Blackheart (MSH)

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Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves


  • Half Circle Back + Punch
The button pressed determines the range of the attack.
LP: will hit directly in front of Blackheart
MP: will hit approximately 3/4 of the screen away from Blackheart
HP: will hit wherever the opponent is currently standing
note: After performing the motion for Inferno, press one of the following buttons to change the effect of the portal summoned
LP (or no button press): Lightning Inferno. Drains the opponent's super meter in addition to doing damage.
MP: Ice Inferno.
HP: Fire Inferno. Has the fastest startup of the three infernos.

Dark Thunder

  • Half Circle Forward + Punch

Super Moves

Infinity Counter

Dark Thunder

  • Back, Down-Back, Down + Punch

Infinity Combo


  • Quarter Circle Forward + All three Punches

Heart of Darkness

  • Quarter Circle Forward + All three Kicks

The Basics

Advanced Strategy