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Moves List

Normal Moves

Name State Spc Sup Hit Blk Sta Act Rec Dmg
Jab Close y y +6 +6 2 3 6 300
Far y y +4 +4 3 4 7 200
Crouch y y +5 +5 3 4 6 200
Jump Neutral - - - - 3 24 - 500
Jump Diagonal - - - - 5 24 - 500
Strong Close y,n y,y +0 +0 4 4 16 700,600
Far y y +5 +5 4 4 11 800
Crouch y y +7 +7 4 4 9 700
Jump Neutral - - - - 5 8 - 700
Jump Diagonal - - - - 6 8 - 700
Fierce Close y y +10 +10 3 4 10 1000
Far n y +9 +9 3 10 9 1100
Crouch n y +4 +4 6 8 12 1000
Jump Neutral - - - - 5 8 - 1100
Jump Diagonal - - - - 5 6 - 1100
Short Close y y +3 +3 3 6 6 300
Far y y -1 -1 4 8 8 400
Crouch y y +3 +3 4 4 8 200
Jump - - - - 4 24 - 400
Forward Close n y +2 +2 5 2 16 800
Far n y +1 +1 7 2 17 800
Crouch y y +0 +0 4 7 13 700
Jump - - - - 7 8 - 800
Roundhouse Close n,n y,n -1 -1 8 8 15 1200,1000
Far n,n y,y -8 -8 5 10 22 1100,1000
Crouch n n DWN -7 9 6 25 1000
Jump - - - - 6 8 - 1000
Command Normals
None - - - - - - - -

Special Moves

Spiral Arrow

  • Quarter Circle Forward + Kick
    • High priority drill parallel to the floor that hits low. Her trademark special, spiral arrow is your main special in combos and comes out super quick (8 frames). It is unpunishable at proper ranges and completely punishable when done too close to your opponent. Strength of kick button used determines distance traveled. Best to use the HK version in combos you know will hit as it does the most damage and all versions come out in 8 frames.

Cannon Spike

  • Forward, Down, Down-Forward + Kick
    • Cammy's main anti-air and a good one at that. Cannon spike comes out in 4 frames (hk version in 8) and has a 4 frame full body invulnerability window followed by slightly more upper body invulnerability depending on strength of kick used. Very high priority when not invulnerable, cannon spike rarely loses to any jump-in. Easily punishable on whiff or block, it is not wise to randomly throw out. Short cannon spike is often difficult to punish for opponents with short range and limited mobility.

Cannon Strike

  • (In Air)Quarter Circle Back + Kick
    • Cammy will attempt to do a downward cannon spike while airborne. Fairly good due to its speed and above average priority. It's best to be unpredictable with this move as most characters have invulnerability on AA specials meaning she will lose every time. Can be done during hooligan combination by pressing K before reaching your opponent

Axle Spinning Knuckle

  • Half Circle Back + Punch
    • Cammy does a bit of a sidestep electric slide maneuver in attempt to land a standing HP (hits twice). Will go through projectiles due to 30+ frame upper body invulnerability. In general, COMPLETELY USELESS. Cammy's legs are still vulnerable during the majority of the animation and it is super sluggish making it very difficult to land a hit.

Hooligan Combination

  • Down-Back, Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Up-Forward + Punch
    • A very strange special where Cammy hurls herself toward her opponent in a little ball and proceeds to either throw her opponent, trip, or cannon strike her opponent. Useful for mind games mainly and very punishable due to her long air-time.
  • Follow-Ups to Hooligan Combination:
    • Cannon Strike
      • (Before reaching opponent)Kick
        • Self explanatory. She cannon strikes out of her ball.
    • Throw
      • (When Close to opponent)Forward or Back + Punch
        • Cammy, once reaching her opponent, will latch on and throw her opponent depending on the range the F/B+P was inputted at. Only useful for mind games due to the fact that more often than not, your opponent will hit you out of the hooligan before you're in throw range.
    • Razor Edge Slicer
      • Do Nothing after Hooligan Combo
        • Cammy attempts to slide tackle her opponent at the end of the hooligan combination. In general, completely and utterly useless as you're nearly guaranteed to be hit out or to be blocked. Hits low and extremely punishable on block. Do not use this.

Super Moves

Spin Drive Smasher

  • Double Quarter Circle Forward + Kick
    • Cammy's main super that starts out with a spiral arrow and ends with a cannon spike. Average damage for a super, it is best used in combos. Leaves you open for days on whiff and block. Very poor damage/priority at level 1, decent as a level 2, and like all level 3's, completely invulnerable at startup at max level (Invulnerability frames: 8/14/22). Hits low so if your opponent is careless with throwing projectiles, you can punish them with this as it comes out fairly quickly. Easily to cancel and combo into.

Reverse Shaft Breaker

  • Double Quarter Circle Back + Kick
    • Cammy does a spiral arrow upwards that has a semi-vacuum effect. Useful as an AA and for chip damage. 8/14/22 frames of invulnerability, it requires mashing to do full damage. Should be done deep as possible for max damage.


c.lkx3 xx Spiral Arrow(hk): Very easy to land and does respectable damage. Spiral arrow can be replaced with spin drive smasher., xx Spiral Arrow: Cammy's BnB combo. Does very good damage and is extremely easy to land. Fairly easy to hit confirm.

s.hp(close),(THIS IS A LINK) Spiral Arrow/SDS: s.hp at close range leaves you at +10 meaning you can do whatever the hell you want to your opponent after it lands. Probably the easiest LINK in the game.

s.hp(close or far)/, SDS (level 2/3): In general, most of Cammy's useful normals can be linked/canceled into her level 2 and 3 supers. It's all about becoming comfortable with each normal's ranges. hits from very far away so if you practice hit confirming with it, you'll be quite dangerous anytime you have meter.

C-Groove Only:

c.lkx3 xx spin drive smasher(LV2) xx cancel last hit into cannon strike, reverse shaft breaker upon reaching the floor (LV1, MASH!!!)

Does nearly 8000 damage.

The Basics

Cammy is one of the best characters in CvS2 for 2 reasons. Very annoying mix-up and extremely nasty, high priority, linkable/cancellable normals. Her standing fierce is one of the craziest normals in the game because it gives a huge frame advantage, links w/ everything and comes out SUPER SUPER fast (3 Frames!!!). This means that she can blindly throw it out with little repercussion because its unpunishable and the person whose fighting against it has to be extremely wary, especially when Cammy has meter.

Cammy's strongest grooves are K/P and C but it's important to know that Cammy's jump and roll are crap. She has almost no reason to be in the air due to her jump being super slow and her roll is probably the worst in the game (slow and noticeable). Her redeeming point in C groove however is her big damage super cancel combo that deals nearly 8000 damage.

With small jump, Cammy can easily cancel her sj.hp/hk into cannon spike or spiral arrow and the threat of her in K rises exponentially when she is raged due to the damage increase and the ease of connecting her supers. Many people will take throw after throw due to fear of being pegged by a s.fp which will ultimately lead to a spin drive smasher.

Parries speak for themselves as parrying a normal with even average recovery can lead to eating a or s.fp into a SDS/Spiral Arrow.

Advanced Strategy