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Chun Li's portrait in SSF2T.


Chun is ranked high mid-tier. There are certain characters that she dominates, certain characters she has even matches with, and certain characters who dominate her. Some of her "even" matches are not even in the traditional sense. For example, against Fei she does really well as long as she's not in the corner. However, if Chun gets put in the corner and Fei starts doing st.Fierce xx Chicken Wing (his 3-hit spin kick), it is a nightmare for Chun, and she has no easy way out.

The same is true against Claw. Chun does well if she can keep the game on the ground, but if Claw can get his wall dive shenanigans going, Chun has no escape, and she must guess correctly which way to block, and that can be very difficult.

-st.Strong is an extremely good poke
-j.Forward is a great jumping move
-can store her super
-Lightning Legs will cleanly beat nearly every ground move in the game
-good throw range
-throw does a lot more damage than it probably should
-good dizzy combos
-fast walking speed
-very agile (can jump off walls, do attacks after head stomp)
-is good at both turtling and rushing down

-has no solid anti-air
-upkicks will sometimes completely whiff, even at point blank range
-has no solid reversal to escape things like Claw's wall dives or Fei's Chicken Wing trap
-has a big jump arc which is easy to see and punish
-has a hard time with fireball traps

--NKI 20:04, 8 May 2006 (CDT)

Color Options

New Chun Li Colors

New Chun Li's color options in Super Turbo
To choose the "Hold" color, press and hold any button except Start for 2 seconds. To choose any other color, simply tap the desired button. --Raisin (March 30, 2007)

Old Chun Li Colors

Old Chun Li's color options in Super Turbo
Old Chun Li's input code is DDDU. Pressing Short simultaneously with Jab or Fierce will give you the alternate color. --Raisin (April 1, 2007)

Moves List

The Basics


Chun does not have any one move (like a Shoryuken) that can be used as a general anti-air. She must use specific moves depending on what the opponent uses. Her useful anti-air moves are:
-jump straight up Short
-jump straight up Fierce
-jump straight up RH
-far or close st.Forward
-far st.Fierce
-far st.RH
-cr.Forward (make the opponent land on it)

Her absolute best anti-air is her super, which can be done so that the opponent is grounded and takes all 6 hits, followed by upkicks for massive damage. The timing differs depending on the speed of the opponent's jump. It is very difficult to do against Blanka and Claw, but it is easier on everyone else, especially against Ryu and Ken if they do air hurricane kick (because air hurricane kick has a lot of landing recovery).

For anti-air against a specific move or character, see the character breakdowns below.

--NKI 20:04, 8 May 2006 (CDT)

Ground Pokes/Footsies

Chun's best poke is st.Strong. It can lock down characters with no good reversal, it has excellent range, and it beats a lot of moves cleanly. Very effective to rush down with st.Strongs mixed with throws.

st.Forward is also very effective to use against Shotos, done such that you are just outside of their cr.RH range. If they try to fireball, they will get hit cleanly.

Her cr.Forward has good priority, and it's so fast it's practically unpunishable. She can also use her cr.RH to get the knock down, but cr.RH has a considerable amount of lag and should be used with caution.

--NKI 11:29, 9 May 2006 (CDT)


Holding towards or back and pressing Strong or Fierce punch will produce Chun Li's throw. She can also air-throw this way.

Although both the Strong and Fierce ground throws look identical, they're actually quite different for some weird reason. The Fierce throw deals an ordinary 22% damage, but the Strong throw does 26% damage, which is unusually high. Since the Strong throw has no other drawbacks, use it instead of the Fierce whenever possible.

The air-throw versions are the same and do approximately 23.5% damage.

--Raisin (March 12, 2007), some info courtesy T.Akiba

Super Move

Stored Super
Chun is one of only two characters who can store her super. That is, you can input the [charge back, towards, back, towards] part of the command, then hold towards. The command will remain stored until you hit kick, at which point the super will come out. This is a technique that must be mastered to use Chun effectively.


