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Black Polnareff is the result of an accident which allowed the Anubis sword (a stand with no link to any existing human) to possess and use Polnareff. In his possessed state, Polnareff is more aggressive and direct, due to the Anubis stand's control.

Anubis Polnareff is a large downgrade to the original version of Polnareff, losing many versatile specials moves, his active stand, and his projectile type attack. In return for this, he receives the abilities of the Anubis stand, as well as moves involving the sword, and a new, powerful super. The loss of the ability to use his active stand, converts him into a passive type. Silver Chariot (Polnareff's natural stand) functions as a secondary attack set, from a single button.

Moves List

Input Chart:

Move Motion
Forward F
Back B
Crouch C
Jump J
Jump Forward UF
Jump Backwards UB
Short Jump Tap U
Short Jump Forward Tap UF
Short Jump Backwards Tap UB
Dash Forward FF
Dash Backwards BB
Quarter Circle Forward QCF
Quarter Circle Backwards QCB
Forward, Down, Down-Forward F,D,DF / DP
Guard (High) B when enemy is attacking
Guard (Low) DB when enemy is attacking
Any Attack A
Any Two Attacks AA
Light Attack A1
Medium Attack A2
Heavy Attack A3
Stand Toggle S

Normal Moves

  • Normal Attacks

Light attack (A1)
Guard Type: Middle
Information: Anubis Polnareff jabs with his fist. You can link up to two of these in a row.

Down + Light attack (c.A1)
Guard Type: Low
Information: The crouching Polnareff jabs the ground using Silver Chariot. This move serves as a low hit.

Jumping Light attack (j.A1)
Guard Type: High
Information: Polnareff attacks with his knee and elbow for low damage and stun.

Medium attack (A2)
Guard Type: Middle
Information: Polnareff kicks his opponent at waste level.

Down + Medium Attack (c.A2)
Guard Type: Low
Information: Polnareff stabs along the ground using Silver Chariot.

Jumping Medium attack (j.A2)
Guard Type: High
Information: Polnareff attacks with his knee and elbow for medium damage and stun.

Heavy attack (A3)
Guard Type: Middle
Dash Property: Low to ground launch.
Information: Polnareff slashes at shoulder height with the Anubis sword.

Down + Heavy Attack (c.A3)
Guard Type: Middle
Information: Polnareff sits down, and chops diagonally with the Anubis Sword. This is useful as an anti-air.

Forward + Heavy Attack (F+A3)
Guard Type: Middle
Information: Polnareff thrusts with his leg at waist height.

Jumping Heavy attack (j.A3)
Guard Type: High
Information: Polnareff using the Anubis sword, slashes diagonally downwards.

  • Stand Attacks

Stand button
Guard Type: Middle
Information: Silver Chariot thrusts over a long distance aiming roughly at head height.

Forward + Stand
Guard Type: Middle
Information: Silver Chariot appears and poses. After a brief pause, he slashes the area directly in front of him.

Backward + Stand
Guard Type: Middle
Information: Silver Chariot slashes upward three times. If these connect, the opponent will be launched into the air.

Down + Stand
Guard Type: Low
Information: Silver Chariot stabs along the ground in the same manner as crouching medium attack.

Jumping Stand
Guard Type: High
Information: Silver Chariot rushes forward horizontally, and stabs the area directly in front of Polnareff.

  • Throw

Mid-air recoverable: Yes
Information: Polnareff grabs the opponent, stabs using Silver Chariot, and boots the opponent into the air. The throw does average damage, and will throw the opponent far away so as to prevent mid-area air combos.

Special Moves

  • Anubis Rush

How to perform: QCF + A
Guard Type: Middle
Follow-up: QCF + A
Follow-up Guard Type: Low
Alternate Follow-up: QCB + A
Alternate Follow-up Guard Type: High
Information: Polnareff will perform a dashing slash with the Anubis Sword. Using the follow-ups, will have Silver Chariot attack the opponent either high, or low.

The button used will determine the distance the special move will travel. If using light attack (A1), the follow-up will not combo. Heavy attack (A3) version is recommended for use in combos outside of the corner. The high hit alternate follow-up will not combo.

  • Anubis' Memory

How to perform: QCB + A
Guard Type: Middle
Information: The button used will determine the time that special move is active. If stuck with a normal move while Anubis Memory is active, you will "learn" the attack, and counter attack against it.

When a move is learned, you can counter attack against it manually. When a learned move is blocked, your opponent will flash white briefly. Pressing any attack during this time, will cancel the block animation instantly into your attack.

  • Chariot Spin

How to perform: Forward, Down, Down-Forward + A
Guard Type: Middle
Information: Silver Chariot will attack the area near to you with it's sword spinning wildly. Light attack (A1) will launch the opponent, Medium attack (A2) will launch the opponent very low to the ground and Strong attack (A3) will knock the opponent down.

