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Perspective on Global Chinese mall fever

Weiran rise of the Chinese mall hot Chinese economic development has become a significant phenomenon in. South Korean Incheon to Madrid, Spain, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, to Paris, from Johannesburg, South Africa, to Bucharest, Romania, from Toronto to Sydney, Australia, in the 1990s, since the end of the Chinese mall has been seen on five continents around the world. This is not only convenient to many ethnic Chinese(华人商城) ), but also for China's brand to the world opened a window.

    In Germany has no fewer than 20 Chinese Shopping Mall(华人商城)

, as time goes by, the Chinese mall in the development of new trends, investment growing, the scale is getting stronger. Johannesburg, South Africa, "China Business City", France, "Paris Chinese mall", Toronto, Canada, "The Grandeur of China" Shopping Mall, an area of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of square meters and can accommodate hundreds or even thousands of shops. These mall average daily traffic in the range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, and the proportion of Chinese shopping(华人购物)

about 20 or 30%, is the first choice for these Chinese shoppers. 
    These Chinese people to the Mall of what we can aspire? "Paris China Mall" is situated in a northern suburb of Paris, the European Baidoa Hervey Liye City, the city mayor PASCAL EAUDET believe that the mall will enhance local wholesalers operating condition and image, and for the local community bring new vitality and prosperity. 
    Qinghua University College of Humanities Professor Long mounted an interview, also affirmed the Chinese Shopping Mall (华人商城)
irreplaceable advantages. "First of all, if the Chinese individuals or families to the individual to search for information, we will increase the cost of information search. The mall will focus on the many businessmen together, they will exchange information, which provided them with a huge information platform and reduce the cost of information search. Secondly, the mall this model is the demand for industrial clustering. Thirdly, the overseas Chinese on the Mall this big collective, easy to form industrial chain, but also facilitate their internal capital flows between. " 
    Located in Vancouver, Canada's "City of" bright lights, various stalls interval spacious, beautifully assorted merchandise. Shareholders brave ministers said, "The first commodity City" as a comprehensive shopping centers, the establishment of 70 to 100 feet of stalls, investors only need to pay a monthly rent 300-600 Canadian dollars can be opened for business, can be places of origin of products brought up. Such sites have hundreds of feet, and said Professor Long mounted in concert with just a "small shops and low funds, small risks, cluster-style" business model. 
    "Shopping Mall will be the largest MALL, and the night market will not like markets, we must reflect small, the quality characteristics." Brave ministers hit the nail from the Mall to spread differs from the original operating characteristics. 
    In fact, this year Russia "to ban the"甫一publication of various views to abolish open-air markets created a great sensation, the experts have a long, "said Brown" is the historical inevitability of the withdrawal, the Chinese companies and individuals should promptly adjust strategy, in turn open up high-end mall business. 
    In Germany, local high-end products is well-developed, middle and low commodity markets are not mature enough. Chinese mall development has made up a blank this to be effective in forming industries complement each other. 
    Keen also calm thinking 
    In April this year, Brazil auditing department in Sao Paulo repeatedly raided 25 China Street Mall, some Chinese shops inspections, removing some of fake brand-name goods. 
    In Bucharest, the capital of Romania, on the northern outskirts of the East China Shopping Mall, the result of years of accumulated problems, caused the government and the local people's dissatisfaction, is facing a mandatory demolition at risk. 
    Chinese clothing Paris street was "cleaning up", Rome, Milan, and other areas of Chinese businessmen successive raids hit, Spain told the Chinese police is almost ... many of whom are dealing with the local government departments misunderstanding, but also Chinese Shopping Mall(华人商城)
its own reasons. 
    Full swing "mall fever" Actually, there are three kinds of investment entities, and the other is the Overseas Chinese, is a domestic enterprises, there is a domestic enterprises, and local governments with investment. 
    The local government come forward from the domestic construction organizations overseas mall action, the dragon mounted Professor disagree. He did not rule out the possibility that local governments here to simply pursue "political achievements" regardless of market prospects blind investment, this will ultimately lead to mall "vacuous", dragging Chinese businessmen make their own decisions and the human, a great waste of funds. 
    Overseas media analysis notes that the so-called mall model has not spread beyond fundamental mode, enlarged still is a "cottage" is a kind of "to the family as the basic industry units, a relatively primitive production and operations management model." 
    In such circumstances, in order to maintain their livelihood, part of the Chinese situation last resort owners into the gray area, to the poor quality and lower prices, and the Game peer obtained "a share," which is exactly triggered Chinese businessmen and the people of the country in social contradictions, bring time and again against China 's "sudden incident," the main reason. 
    At the conclusion of the initial accumulation of capital, the upgrading of the Chinese economy and the transition has become an inevitable requirement.