  • It is still possible to keep your charge, even if you switch sides. You just need to switch which direction you're holding at the exact right time. This works whether you are the one doing the cross-up or you are the one being crossed-up.
  • You can store the super motion even without meter. You can input b, f, b, f (hold), fill the remaining meter (with a fireball, lightning kicks, pokes, etc.) and then press a kick button to do the super.
  • If you throw the opponent or get thrown (even if you stay on the same side), you will lose your charge. It is possible to keep your charge while throwing the opponent, but it is tricky. While holding towards with the super charged, hit Strong or Fierce to throw the opponent. Then you must quickly tap back, then return to towards and you will still have the super stored. If you simply held towards the whole time, you would lose your charge.

Using the Super Against Fireballs
Going through fireballs with Chun's super is entirely possible, but it is much harder than going through fireballs with Boxer's super, or Dic's super. The reason is because she has a very short window of invincibility, and after her invincibility her entire hit-box (where she is vulnerable) is behind her. That means that you have to activate the super JUST before the fireball hits you. Any earlier and you will not make it cleanly through.

Against fireball characters, if you have meter, whenever you do a fireball you should always double motion the super on top of it. In other words, you should do her fireball as [charge back, towards+punch, back, hold towards]. If the opponent jumps over your fireball, you can super them for free. If the opponent also threw a fireball to cancel out yours, you can super them for free. Else, walk up until you are just out of range of their longest normal and hold down towards. If they try any moves or try to jump, super. If they try to get fresh and walk towards you, st.Strong (while still holding towards and maintaining your charge).

--NKI 12:04, 9 May 2006 (CDT)

Advanced Strategy

Upkicks - All three versions have invincibility at the beginning, but Short has the most.

Spinning Bird Kick - Has more invincibility than upkicks, but it takes a long time to hit, so it's really more useful as a way to avoid the opponent's move, rather than to counter it.

Super - The only thing to watch out for is the opponent baiting your reversal super and jumping over it.

Dizzy Combos (combos that will often dizzy the opponent)
Her bread-and-butter dizzy combo is j.RH, st.Strong, st.Fierce, but it will only work on characters that are standing. (The st.Fierce can not hit ducking opponents.) j.RH, st.Fierce xx fireball will also frequently dizzy. If you have the opportunity to do a meaty, go for cr.Forward, cr.Fierce. That also will dizzy the majority of the time.

Standard Combos (combos to do when the opponent is dizzy)
I feel that if you don't have meter, the best combo to do is j.RH, st.Strong, cr.RH. The reason I like that combo the best is because it knocks down, you are charged, you can throw a meaty fireball, and you retain control of the round. If you do something else, like [j.RH, st.Fierce xx Fireball], you are left in an awkward position where both you and your opponent are at equal advantage, except you don't have a charge.

If you have a full meter (or nearly a full meter) and you are charged, go for j.RH, st.Fierce xx super. With the super stored, it's really not all that hard to pull off: charge back, towards, back, towards, then jump towards, hit RH as late as possible, then st.Fierce~any kick button.

Avoiding Fireballs
Because she has to charge for her fireball, Chun has a problem against non-charge fireball characters. If you don't have time to charge, you have several options to try to avoid the fireballs:

Jump straight up head stomp - When Chun is doing her headstomp, her hitbox becomes thinner, so it's easier for her to jump over slow fireballs. The only downside to this is that you lose valuable charge time, because you need to do the headstomp on your way down, and the joystick needs to be straight down (down/back won't work).

D/F+RH - If you want to get over a fireball and gain a little bit of ground, you can use D/F+RH, but don't use it when you are too close, because it is easily punishable. Be sure to immediately start charge back after you hit RH so that you will have your charge when you land.

Spinning Bird Kick - Because it is invincible in the beginning, you can use SBK to go through fireballs, but it is very punishable and not recommended unless you are about to die from block damage.

Jump back air spinning bird kick - This should only be done in the corner, when your opponent is far enough away that they can not punish. (Air SBK has a lot of recovery when she lands.)

Jump straight up air spinning bird kick - This will give you slightly more meter than doing a fireball, but it is considerably harder, so it is not generally recommended.

