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Released in 2001, Capcom vs SNK 2 ("CvS2") is the sequel to the first fighting collaboration between the SNK and Capcom franchises. The main features include 6 Grooves (fighting styles), 48 total characters, a refined ratio system, and traditional Street Fighter gameplay. Although CvS2 is a Capcom-developed game, it still retains elements from SNK's popular King of Fighters games, which features a wide selection of characters in a team-based format.

The arcade version of the game was released on SEGA's NAOMI platform and required an attached GD-ROM unit.

Home versions of CvS2 can be found on the Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox and Gamecube. The Dreamcast and PS2 versions of the game are Arcade perfect. Xbox and Gamecube versions of the game are subtitled "EO" feature an extra Groove which showcases the EO ("Easy Operation") system that is designed only for Xbox and Gamecube console controllers. The EO system basically allows special moves to be done with ease using the right analog stick (on both the GC and Xbox pads), since those controllers were not designed well for fighting games. There were also some balance changes, system tweaks, and the removal of the "roll cancel" glitch in these two versions.

Game Mechanics

Universal Abilities/Concepts

Life Meter

When you lose all your life, you die. Simple Enough, Right? Not quite.

Every character has a different amount of hit points. These hit points (and damage bonus) are adjusted on a percentage basis by your ratio selection. Also, as the life bar is depleted, you gain bonus damage scaling, making the lifebar longer than it appears. Lastly, you gain health after defeating an opponent in a round.

Life Chart

All health readings are assuming the character is ratio 2.

  • 15600 - Zangief, Raiden, Chang
  • 15200 - Geese, Rugal
  • 14800 - Honda, Blanka, Balrog, Sagat, Dan, Yamazaki, Todo
  • 14400 - Ryu, Ken, Guile, Bison, Eagle, Kyo, Terry, Ryo, Kim, Joe, Rock
  • 14000 - Chun Li, Dhalsim, Maki, Rolento, Iori, Haohmaru, Hibiki
  • 13600 - Vega, Sakura, Cammy, Kyosuke, Mai, Vice, Benimaru, Yuri, King, Nakoruru, Athena
  • 13200 - Morrigan, Yun
  • 12800 - Akuma

The number reading corresponding to each character simply refers to the exact amount of life units that the character has. Zangief, Raiden and Chang have 15600 life, or about 10 Sagat standing fierces worth (a Sagat standing fierce does 1600 without counter hit).

Ratio Health Bonuses/Changes=

Ratio 1: Health: -20% Damage: -18% Ratio 2: Health: +0% Damage: +0% Ratio 3: Health: +17% Damage: +17% Ratio 4: Health: +40% Damage: +30%

Low Health Scaling

When a character has a life total that is between 16~30%, each hit they take from then on is scaled by -10%.

When a character has a life total that is 15% or lower, each hit they take from then on is scaled by -25%.

Tons of fighting games do this, They figure it makes rounds "more exciting"

Note: if a single hit does enough damage to lower a character's health from 31% to 0%, it will not be scaled at all.

Life Regeneration Formula

The amount of life you gain back between rounds is directly related to how fast you finished off the opponent.

life gained = ( (time left on the clock + 1) * 300 / (total time in a round + 1)) * 10

The resulting number is always rounded down to the nearest 100.

Guard Meter

Stun Meter


Walking, Jumping, Crouching, Attacking


Special Moves

Super Combos

Buffering (canceling)

High Jumping

Counter Hits

Cross Ups

Throws And Tech Hits


Trip Guard


Groove System

Choose the groove that's in your heart. Generally the overall viability of the grooves goes something like A>C=K>>N=P>>S


Inspiration: Street Fighter Alpha Series

Sub Systems: Roll, Counter Attack, Tactical Recovery, Dash

Unique Systems: Air Block, Lvl 2 super canceling

Meter Length: 168 units (56x3 levels)

