Capcom Fighting Evolution

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Released in arcades in 2004, Capcom Fighting Evolution is Capcom's latest 2D fighting game. With a roster of over 20 characters, Capcom has combined various characters from a variety of their fighting games to create a "dream match" game. Evolution introduces a unique team system where the player gets to choose which fighter they want to use in the next round out of their team of two. The individual characters each represent one of five styles and they all come equipped with unique abilities (so the characters representing Street Fighter II use single-stock super bars whereas the Street Fighter III characters use a two-stock Art bar and have the ability to parry).

CFE screen1.jpg CFE screen2.jpg CFE screen3.jpg

Game Mechanics

Basic Strategy

Advanced Strategy

Game Versions

The Characters

Street Fighter II

Street Fighter Alpha

Street Fighter III


Red Earth/Warzard

Hidden/Boss Characters