Overhead Stomp
To do Chun's instant head stomp, jump at the opponent and immediately hit down+Forward kick. Because it's a jumping attack, it must be blocked high. It's too fast to see the stomp and react to it, so the opponent must guess. You are vulnerable as you're bouncing away, but keep in mind that you can do a move (say, j.Forward) on your way down. The overhead is especially good to use against people who like to reversal Dragon Punch, because her headstomp will beat DP clean.

Corner Awareness
Unfortunately for Chun, if she throws the opponent from point blank range into the corner and the opponent techs, the opponent recovers and lands so fast that Chun gets thrown for free. This is especially bad against Gief and Hawk, because they also get a free super on her.

Unless it will kill (or your opponent is O.Sagat), be sure to throw the opponent OUT of the corner. Also be aware that if you are in the corner charging back, then you go for a throw, you will end up getting a fireball, which might cost you. So be very careful when you're in the corner.

D/F+Roundhouse Shenanigans
Chun's D/F+RH is one of the craziest normals in the game. When done meaty enough, it will hit as a low move (must be duck-blocked), and it can be done as a completely safe meaty against several characters. If the opponent doesn't try to reverse, they will be forced to block it, but if they do reverse properly, they will still lose:

-Guile's Flash Kick will completely whiff (backwards)
-Ryu's DP will be blocked (backwards)
-Zangief's lariat will lose cleanly
-Deejay's upkicks will completely whiff (backwards)

As the opponent is getting up, she can whiff D/F+RH to get to the opposite side of any character, but if she immediately follows it up with a normal, it will be backwards (and will whiff), so it's not very useful.

The move will hit as a cross-up if done as a meaty from point blank range against certain characters. (Keep in mind that if done meaty enough, it is a low hit as well, so the opponent must block with down/towards.)

Which characters can Chun cross up?

Ryu: yes
Ken: yes
Honda: no
Chun: no
Blanka: no
Zangief: no
Guile: yes (see note)
Sim: no
Hawk: yes
Cammy: yes
Fei: yes
DeeJay: yes
Boxer: yes
Claw: no
Sagat: no
Dictator: no

Note: Chun can only cross-up Guile with her D/F+RH in very specific situations where Guile does not have a significant amount of pushback. She can not cross him up after an anti-air jump straight up+RH because Guile is falling away too fast, but she can do it after an air throw, or if a D/F+RH hits and pushes Guile towards Chun, etc.

--NKI 15:39, 20 June 2006 (CDT)


Serious Advantage Match-ups

Zangief, Dictator, Cammy

Advantage Match-ups

Honda, Blanka, Guile, Hawk

Fair Match-ups

Boxer, DeeJay, Dhalsim, Claw, Ken, Fei

Disadvantage Match-ups

Ryu, O.Sagat

Serious Disadvantage Match-ups


Specific Match-ups

Vs. Balrog (Boxer)

This is a pretty even match that I feel is about 5/5 or possibly 5.5/4.5 in favor of Chun. For the most part Chun controls the match until Boxer gets meter, at which point Boxer then controls the match. After he uses the super, Chun once again controls the match. Chun has good tools to stop Boxer's rush down, but if she gets trapped in the corner, it can get ugly for her. No really dominating advantage for either character.

Boxer's Game Plan
Boxer wants to rush her down as he does to pretty much everyone except Gief. His problem is that Chun can stop his rush down pretty well. For that reason, a huge part of the winning strategy for Boxer is to trade. There are virtually no bad trades for Boxer in this match, as he just does more damage in general. His most useful trade is when she does a fireball; he can st.Fierce or high rush and do nearly double the damage she does.

Boxer's super also helps him a lot in this match, so many Boxer players will let Chun throw fireballs, doing either Short rushes or Jab shoulder charges between fireballs to build meter.

Chun's Game Plan
For the most part, Chun wants to turtle it up, because that's the best way to stop Boxer's rush down. She can use fireballs and cr.Forwards to keep him out. Lightning legs will beat practically everything he has, but watch out for the shoulder charge. If he does a jumping attack to hit you out of lightning legs, he's going to have to do it so high that you get a free throw on him when he lands.

