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Birdie was blessed with the worst ACs in the game.
Birdie was blessed with the worst ACs in the game.
Punch- Does a quick headbutt, good vs air attack. Ive seen this whiff on the ground, little range.
*Does a quick headbutt, good vs air attack. Ive seen this whiff on the ground, little range.
Kick- does a dumb kick. Doesnt knock down or have any real frame advantage :/
*Does a dumb kick. Doesnt knock down or have any real frame advantage :/
== Super Moves ==
== Super Moves ==

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Birdman ya heard

Well, pretty much accepted worst character in the game. Birdie sucks. But if you are up for a challenge, this is for you! Birdie actually can win matches, just isnt easy, but is really fun to play as (but not fight lol)


One of the most damaging custom combo's in the game, roughly 80% at lvl 3

Good anti-airs

Very good jump arc and air normals

Super is very good vs fireballers


Bitch is slow as hell

grabs are very slow to grab, he is NOT Zangief

Normals are slow and not really too god

Lvl 3 headbutt super can be mashed out of (wtf capcom)

Moves List

s.lp- Nothing great, throw it out if you expect them to jump from a grab.

s.mp- Really good anti-air, real good. I have no idea why, but it is.

s.fp- Awesome range, slow as hell. Not something you wanna throw out alot.

s.lk- Little kick to the toe, good to set up a tick throw

s.mk- Ugly ass kick, short range, no real uses.

s.hk- Limited AA use, but doubles as a overhead, which is very useful and can be comboed after.

c.lp- Your normal crouching lp, nothing special, c.lk is better.

c.mp- Decent priority but slow recovery, so be careful when whiffing.

c.fp- The anti-poke/anti-air. Hit fast and 1st hit can be cancelled into special or super. This is the main normal to be used when close due to high priority and good speed, do not whiff. Love this thing.

c.lk- Long range lk good to tick, but same as c.lp you cannot chain these :(

c.mk- A good poke and better anti-air, the latter being very efffective. Not abusable but very nice normal to have.

c.hk- Slow sweep with decent range.

j.mp- good priority and worth mentioning

j.fp- Good range and priority, but a bit slow

j.lk- Awesome angle and great to use to tick, think of Rose's j.lk

j.mk- good air-to-air

j.hk- My main air normal, fast, good priority, and crosses up. Its dope.

Command Moves

Body Slam

  • (In Air)Down + HP- The typical grappler splash, good priority and crosses up, abusable.


Bull Spike

  • Back or Forward + MP or HP
    • Press any buttons rapidly for more hits

Bad Throw

  • Back or Forward + MK or HK

Special Moves

Murderer Chain

  • Rotate 360 + Punch

Bandit Chain

  • Rotate 360 + Kick

His grabs. I stick to kick cause it looks cooler, I believe hk version does most, but lk has the most range (and lp). These grabs are damaging but can be jumped from or ccd easier than gief, use at your own risk.

Bull Head

  • Charge Back, Forward + Punch

This moves is very useful when used correctly. Stick only to the lp version, as all other ones are death. When done from the right range it is safe 99% of the time unless they have meter. When they have meter and you use this, you are instantly a moron, jk! But it will be a free cc for them. When done right you will be out of range from attacks and can do another one, and another, and another. Even whiff punish with this.

Bull Horn

  • Hold all three Punch or Kick buttons, release to attack
    • The attack will do more damage the longer you hold the buttons

Very useful. You can have up to 4 of these when all buttons are held down and cannot be punished consistently with a cc. I been punished once. This move has virtually no lag and can be used to get close after a knockdown or set up grabs or super. It even AAs when released right. If you have this move charge and the opponent does a cc, release all buttons to make them whiff, then the headbutt will hit.

Alpha Counter

Birdie was blessed with the worst ACs in the game.


  • Does a quick headbutt, good vs air attack. Ive seen this whiff on the ground, little range.


  • Does a dumb kick. Doesnt knock down or have any real frame advantage :/

Super Moves

The Birdie

  • Charge Back, Forward, Back, Forward + Punch

This super you can combo into, lvl 3 version can be mashed out of. Not worth it.

Bull Revenger

  • Double Quarter Circle Forward + Punch or Kick

Punch goes short range and kick goes full screen. Very useful vs fireballers. Never use a lvl 2 or 3 unless it will kill or you really need to close the gap, cause you really want to land that cc.

The Basics

Combos to know

c.hp xx mp red head (2 hits)

overhead s.rh, c.mk or sweep (2 hits)

Your main focus is to land your custom. Bottom line, it is a round winner. When the opponent is running away, whiff lp grab for meter. Once you get that lvl 3, look for a opening to land it. Until then you have some tricks to work with.

360 fun! (use light versions)

kkk (hit or blocked), 360 c.lk, s.lk, 360 j.lk or j.rh, 360 360 on their wake up

After a grab, follow up with KKK, time it to hit, or not to not and 360 or cc. It is going to take alot of patience to win, but its worth it XD. Ill add more later.

Advanced Strategy

Custom Combos

Any lvl- c.lk, s.lk xN xx 360+rh (40-50%)

This is your starter combo until you can do his touch of death, and yes its better than reapeated red headbutts, which is...

lvl 1- c.rh xx final, final

lvl 2- c.rh xx final, final, final

lvl 3- c.rh xx final, final, final, final, red headbutt (gl with that last hit) (80%)

And for those defensive peeps

s.rh (overhead) xx c.rh xx final xN


c.fp xx Final xN

How to do his custom to activate with lp, mp, hp, and lk, and HOLD THEM ALL DOWN. Sweep, RELEASE lp and press lp again BEFORE THE FINAL HITS, then as they hit, release mp, release hp, release lp. Final charges fast in cc mode XD.


Vs. Adon:

Vs. Akuma:

Vs. Birdie (self):

Vs. Charlie:

Vs. Chun-Li:

Vs. Dan:

Vs. Dhalsim:

Vs. Gen:

Vs. Guy:

Vs. Ken:

Vs. M. Bison (dictator):

Vs. Rolento:

Vs. Rose:

Vs. Ryu:

Vs. Sagat:

Vs. Sakura:

Vs. Sodom:

Vs. Zangief:

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