Chang (CvS2)

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Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Chang's Moves:

Slide -df+fp Chang slides forward, knocking down his target. Fairly safe when blocked from far away and extremely fast. Definitely one of the best slides in the game as it's fairly unpredictable. Leaves you at -9 so definitely punishable, so don't abuse it.

Tekkyuu Dai Kaiten -Hit p rapidly (Press lp+mp+fp(ppp) to cancel) Chang's trademark skill where he spins the ball rapidly around his head. Can be RC'd extremely effectively by rolling fingers across lp,mp,fp followed by lp+lk,p(any). Even when not RC'd, the ball will absorb any projectiles it contacts. Leaves Chang's legs fairly open to low attacks such as c.rh.

Tekkyuu Funsai Geki -Charge b, f + P A bit of an odd skill. Chang leans back and then leans forward while throwing his ball. While leaning back you are invincible, but the skill leaves you open to low attacks and has heavy recovery.

Dai Hakai Nage -HCB, f + P (command throw) Chang reaches forward, grabs his target and begins to slam him/her against the ground.

Choi's Moves:

Dai Hakai Nage -HCB, f + K Choi rushes forward and forms a human tornado with spinning claws. A bit slow on the startup but extremely good for pressuring. When Chang is calling Choi to execute this special, there is a slight moment where he stands there, unable to move or defend, so should be not used blindly.

Hishou Kuuretsu Zan -HCF + K Choi jumps forward, parallel to the ground and becomes a human arrow. Again, slight moment when Chang is calling for Choi where he's vulnerable.

Hishou Shissou Zan -DP + K Choi rushes forward, jumps into the air and then slashes. Again, slight moment when Chang is calling for Choi where he's vulnerable.

While very apparent, it's good to know that all of Chang's specials are based off of punch while Choi's are based off of kick.

Super Moves

The Basics

Advanced Strategy