The only time Chun wants to go on the offensive is when Boxer is knocked down. She gets a free safe jump on him, and it is quite easy to time because even his fastest shoulder charge (the Jab version) has a whopping 11 frames of start-up before it can hit. His super has 6 frames of non-hitting start-up, so you can still safe jump even when he has meter. Getting him to throw away his super on a safe jump is huge, because that super is what's stopping you from throwing fireballs, and fireballs are a big part of Chun's strategy in this match.

After doing a safe jump (I use j.Forward), you need to hold down/back for just a split second in case he did get the reversal, then go for the throw or [cr.Forward, cr.RH].

If Boxer gets meter, it's time to chill. You need to go into super turtle mode: stop throwing fireballs, stop whiffing cr.Forwards...just chill. You should only react to what he does. Most Boxer players are expecting you to chill, so it's at this time that you can sometimes surprise them with a blatant walk up throw, especially if one of you/both of you are low on life, but don't depend on this as a stable strategy. (Another good thing about walk up throw is that he can not catch you with the super while you are walking up--you can react and block in time.)

If Boxer throws you and goes for a meaty cr.Forward as you land, just throw him. (It doesn't matter if he crossed you up or not, you still get a free throw if he's within your throw range.) Upkicks are too risky if he blocks it, so be safe and go with the throw.

From far:
-far st.Forward
-far st.RH
-make him land on a fireball (will probably trade with his jumping attack)

Personally I feel that making him land on a fireball is the best option. Even though you lose the damage trade, you are in an excellent position. He has been knocked down, and you can do a risk-free meaty D/F+RH, followed by guessing game: throw, or [cr.Forward, throw], or [cr.Forward, cr.RH].

From close:
-jump straight up Short
-jump straight up RH
-close st.Forward

Probably upkicks are the best bet, but if your reactions are quick enough, jump straight up RH is just as good. Jump straight up Short and close st.Forward will work decently, but you really want to get that knock down so that you can safe jump at him.

Because it's invincible, there's really nothing you can do about the shoulder charge as it's coming out. However, if he whiffs it from up close, you can do:

cr.Forward xx RH upkicks (good damage, knocks down)
if you're not charged: cr.Forward, cr.Fierce (high dizzy potential)
if you are charged: meaty cr.Forward as he lands, close st.Fierce xx Fierce fireball (almost certainly will dizzy)

If he whiffs from far away, you can do:

far st.Fierce, meaty fireball as he lands (decent damage)
jump straight up RH (knocks down)
walk up cr.RH (knocks down)

Of course if you have meter, just do the super so that he's grounded for all 6 hits.

Chun's cr.Forward and fireballs are her best weapons against his rushes. Her cr.Forward will also beat his st.Fierce in case he tries to trade with your fireballs. Every time you see him do a rush, do an option-selected cr.Forward. Time is such that if he did a low rush, you will block, but if he did a high rush (for the throw attempt), you will hit him. If it does hit, follow up with cr.RH for the two hit combo.

Lightning legs will also beat his low rush clean, but it will sometimes trade with his straight rush, so be careful.

Misc. Notes
-It is not safe to do the super to Boxer while he is just ducking. On reaction, Boxer can do shoulder charge to beat your super clean.
-Don't bother with cross-ups - they're not needed when you have the safe jump.
-You want to avoid trading with Boxer at all costs, unless you can knock him down. He just does too much damage.

--NKI 16:02, 15 May 2006 (CDT)

Vs. Blanka

Chun wins this match approximately 6/4. Her strength is in her turtling ability, but Blanka's jump is so quick and his normals are so good, it's pretty hard to keep him out the entire round.

Blanka's Game Plan
Blanka wants to get in and bite you, and he also doesn't mind trading with you on his way in, because he does more damage in general. Once he gets in, he can start some shenanigans with j.Short, and because Chun has to charge for her upkicks, it's hard for her to get out.

Chun has no way to get out of his ticks if they start with a cross-up j.Short, because her only reversals are charge moves: she's lost her horizontal charge because Blanka crossed her up, and she's lost her vertical charge because she had to stand up to block the j.Short.

