the ground. Best used to finish off an opponent who has low health.

Block however is the safest and most dependable counter to jump ins.