Guard Bar Length: 48 units

Damage Bonuses: lv1: 101% lv2: 102% lv3: 105%

Strengths: Meter efficiency

Weaknesses: Rushing the opponent down

Play if you enjoy: Footsie based gameplay

Characters well suited for C groove: Sagat, Blanka, Hibiki, Honda, Guile, Ken, Chun-Li, Rolento, Yun, Kim, Eagle, Rugal, Yamazaki


Inspiration: Street Fighter Alpha Series

Sub Systems: Roll, Counter Attack, Safe Fall, Dash

Unique Systems: Custom Combos

Meter Length: 144 units (72x2 levels)

Guard Bar Length: 48 units

Damage Bonuses: none

Custom Combo Length: 72 units on the timer, roughly 7.2 seconds (442/60 secs)

Strengths: Meter flexibility, meter savings if hit, safe YOLO

Weaknesses: can be vulnerable without meter, not a great groove for Cammy or Sagat.

Play if you enjoy: Long displays of training mode execution, flexibility of meter, winning.

Characters well suited for A groove: Blanka, M.Bison, Sakura, Vega, Iori, Hibiki, Rolento, Eagle, Todo, Rugal, Haohmaru


Inspiration: Street Fighter 3 Series

Sub Systems: Low Jump, Delayed Wakeup, Dash

Unique Systems: Parry

Meter Length: 192 units

Guard Bar Length: 38 units

Damage Bonuses: none

Strengths: Parrying yields free openings

Weaknesses: No defensive options, slow meter gain

Play if you enjoy: Parrying FTW

Characters well suited for P groove: Sagat, Cammy, Kyo, Geese, Rugal, Iori, Hibiki, Chun Li, Yamazaki, Rock, Vega, Raiden


Inspiration: King of Fighters 94

Sub Systems: Counter Attack, Low Jump, Tactical Recovery, Run

Unique Systems: Dodge, Charge

Meter Length: 100 units

Guard Bar Length: 48 units

Damage Bonuses: Full Meter: 115% Red Life: 5% Full Meter Duration: 166 units on the timer (996/60 secs)

Strengths: Dodge attacks, infinite level 1's

Weaknesses: No reliable meter source

Play if you enjoy: An easier, worse version of P groove with an infinite super ability. A challenge.

Characters well suited for S groove: Sagat, Cammy, Ryu, Terry, Benimaru, Yuri, Todo, Ken, Sakura, Raiden, Chun-Li, Zangief


Inspiration: King of Fighters 98 Advanced Mode

Sub Systems: Roll, Counter Attack, Low Jump, Safe Fall, Run

Unique Systems: Counter Roll, Break Stock

Meter Length: 216 units (72x3 stocks)

Guard Bar Length: 48 units

Damage Bonuses: Power MAX: 120%

Power MAX Duration: 150 units on the timer (900/60 secs)

Strengths: Rushing the opponent down

Weaknesses: Getting huge damage from meter.

Play if you enjoy: Rushdown based gameplay, with a side of Roll Cancels.

Characters well suited for N groove: Sagat, Blanka, Iori, Chun-Li, Vice, Honda, Akuma, Morrigan, Joe, Kyo, Ken, Hibiki, Ryu


Inspiration: Garou Mark of the Wolves/ Samurai Showdown

Sub Systems: Low Jump, Safe Fall, Run

Unique Systems: Rage, Just Defense

Meter Length: 72 units

Guard Bar Length: 43 units

Damage Bonuses: Full Bar - Normal attacks : 135% Special attacks : 130% Super attacks : 110%

Full Meter Duration: 180 units on the timer (1080/60 secs)

(random note:) Just Defending gives you 6 units of meter and 100 units of life.

Strengths: Scare Factor, multiple level 3's.

Weaknesses: Defensive options, chip damage

Play if you enjoy: Rush down while glowing red. YOLO supers.