If Chun duck-blocks a Blanka Ball (or if she gets hit by it while ducking), the only thing she can punish with is the super. However, if she is standing when she gets hit or blocks, she can retaliate with a walk-up st.Strong. (The Blanka Ball is usually not used much though, because Chun will be throwing a lot of fireballs.)

Chun's Game Plan
Chun wants to keep Blanka out with well-placed fireballs and cr.Forwards. You can't be sloppy or over-anxious with the fireballs, because Blanka can easily jump over your fireballs on reaction. With his quick jump and high-priority jumping attacks, you can only do a fireball when you are sure he will not jump (for example, when you know he will do a normal move). He will try to slide at you because it has good range and moves him forward. This is a good time to do a fireball, but make sure it's done early enough to hit him cleanly out of the slide.

While Chun has good normals, Blanka also has good normals, and better throw range. Chun can essentially create a wall with fireballs and jump straight up Short, and it can be hard for Blanka to get in. However, unlike most of her other matches, being in the corner actually helps Chun against Blanka, because then he can't cross her up there.

If you knock down Blanka, you should never go for a meaty (other than meaty fireball). Blanka's balls (both horizontal and vertical) hit on the first frame, so you can not do safe meaties against him. For the same reason, you also can not do safe jumps against him. If you try that, at best you will trade, meaning you will get knocked down, but Blanka won't be knocked down, and that puts you in a very bad position. Just do a meaty fireball when he's down. He has no choice but to block it.

Lightning legs will beat all of Blanka's ground attacks cleanly, but you must be very careful using it because Blanka's jump is so quick. Make sure you always charge D/B while doing lightning legs so that you can anti-air him if he jumps too late.

If you're charged, you can use Short upkicks, but without a charge, Chun has a hard time against Blanka's jumping attacks. I would not recommend trying any of her standing normals, because at the very best they will trade, but he won't be knocked down. Jump straight up Short is quite good, and jump straight up RH is also good, but because his jump is so fast, you need to have equally fast reactions.

I prefer to simply make Blanka land on a fireball. You may trade with him, but at least you completely kill any momentum he may have been building. You can then follow up with a meaty fireball, followed by another fireball, and he really can't do anything about it. In this match, it's worth it to sacrifice damage for position advantage.

Of course the super is always the best option, but because Blanka's jump is so fast, it can be difficult to time. You must do the super VERY early--do it just past the peek of his jump, when he is starting to come down.

Typically Blanka doesn't use the ball all that often in this match, but just in case it comes up...

A well-timed st.Strong will beat his horizontal ball, but it is better to do a fireball if you are charged. Getting the knock down is important, because you want to control the round.

If you are charged, you get a free super on Blanka whether you block or get hit by the ball. You won't get all 6 hits of the super, but it's still free damage.

Misc. Notes
-You always want to be charged so that you can anti-air him with something that knocks down.
-If you block Blanka's super, you get a free super on him (or a cr.RH, if you don't have meter).
-If he tries to hop at you, do [cr.Forward, cr.RH] for a two hit combo, then follow up with a meaty fireball, walk back a few steps, then throw another.

--NKI 11:31, 18 May 2006 (CDT)

Vs. Cammy


Cammy's Game Plan

Chun's Game Plan


Misc. Notes

Vs. Chun-Li



Misc. Notes

Vs. Dee Jay

This is a fairly even match where neither character has a clear advantage over the other. Chun has good rush down and a superior super, but DeeJay has superior turtling due to his excellent normals, and his fireball goes full screen.

DeeJay's Game Plan
DeeJay wants to turtle heavily in this match, using his excellent normals to nullify Chun's rush down attempts. cr.Forward is very good because it knocks down and recovers so quickly that it's hard for Chun to punish on reaction. It's not like a Shoto cr.RH which can easily be punished with walk-up throw. He can also continue to use fireballs relatively safely even when Chun is up close.

Chun's Game Plan
Chun can't really beat DeeJay in a fireball war because her fireball won't reach DeeJay from full screen, so she wants to rush him down. However, it is a good idea to throw fireballs with DeeJay until you have meter, then start your rush down. Chun's super is a lot better than DeeJays, and if you have your super stored, you can even counter his super on reaction.

