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While not as good as her Street Fighter Alpha 2 incarnation, Chun Li is a formidable character in SFA3, while great priority on most of her moves. She's primarily regarded as an "easy mode" character. She's easy to pick up, isn't too technical, and will easily dominate at the low to medium skill levels of this game. However, as you get upwards in play level, especially against Zangief, Shotos, and Vism in general, Chun starts to struggle.

What she lost from SFA2:

- C.MK is not bufferable anymore. This is a huge detriment to her game.

- Her Kikouken has terrible recovery. Which, combined with #1, was her main strategy in Alpha 2.

- Axe Kick is much Slower. You can't really hit a good opponent with this anymore.

-Upkicks seem to be worse.

What she gained in SFA3

1. Jump Short of Doom. Ambigious J.LK with a cross up hitbox the size of montana.

2. Xism Spinning Bird Kick and Palm Thrust.

3. Far Stand Roundhouse (S.HK) (sakura like)

Chun can be played in any ism, and is one of the rare characters in A3 that her Vism isn't considered her #1 choice. I mostly use Chun in Xism, however, I do not think it is her best.

1 Aism: Access to Air Blocking, Alpha Counters, and Lvl 1 Supers are the only reasons Aism is better than X. It generally makes Aism handle Vism characters better. Lvl 1 Puffball super is great anti air, and Lvl 1 Senretsu makes a safe anti poke super. Overall, Aism has the slowest walk speed, and does moderate damage on normals. Her specials are generally worthless.

2 Xism- Loses Air Block, Alpha Counter, And Lvl 1 Supers. Also loses Axe Kick, Fireball, and the ability to do a non reversal upkick. Generally faster than Aism, and does buff damage on all normals. Simple Crouch Cancels off air counter hits can lead to 50-70% damage. Gains the Spinning Bird Kick and Air Spinning Bird Kick, which are suprisingly useful (have someone airblock the SBK... hilarious). Palm thrust special is actually better than Kikouken, since it knocks down, does great damage, and can hit after jab, jab, short.

3 Vism- Loses Supers, does very low damage on normals. Gains move selection ability (i.e. can do B Fierce for close fierce... which is nice) Very Fast walk speed. Her customs are very hard. Even her *easy* one is the fireball rave, but it's half circles instead of quarter circles. With her great cross up and her heel stomp, her unblockable setups are very nice, and can lead to infinite. Which is what V-Chun is all about. If you can't get the Walk Cancel, then get the CC stomp infinites... I wouldn't really recommend playing V-Chun.


Moves List

Normal Moves

Stand Jab

Chun's Stand Jab

Stand Jab is VERY important to Chun Li. It enables her to charge her B