Characters well suited for K groove: Sagat, Cammy, Blanka, Geese, Kyo, Hibiki, Rock, Mai, Nakoruru, Ryo, Balrog,

Sub Systems & Groove specific systems





Counter Attack

Counter Movement

Air Guard

Small Jump

Tactical Recovery

Safe Fall

James Chen CVS2 Systems FAQ

Campbell "Buktooth" Tran Systems FAQ

Basic Strategy

  • Lesson 1: Control your space: learn your basic, big pokes and anti airs. Learn your normals, they're very important. Learn how to throw rolls.
  • Lesson 2: Limit your mistakes: Don't do unsafe moves or predictably jump when the opponent is ready. Especially when they have meter.
  • Lesson 3: Punish their mistakes: Learn the most efficient combos (preferably into supers) from light attacks and your furthest range attacks. Know your frame data for punishes.
  • Lesson 4: Learn your groove. Know the inside and out of your groove to maximize your advantage in battle. Work on your Parrying/Just Defense/Dodging. Practice your custom combos and level 2 cancels. Work low jumps into your play. Utilize corpse hop dashes if you have one, etc etc. And of course, practice roll canceling.
  • Lesson 5: Learn THEIR groove. Know how to approach and counter someone who is proficient with parrying/dodging/just defending. It normally requires to mix up your game plan, especially when poking or anti-airing. Learn safe fall punishes. Avoid giving A groove the "EASY ACTIVATE". Learn to counter rolls and roll cancels.
  • Lesson 6: Open them up and/or force mistakes. Once a player is solid, they won't give the game to you, you'll need to open them up. Learn:
    • whiff punishing (footsies)
    • left/right mixups (crossups)
    • high/low mixups (overheads vs lows)
    • frame traps (choosing to throw or attack when you have frame advantage)
    • Guard crush strings
    • command throw setups
    • safe jump/option select setups
    • footsies some more once you realize that #2,3,4,5, 6 usually need a knockdown to setup
  • Lesson 7: Know when to throw the rule book away, and make calculated risks. Is doing random supers bad? Yes. Is doing a 'random' super that's safe on block when your K groove rage is about to expire bad? Probably not. Learn tactics that are risky (as in waste meter or allow a punish if they fail), but weigh the risk vs reward of doing it. Consider:
    • how likely it is to work?
      • Is this based on prior gameplay habits, a read, or a guess?
      • Is your opponent aware of conditions that make you more likely to attempt this risk?
    • how much can your opponent punish you?
    • how much you gain from doing it?
      • i.e. would it kill a character that's a problem MU
      • does it effect the range of options your opponent has to consider, thereby making your 'by the book' tactics more effective?

Character Technical Data

All times are in 1-star (normal) speed. Default game speed is 3-star, which skips 1 in 5 frames, which means the game is 125% faster, so to get a rough estimate of the actual frames in a standard match, multiply by 4/5. (e.g. for Ryu and Honda's roll times, the 3-star equivalent is 27F * (4/5) = 21F.

Height Chart

  • 79 - Raiden
  • 78 - Geese, Chang
  • 77 - Zangief, Sagat
  • 72 - Eagle
  • 71 - Rugal, Yamazaki, Benimaru
  • 70 - E.Honda
  • 69 - Dhalsim, Terry
  • 68 - Kyo, Joe
  • 67 - Guile, Balrog
  • 66 - Blanka, M.Bison, Kyosuke, Todo
  • 65 - Ryo
  • 64 - Ryu, Ken, Akuma, King, Dan, Rolento, Haohmaru
  • 63 - Vega, Cammy
  • 62 - Morrigan, Yun
  • 61 - Chun Li, Sakura, Mai, Kim, Vice, Yuri, Nakoruru, Rock, Hibiki
  • 60 - Maki, Iori, Athena

Roll Chart

  • 24F Iori , Kim , King , Benimaru , Yuri , Athena
  • 25F Balrog , Sagat , Sakura , Terry , Mai , Yamazaki
  • 26F M.Bison , Rolento , Kyosuke , Vice
  • 27F Ryu , Ken , Chun-Li , Honda , Vega , Dan , Maki , Eagle , Yun , Goon , Ryo , Rugal , Nakoruru , Joe , Todo , Haohmaru
  • 28F Guile , Blanka , Raiden , Geese
  • 29F Zangief, Dhalsim , Morrigan , Kyo
  • 30F Hibiki
  • 31F Rock
  • 32F Cammy
  • 33F Chang