After you get that meter, your next step is to close the gap. This usually is not a problem for Chun. You can do a j.Forward or j.Short from full screen over one of his fireballs, and there's not much he can do about it. At best he can trade, but then you've still closed the gap. Just make sure that you jump on reaction to one of his fireballs; otherwise, you'll eat upkicks.

When rushing down DeeJay, you'll want to use st.Strong a lot. If you get too predictable with the st.Strongs, he can use upkicks, so don't get sloppy. His upkicks will not hit your cr.Forward however, so you can do that safely. His ground normals (cr.Strong, cr.Forward, cr.Fierce) are all very good and will usually at least trade with yours, so you want to let him whiff and punish, either with st.Strong or walk-up throw. cr.RH is also good to use if you think he will fireball. Even if you trade, it's a good trade for you, because you get the knock down.

Short Upkicks if you are charged, jump straight up RH if you're not charged, or super (if you have meter). You can also make him land on a Jab fireball, then follow up with meaty D/F+RH.

Misc. Notes
DeeJay has nothing to beat Chun's headstomp. Because of this, you can pull some shenanigans from about half screen (or a little bit closer). You can just blatantly jump at DeeJay, and when he tries to do upkicks, do the headstomp to beat it clean. After that happens, the opponent will most likely not do upkicks again, allowing you to do [whiff headstomp, throw]. The throw is free for Chun she whiffs the headstomp.

However, it should be stressed that this is nothing but shenanigans. It's good to use once in a while, but should not be relied on heavily.

D/F+RH can be used as a safe meaty against DeeJay. If he successfully reverses with upkicks, he will whiff backwards, and you can throw him as he lands.

I would almost never do Lightning Legs against DeeJay because his RH upkicks will beat it clean.

If he crosses you up with j.Forward, it is not blocked as a cross-up. You need to block it as if it weren't a cross-up. Your other option is to just Spinning Bird Kick out of there. If you mess up your Spinning Bird Kick, a good DeeJay will follow up the blocked cross-up with a cr.Jab, then either throw or do cr.Short xx Machine Gun Upper. ALWAYS just plan on teching the throw. If you stand up early to try to reversal throw, you could get hit by cr.Short xx Machine Gun Upper, that very well might dizzy you, and you could be done for the round. Teching the throw is the much better, safer option.

--NKI 10:53, 21 June 2006 (CDT)

Vs. Dhalsim


Dhalsim's Game Plan

Chun's Game Plan


Misc. Notes

Vs. E. Honda


Honda's Game Plan

Chun's Game Plan


Misc. Notes

Vs. Fei Long


Fei's Game Plan

Chun's Game Plan


Misc. Notes

Although it looks infinite, Fei can only do guaranteed [st.Fierce xx Chicken Wing] three times. Because he's slowly getting pushed back a tiny bit each rotation. After the third Chicken Wing, if he tries to go for another st.Fierce, you can actually throw him. After the third Chicken Wing, it's a guessing game between Flame Kick (if he thinks you'll try to throw), or take a step forward, then start the [st.Fierce xx Chicken Wing] for another three reps. (Each rep is doing good block damage, mind you.)

I said that there are a few things Chun can do once she's stuck in that trap. Her options are:

  • Upkicks: There is a crazy property of the Chicken Wing where you can actually stand block while holding D/B. You have to stand block the first hit of the Chicken Wing, then immediately hold D/B. Even though you're holding D/B, Chun will stand block the next hit of the Chicken Wing (which is necessary, because it's an overhead and can't be duck blocked). This allows you enough time to charge upkicks by the time the next Chicken Wing comes around. The problem with this is that even though the upkicks will beat Chicken Wing cleanly, sometimes it just goes straight through Fei, he lands, then you fall helplessly into [st.Fierce xx Rekka Ken x3].
  • Jump straight up RH: This will usually just trade (at least it gets him off you), but it is extremely hard to time, and if you time it wrong, you get juggled by 3 hits of Chicken Wing, then he gets to start the trap on you again as you get up.
  • Far st.RH: This will actually beat Chicken Wing cleanly. The problem is that it is quite hard to do (seemingly random), and if you mess up, you eat [3 hits of Chicken Wing, st.Fierce xx Rekka Ken x3], which is about 50%-60% damage and probably dizzy and probably peace out...HELLA not worth the risk.
  • Walk forward to go under him: This only works if he is doing the RH version of Chicken Wing. A good Fei Will do the Forward (medium) version so that you can't walk under it. This is why (as Tama said) he can only do it three times. You can do the RH version infinitely, but she can walk under at any time. Again, if you try to walk under him and he does the Forward (medium) version, you'll eat the above combo, probably be dizzied, and probably lose the round.
  • Spinning Bird Kick: Because it's invincible, you can use SBK to make his Chicken Wing whiff. The problem is that because he recovers instantly from the Chicken Wing, he can simply cr.Jab you out of the SBK, then start the trap again.

