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Command Normals:
1. Suiho Hyoutan Shuu - f+A - cancellable - overhead

Special Moves: 1. Hyoutan Geki - qcb+P - Chin takes out his bottle and uses it as a yo-yo. qcb+A does one hit going half screen distance, while qcb+C does two hits, the second hit going further than the first - qcb+A does not knock the opponent over. qcb+C knocks the opponent over on the second hit only - negates normal projectiles

2. Suihai Kou - rdp+P - Chin takes a drink. This increases his drink count by one - invincible while he is taking a drink, but not right after that

3. Fun'en Kou - qcf+P - fire comes out from Chin's mouth, about diagonally upwards 45 degrees - qcf+A spits out only one flame doing good damage. qcf+C will spit out one flame, then Chin will pause and spit out a bigger flame - the first flame of qcf+C does less damage than qcf+A. If the first flame of of qcf+C hits the opponent, the next flame whiffs - it's easy to punish Chin's qcf+C by rolling behind him after the first flame. qcf+C takes longer for the first flame to come out, than qcf+A. There is little reason to use qcf+C over qcf+A - requires atleast one drink to use

4. Kaiten-teki Kuutotsu Ken - hcf+K - hcf+B goes half screen and does slightly less damage than hcf+D, which goes about 3/4 screen distance - can easily go under air projectiles, including DM fireballs - cancellable into any special move, including itself - requires atleast one drink to use - supercancellable, although it is only recommended to supercancel into his Gouran Enpou qcfx2+P, since only the first hit of his Gou'en Shourai qcf hcb+P will connect - free cancellable into

5. Ryuurin Hourai - dp+P - Chin spins around, jumping into the air. dp+A leaves the ground immediately, while dp+C makes him stay on the ground doing a few more hits, before jumping - has autoguard while Chin is on the ground - requires atleast one drink to use - free cancellable into - free cancellable out of on the first hit - supercancellable on the first hit

6. Gou'en Shourai: Kai - dp+K - dp+B causes guard crush on the last hit - dp+B is a hard knockdown on the last hit - requires three drinks - dp+B is supercancellable on the last hit but all supers whiff if dp+B hit, unless only the last hit counterhit

7. Bougetsu Sui - d d+K - Chin lies down and takes a nap. He can move left and right while in this stance - while Chin is on the floor, he is invincible to mid and high attacks, but can still be hit by low attacks and thrown - if Chin does not perform a followup move during this stance after about five seconds, he will automatically perform his Kousentai ABCD - free cancellable into

7a. Kousentai - ABCD - Chin gets up off the floor. If the opponent is nearby, this move can actually damage them - free cancellable out of, although all special moves whiff anyway

7b. Rouja Hanhou - u+B

7c. Rigyo Hanhou - u+D

7d. Kaiten-teki Kuutotsu Ken - f+K - same as his hcf+K, also requires one drink

DMs: 1. Gou'en Shourai - qcf hcb+P - qcf hcb+A goes about 3/4 screen length and does less damage and hits than qcf hcb+C, which goes full screen - supercancellable

2. Gouran Enpou - qcfx2+P

SDMs: 1. Gouran Enpou - qcfx2+AC

HSDM: Suisou Enbu - qcfx2+BD - Chin spits out a small ball of flame. This flame can be controlled using the directional pad/joystick. There is no way to control Chin while the flame is on screen - it is possible to make this move hit low, if you move the flame towards the opponent such that it hits the bottom of their legs. It is not possible to make this move an overhead - if the flame makes contact with the opponent, it explodes. The flames caused by the explosion can also do damage. If the flame does not make contact with the opponent after about 10 seconds, then it disappears

Notes: - cancellable normals are close A, far A(into rdp+P), crouch A, close B, far B, crouch B(into rdp+P), close C, far C, crouch C, close D(2, not command moves), far D, crouch D(into rdp+P) - CD is cancellable into specials and DMs - close D is an overhead on the second hit - CD counter is cancellable to rdp+P


Anywhere: 1. Close C/D/f+A, qcb+P/qcf+A - 33%/25% 2. Close C/D/f+A, qcfx2+P/AC - 40%/50% 3. Close A/B(Buffer:qcf+A/B), dp+B/qcf hcb+P(Buffer:qcb+P) - 30%/45-50% 4. hcf+K, qcf+A - 33% 5. hcf+K, (S)qcfx2+P - 45%

Corner: 1. hcf+K, d d+K, ABCD - 30%