Dash Chart

  • 12F Rugal
  • 15F Ryu , Ken , Akuma , Sagat , Rolento , Kyosuke , Dan , Terry , Geese , Rock , Joe , Hibiki , Haohmaru
  • 16F Chun-Li , Guile , Raiden , Yamazaki
  • 17F Blanka , Zangief , Dhalsim , Balrog , Vega , Sakura , Cammy , Eagle , Maki , Yun , Mai , Kim , Ryo , King , Benimari , Vice , Nakoruru , Athena , Todo , Chang
  • 18F M.Bison , Iori
  • 19F Honda , Morrigan , Kyo

Run Chart

  • 10.1 -Vega
  • 9.8 -Cammy
  • 9.6 -Mai
  • 9.2 -M.Bison, Nakoruru
  • 9 -Chun Li, Maki, Yun, Rolento
  • 8.8 -Balrog, Terry, Benimaru
  • 8.5 -Ken, Kyosuke, Akuma, Kim, Rugal, Yuri, Athena, Rock
  • 8.2 -Ryu, Eagle, Kyo
  • 8 -Guile, Sakura, Morrigan*, Dan, Vice, King, Joe
  • 7.4 -Iori, Ryo, Todo, Haohmaru
  • 7.2 -Blanka, Sagat, Geese, Yamazaki, Hibiki
  • 6.9 -E.Honda
  • 6.4 -Dhalsim
  • 5.6 -Zangief, Raiden, Chang

Stun Chart

  • 80 - Zangief, Honda, Raiden, Chang
  • 70 - Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Guile, Blanka, Balrog, Sagat, Bison, Dan, Eagle, Maki, Kyo, Iori, Terry, Ryo, Kim, Geese, Yamazaki, Rugal, Vice, King, Joe, Todo, Rock, Haohmaru
  • 60 - Dhalsim, Vega, Sakura, Cammy, Morrigan, Kyosuke, Yun, Rolento, Akuma, Mai, Benimaru, Yuri, Nakoruru, Athena, Hibiki

Dizzy Chart

Every time a character gets dizzy the base dizzy time is a randomized number that is either 2, 3, or 5 seconds. Mashing reduces time from the base dizzy time. Pressing a button removes 1/60th of a second (1 frame) from the base time, while hitting a direction on the joystick removes 2 frames from the base time.

Many characters in the game have a built-in modifier that adds/subtracts time from the base dizzy time. Here's a a list of modifiers and the characters that have them:

  • -60/60 secs: Dhalsim, Dan, Geese
  • -30/60 secs: Zangief, Joe, Chang
  • 0/60 secs: Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Guile, E.Honda, Blanka, Sagat, Sakura, Cammy, Eagle, Maki, Rolento, Akuma, Kyo, Terry, Mai, Yamazaki, Raiden,Rugal, Vice, Yuri, Todo, Athena, Rock, Haohmaru, Hibiki
  • +30/60 secs: Balrog, Kyosuke, Yun, King
  • +60/60 secs: Vega, M.Bison, Morrigan, Evil Ryu, Shin Akuma, Iori, Ryo, Kim, Benimaru, Nakoruru, Orochi Iori, God Rugal

Guard Bar Chart

Character 'getting up speed':

  • Tier 1 (-4f): Hibiki
  • Tier 2 (0f): Sagat = Guile = Bison = shotos = Rolento = Kyo = Yama = Rugal = Vice = Balrog = Maki = Eagle = Dhalsim = Kim = King = Yun = Haohmaru = Kyosuke = Joe = Nakoruru
  • Tier 3 (+1f): Geese = Sakura = Iori = Morrigan = Yuri = Athena = Ryo = Raiden
  • Tier 4 (+2f): Zangief = Terry = Mai
  • Tier 5 (+4f): Vega = Honda = Todo = Rock
  • Tier 6 (+6f): Chun = Cammy = Blanka = Benimaru
  • Tier 7 (+8f): Chang

Hibiki gets up the fastest in the game, which has been known pretty much ever since the game first hit the beta tests. Chang gets up the slowest. Obviously, you want to find safe jump-in setups for tiers 2 and 6.