I usually just try to reverse throw. A lot of times the Fei player won't get the timing perfect on the st.Fierce, so you can throw him. This is not guaranteed (Fei can do the st.Fierce for free if he times it right), but it works a lot of times. It's actually not all bad if you get hit by a Flame Kick while trying to reverse throw, because then the Fei player gets the idea "Oh, he tries to reverse throw...I can catch him with Flame Kick", and he'll try to do that every once in a while, which creates an opening for Chun if you block it.


Vs. Guile

Chun has a slight advantage in this match because she can hang with Guile's turtling, but if she gets in, she can also harrass him badly with st.Strongs and cr.Forwards. Pretty much his only reliable option at that point is a very risky psychic Flash Kick. However, Guile can also rush down Chun. It is very hard for her to deal with his hop kick (towards or back + medium kick) mixed with cr.Jabs and Sonic Booms. (Yes, Guile can rush down with Sonic Booms, too.)

Guile's Game Plan
Guile really has two options. In my experience against Muteki, he usually plays turtle style, hoping to wear you down little by little until eventually you get frustrated and try to rush him down. At this point, Chun will generally do something silly, like jumping in anticipation of a Sonic Boom, but guessing incorrectly and eating a Flash Kick. Guile then goes for the ambiguous cross-up, and it all goes downhill from there.

Other Guile players like Nakano Guile will tend to rush down Chun. He will play a "fake turtle" game where you think he's going to just keep throwing Sonic Booms, but after a while he'll predict one of your fireballs, hit you with a high j.Forward, then begin rushing down with hop kicks, cr.Jabs, throws, and Sonic Booms. This is surprisingly hard for Chun to stop, because most of her usual options (lightning legs, st.Strong, cr.Forward) will get stuffed before the hitting frames.

Chun's Game Plan
Even though Chun can hang with Guile's turtling, she is more effective if she tries to rush him down with st.Strongs mixed with throws. Guile really has no good answer for this, as long as you don't get reckless (because he can Flash Kick you, of course, but that's risky for him to try).

Another reason why turtling isn't that effective against Guile is because the super is not very useful against him, so building meter isn't that important. Except from very close range, Guile can throw Sonic Booms fairly safely against Chun, even when she has meter.

So basically you want to close the gap, but you have to be patient in doing this. You can't just blatantly jump at him, however, from the right distance, you can jump at him pretty safely after he throws a Sonic Boom. If you're at the max range for her j.Forward, you can jump at Guile and he won't really be able to answer with anything, so he'll be forced to block. After he blocks the j.Forward, you want to walk in and make him guess between a throw or a low move (preferably cr.Forward). Whether he blocks your low move or techs your throw, continue to rush him down with st.Strongs. If he doesn't tech, go for meaty [cr.Forward, cr.Fierce].

Throughout the match, you should always be on the look-out for Guile's cr.Forward. This is the move Guile players like to poke with the most, but it has a good amount of lag afterwards. If you hang just outside of his cr.Forward range, you can punish Guile's whiffed cr.Forwards with a st.Strong or walk-up throw.