The opponent can always recover in the air after the launcher, and as such, it's only use in combos should be as a finishing hit.

  • Dual Sword-Edge

How to perform: QCF + Stand
Guard Type: Middle
Information: Silver Chariot will attack the opponent with a barrage of thrusts. During this special, you can move and attack freely, extending your combo.

Super Moves

  • Twin-Sword Barrage

How to perform: QCF + AA
Guard Type: Middle
Information: Silver Chariot will quickly swing it's sword upwards. If the move connects, he will launch the opponent, and stab them repeatedly as they fall back into Chariot's range, using both Chariot's regular sword, and the Anubis sword. If it is blocked, he will stay in the attack position for a moment before returning to normal.

To spite how it looks, this move is a poor anti-air, and has a moderately sized recovery if blocked. Use in combos, if you don't wish to be punished.

  • Demonic Exodus

How to perform: QCB + AA
Guard Type: Middle
Information: Anubis Polnareff and Silver Chariot will pose for a brief moment and announce the attack. Following this, Silver Chariot will rush forward for about half the screen, pushing or hitting anything in it's path. If the move connects, both Polnareff and Chariot will slice through the opponent and the screen itself for massive damage. If the move is blocked, your opponent will be pushed to the maximum of Silver Chariot's reach, then you will return to normal.

This move has a large start-up, recovery, and is difficult to combo. Used as an anti-air, it is nearly an unavoidable. The beauty of this super, is that for most of the move itself, including ALL of it's start-up frames, you are invulnerable to attack.

The Basics

Anubis Polnareff is an offensive character, with no projectile, active stand, or tandem attack. He is required to be in attack range to survive, and to keep momentum in his favor, just to avoid being annihilated.

  • Normals

The normal moves you use as Anubis Polnareff are greatly limited due to speed and linkability. Standing jabs are fast and easy to combo, while low jabs hard to combo, for example. Try to memorize the range that each move has, and become accustom to using the slower attacks for poking purposes. I prefer to normally stick to A1 (Jab), c.A1 (Low Jab), c.A2 (Combo starter), j.A2 (Air combo starter), A3 (Dash with this), c.A3 (Anti-air) and j.A3 (Quick high hit).

  • Anti-Airs

I listed c.A3 on the normals, but I feel like restating it here. Crouching heavy attack, as well as the DP special (Chariot Spin) attack work well for taking enemies out of the air. Use them, repeatedly, especially on air recovering opponents.

  • Air Versus Air

Using Stand in the air, to take out expected air pokes is a very useful basic tactic. If you are higher than your opponent, light attack or medium attack will also work well.

  • Short Jumping

Using short jumps (tap up, instead of holding it) to score deep hits, or fast hits on opponents is a great way to keep up pressure, or start combos. All of Anubis Polnareff's air attacks are excellent in both regular and short jump situations.

  • Footsie

While using Anubis Polnareff, you're going to need to play footsie rather well. Mixing up throws, lows, and high attacks is a fundamental part of his game-play. Jumping heavy attack will hit rather quickly, and his jabs are of good speed. Throws against an unwary opponents in the corner can lead to easily landed supers, and air combos.

Advanced Strategy

All in all, there is very little for an Advanced Strategy section. Anubis Polnareff is one of the more simple characters.

  • Super Moves

Polnareff, no matter which version, has supers which are either fast, or carry a large amount of invincibility. His QCB super (Demonic Exodus) has enough invincibility to be used similarly to a dragon punch from street fighter. It will push you out of range, or stuff your attack/air attack attempts. It is also excellent at countering other supers, because of it's long invincible startup.

  • Guard Cancel

As stated on Jojo's main page, guard cancels (performed with a DP motion) are pretty much free and abusable sources of damage. Anubis Polnareff's guard cancel is fast, and with good range, even though he has better options.

  • Counter Attack

All of the Anubis stand users can counter and "learn" attacks. Using this to counter melee attacks, such as normals, or certain specials and supers, will allow you to disable a person's strategy. Learned attacks can be countered instantly when blocked by pressing any button, which leads to free normal to super combos and the like.


  • Beginner

j.A2 -> c.A2 -> QCF+A2(x2)
A1 -> c.A2 -> QCF+A3(x2)
Dashing A3 -> QCB Super

  • Average

j.A2 -> A1 -> c.A2 xx DP+A3
j.A3 -> A1 -> A1 -> c.A2 xx QCF+A3(x2) -> QCF+S -> Dashing A3

  • Advanced

j.A1 xx j.Stand -> Ground combo
j.A3 -> A1 -> A1 -> Crouch cancel -> A2 -> QCF Super
[j.A3 -> A1 -> A1 -> Crouch cancel -> A2 -> QCF+A3(x2) -> QCF+S] *N


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