Delayed Wake-Up adds 15f to wakeup time.

Advanced Strategy

Tier List

When choosing which characters to learn it is important to pay attention to which characters have the strongest moveset or qualities that make them a step above the other characters in the game. All the characters in the High-Mid Tier can be (and often are) considered Top Tier among different respected players.

The listed groove is their top/ideal groove.

  • βœ… means that character is roughly equivalent or also well suited for that groove. There may be advantages and disadvantages, but they more or less wash out.
  • πŸ”» means that character is usable/well suited for that groove, but should be considered a tier (or two) lower in comparison to their ideal groove.
  • if a groove isn't listed, that character isn't recommended for that groove. This doesn't mean they are bad, however. A-groove Sagat is still better than A-groove Yuri

Boss Tier (Banned in all tournaments):

 Evil Ryu
 Orochi Iori
 Shin Akuma
 God/Ultimate Rugal

Top Tier/ S Rank

 A-Bison  (C, N= πŸ”» K,S=πŸ”»πŸ”» )
 A-Blanka (C, N, K= βœ…) 
 A-Sakura  ( C= πŸ”»πŸ”»)  
 C-Sagat (N, K, P= βœ… S=πŸ”») 

High Tier / A Rank:

 A-Vega (C= βœ… K,P= πŸ”») 
 A-Hibiki (N, K, C= βœ…) 
 C-Ken (A, N, K, P= πŸ”» S= πŸ”»πŸ”»)
 C-Rolento (A= βœ… P= πŸ”» ) 
 C-Guile  (N, A= πŸ”»)
 C-Honda (N, A= βœ…) 
 K-Cammy (P= βœ…, C, N= πŸ”» ) 
 K-Geese (P= βœ…, C, N= πŸ”» ) 
 K-Rock (P= βœ…, C, N= πŸ”» ) 
 K-Kyo (P= βœ…  A, N= πŸ”» C= πŸ”»πŸ”» ) 
 N-Chun (C= βœ… P, K= πŸ”» S= πŸ”»πŸ”»)
 N-Iori (A= βœ…, C= πŸ”» P= πŸ”»πŸ”») 

Mid Tier/ B Rank:

 A-Yun (C= βœ…) 
 A-Joe (C, N = βœ…) 
 A-Athena (C= πŸ”», S=πŸ”»πŸ”») 
 A-Eagle (C= βœ…) 
 A-Todo (C, N=πŸ”», S= πŸ”»πŸ”»)
 C-Yamazaki (A= βœ… P, N, K=πŸ”»)
 C-Ryu (N= βœ… S=πŸ”»)
 C-Rugal (A, N, K, P= βœ…)  
 K-Nakoruru (N = βœ…)
 K-Chang (A= βœ… )
 N-Akuma (K= βœ… C=πŸ”»)
 N-Mai (K= βœ…, (P=πŸ”») 
 N-Morrigan (K= πŸ”», S=πŸ”»πŸ”»)  
 N-Maki (K= βœ… C=πŸ”»)
 N-Vice (A, C= βœ…)

Low-Mid Tier/ C Rank:

 A-Terry (N= βœ… K=πŸ”»)
 A-Benimaru (N, C= βœ… S=πŸ”»)
 A-Haohmaru (K= βœ… C=πŸ”»)
 A-Yuri (K,C,N= βœ… S=πŸ”»)
 C-Balrog (K= βœ… N=πŸ”»)
 C-Kyosuke (A= βœ… S=πŸ”»)
 K-Raiden (A, P= βœ… S=πŸ”»)
 K-Zangief (A= βœ… C, S=πŸ”»)
 K-Ryo (N, P= βœ… )

