Capcom Classics Collection Volume 2

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  • Sometimes the game locks up after the stats screen in versus mode (the screen showing how many wins each character has)
  • Sometimes when a character does his or her special move, a sound from a different character's special move comes out instead. This has been noticed with moves like cammy's thrust kick, fei long's chicken wing, balrog's TAP (like "FIVE!"), T Hawk's typhoon, DeeJay's max out, and others. The author of this hasn't recognized it happening more with one stage or character more than any other so far. Happens in arcade, versus, and training(?).
  • Sometimes the music on the game's various stages slows down noticeably for extended periods of time. Happens in arcade mode.
  • In training mode, when a character is thrown at zero health he does his death scream and the game slows down as if the character had died, but the game then continues normally.
  • In trainng mode, some moves done while a character is at zero health cause wrong reactions to the dummy (such as Honda's ochio throw sometimes).
  • In arcade mode, using Zangief against Hawk on Hawk's stage, not only did the music slow down, but the game got sluggish as well. I couldn't tell if the game was moving slower or if there was some lag in the inputs, but as soon as I moved on to the next stage the problems were gone.
  • The 'easy specials' cheat can apparently cause gliches when the AI is playing with it on.

Unconfirmed Bugs

  • O.Sim's drill speed may be different than arcade