Low Tier / D Rank:

 A-Dan (K= πŸ”»)
 N-King (A= βœ…)

Roll Cancelling

Roll cancelling (RCing) is a very exploitable glitch in CvS2, accomplished by cancelling the first 3 frames of any roll directly into a special move (and certain other things, like supers and stuff). This gives the roll-cancelled special move the properties of the roll in addition to whatever special properties it already had. Translation? Your roll-cancelled special move becomes invincible. It's important to note that like rolls, most RCed moves can be thrown as well. The only exception are moves that are airborne (shoto hurricanes) or are naturally invincible anyway (shoto uppercuts). The length of the roll cancel is exactly the same as the character roll time. This last part should be common sense, but RCs can only be performed in grooves that have the ability to roll.

Performing roll cancels are just like what was written above: you cancel the first three frames of your roll into a special move. Translation? Do a motion for a special move and throw a LP+LK somewhere in there before you finish it. As the 3 frame window above suggests, RCs must be done very quickly to work. If you've ever done kara throws in 3S or Hwoarang's RF 3~4 in Tekken, you should have a general idea of how fast you have to press the buttons.

Counterhit/Throw Mixups

The basic idea behind a counter hit/throw mixup game is to have the opponent make a choice to defend one of these options and followup.

Let's say you have Rolento and you start doing standing jabs in front of the opponent. What you want to do is either have the opponent attack, giving you the option to do a counter hit jab into crouching forward xx patriot circle combo, or have the opponent block so that you can throw them.

Counter hits do more damage and give more frame advantage than a normal hit.

Safe Jump-ins

A safe jump-in is when you jump-in with an attack and the opponents only options are to either block, or take the hit; If the opponent wakes up with a reversal uppercut/super/other invincible move, you'll still be able to land and block in time. If your jump-in connects, you can hitconfirm into the combo of your choice, or setup mixups.

The way safe jump-ins work is a little hard to explain; upon executing a jump attack, you have 2 frames of recovery time upon landing. A safe jump-in is set up so that your jump attack hits on the very last frame of your jump before you land, basically a meaty attack. If the opponent successfully wakes up with a reversal invincible move, by the time said move's start up time is finished, you're on the ground and blocking already.

This applies to pretty much every invincible move/super, save for Akuma's and Ken's dps; theirs only have 2 frames of start up and are fast enough to hit you during your ground recovery time.

safe jump-ins are character specific and differ based on character wakeup speed.

*List originally posted by Buktooth in the forums

Game Versions

     -No Boss Characters (E. Ryu, O.Iori, G. Rugal, S.Akuma)
     -Whiff meter build after death
     -6 buttons/ Start taunts
     -480i (15k) or 480p (31k) modes
     -Roll Cancelling present
    -Arcade perfect (99%) 
    -Has Boss Characters (E. Ryu, O.Iori, G. Rugal, S.Akuma)
    -Selectable stages (including Both boss stages)
    -6 buttons. Start pauses. LK+Start taunts
    -No Whiff meter build after death
    -Color edit mode
    -EX Groove mode
    -Roll Cancelling present
    -Arcade perfect (95%)
    -Runs a smidge faster than DC or Arcade 
    -Has Boss Characters (E. Ryu, O.Iori, G. Rugal, S.Akuma)
    -Selectable stages (including Both boss stages)
    -8 buttons. Select taunts. Start pauses. Button macros assignable.
    -No Whiff meter build after death
    -Color edit mode
    -EX Groove mode
    -Roll Cancelling present


      -P-Groove can cancel special moves into supers
      -P-Groove also has a stronger guard crush meter (same in EO as K-Groove)
      -A-Groove can activate CCs in the air after landing an air-to-air attack
      -S-Groove charges a bit faster
      -Blanka, Sagat, and Cammy have been weakened a little bit, 
      -Sagat's crouching fierce no longer cancels into super
      -Weaker characters (including most SNK characters) have a bit more damage in the medium and heavy attacks
      -And lots of bug fixes
      -NOT arcade perfect (80%)
      -Has Boss Characters (E. Ryu, O.Iori, G. Rugal, S.Akuma)
      -Selectable stages (including Both boss stages)
      -8 buttons. Select taunts. Start pauses. Button macros assignable.
      -No Whiff meter build after death
      -Color edit mode
      -EX Groove mode
      -Roll Cancelling NOT present


      -P-Groove can cancel special moves into supers
      -P-Groove also has a stronger guard crush meter (same in EO as K-Groove)
      -A-Groove can activate CCs in the air after landing an air-to-air attack
      -S-Groove charges a bit faster
      -Blanka, Sagat, and Cammy have been weakened a little bit, 
      -Sagat's crouching fierce no longer cancels into super
      -Weaker characters (including most SNK characters) have a bit more damage in the medium and heavy attacks
      -And lots of bug fixes
      -"EO" mode enables specials performed via C-Stick
      -NOT arcade perfect (80%)
      -Has Boss Characters (E. Ryu, O.Iori, G. Rugal, S.Akuma)
      -Selectable stages (including Both boss stages)
      -7 buttons. ? taunts. Start pauses. Button macros assignable.
      -No Whiff meter build after death
      -Color edit mode
      -EX Groove mode
      -Roll Cancelling NOT present
      -Best modern emulation & netplay via Dolphin
  • PS3 PSN

Digital port of PS2 on PSN.

Avoid at all costs. Basically the PS2 version, but with at least 4-6 frames of additional lag. Unplayable. If you have a backwards compatible PS3 (the 60GB models), use the PS2 Disc and a 480i composite connection to a tube TV. That is serviceable.

The Characters

Emptyface small.png
Portrait CVS2 Ryu.png
Portrait CVS2 Sagat.png
Portrait CVS2 Guile.png
Portrait CVS2 Raiden.png
Portrait CVS2 Kim.png
Portrait CVS2 Benimaru.png
Portrait CVS2 Yamazaki.png
Portrait CVS2 Rugal.png
Portrait CVS2 Geese.png
Emptyface small.png
Emptyface small.png
Portrait CVS2 EvilRyu.png
Portrait CVS2 Ken.png
Portrait CVS2 Yun.png
Portrait CVS2 Eagle.png
Portrait CVS2 ChunLi.png
Portrait CVS2 Yuri.png
Portrait CVS2 Vice.png
Portrait CVS2 King.png
Portrait CVS2 Chang.png
Portrait CVS2 Joe.png
Emptyface small.png
Emptyface small.png
Emptyface small.png
Portrait CVS2 ShinAkuma.png
Portrait CVS2 Rolento.png
Portrait CVS2 Kyosuke.png
Portrait CVS2 Maki.png
Portrait CVS2 Morrigan.png
Portrait CVS2 Nakoruru.png
Portrait CVS2 Hibiki.png
Portrait CVS2 Athena.png
Portrait CVS2 Todo.png
Portrait CVS2 OmegaRugal.png
Emptyface small.png
Emptyface small.png
Emptyface small.png
Portrait CVS2 Dan.png
Portrait CVS2 EHonda.png
Portrait CVS2 Vega.png
Portrait CVS2 Cammy.png
Portrait CVS2 Sakura.png
Portrait CVS2 Mai.png
Portrait CVS2 Haohmaru.png
Portrait CVS2 Rock.png
Portrait CVS2 Terry.png
Portrait CVS2 OrochiIori.png
Emptyface small.png
Emptyface small.png
Portrait CVS2 MBison.png
Portrait CVS2 Akuma.png
Portrait CVS2 Balrog.png
Portrait CVS2 Blanka.png
Portrait CVS2 Dhalsim.png
Portrait CVS2 Zangief.png
Portrait CVS2 Ryo.png
Portrait CVS2 Iori.png
Portrait CVS2 Kyo.png
Emptyface small.png