From close: upkicks, close st.Forward, close st.Strong From medium distance: upkicks, jump straight up Short or RH, far st.Forward From far: far st.Forward, jump straight up Short RH, make him land on a cr.Forward

Misc. Notes
Definitely go for meaty D/F+RH if you get a clean knockdown. This is a very bad position for Guile to be in, especially if he's not familiar with Chun's D/F+RH shenanigans. For one thing, she can do a meaty D/F+RH safely such that even if Guile reverses with a Flash Kick or super, Chun will be able to block in time, but if Guile doesn't reverse, he'll be forced to block Chun's D/F+RH, and then she gets a guessing game. Also, Chun can do the D/F+RH has a cross-up against Guile, so he also has to know which way to block, which can be pretty hard. (If you do the D/F+RH from point-blank range, it will cross-up. Otherwise, it's not a cross-up.)

Also, you never want to jump at Guile unless you see the Sonic Boom. Even if you do correctly predict a Sonic Boom, you don't get anything for free because Chun's jump arc is too big, so don't take the risk of eating a Flash Kick. Only jump if you see the Sonic Boom.

--NKI 20:59, 18 June 2007 (UTC)

Vs. Ken


Ken's Game Plan

Chun's Game Plan


Misc. Notes

Vs. M. Bison (Dictator)


Dictator's Game Plan

Chun's Game Plan


Misc. Notes

Vs. Ryu

Ryu wins this fight approximately 6/4. Chun can effectively lock him down if she is controlling the match, but if she gets stuck in a fireball trap, it can be very difficult to get out.

Ryu's Game Plan
Ryu's fireball is much better than Chun's (he doesn't have to charge for it, and it will go full screen), so he basically just wants to fireball her to death. If he can zone her with fireballs and push her back into the corner, his most effective range is a little bit more than half screen away with Chun in the corner. At that distance, she can't react to a fireball by jumping over it because that's easily countered with a DP, and she can't keep up with his fireballs because she has no time to charge. Because she's in the corner, jumping straight up over a fireball (especially a Fierce fireball) doesn't really give her a whole lot of advantage. Her best option is just to jump back over a fireball (so that she's charged), then either do air Spinning Bird Kick as she lands or throw a fireball to build meter. Her super is the only really effective way to get out of that situation.

If Ryu can keep her zoned with fireballs at that range, it is a fairly easy match for him.

While his super is very good, Ryu getting meter is not a huge turning point in the match like it is for some of his other matches (Sim, O.Sagat, etc), especially if Chun has meter. If Chun has meter, Ryu should be very weary about using his super.

Chun's Game Plan
Chun's ideal range in this match is just outside of Ryu's cr.RH range. She has two big advantages from that range.

The first advantage is when you have meter, because her super nullifies pretty much everything Ryu has. Even if he has meter, you can react to his super and counter with yours (assuming you have it stored already). So once you have meter, store the super and stay just barely out of range of his cr.RH. Hold down/towards, and react to whatever he does. From that range, a lot of people will try to either do a regular fireball, the super, or air hurricane kick back (or towards). All of those are punishable by super. If he does an air hurricane kick over your head, make sure you switch your charge direction, walk towards just a bit, then catch him when he lands.

Even if you don't have meter, from that range she can completely zone Ryu using st.Forward and st.Strong. You can safely whiff st.Forwards because you are outside of his footsies range, but if he tries a fireball or a hurricane kick, he gets beat cleanly. His only options are to psychic DP (which is very risky), or to try to fireball in-between your cr.Forwards (very difficult).

If he whiffs a cr.Forward or cr.RH, walk up and throw.

After you're in his face and you've stuffed several fireball attempts, and all of his normals are whiffing and getting punished by throws, he will start to hesitate, and that's when you just go in for the blatant throw out of nowhere. If he start wising up to the walk-up throw, and he tries to stop you with a normal, use your st.Strong to beat his normal.

If you're not inside the ideal range and you're getting bombarded with fireballs, Chun can punish his fireballs from full screen using a j.Forward. A lot of Ryu players try to reversal with a DP or another fireball, both of which will lose cleanly to lightning legs. The only thing Ryu can do to stop you from jumping in from that range is if he does a rush punch (towards+Fierce) to get closer, then he can DP you.

Against Ryu, her best anti-air (aside from the super) is jump straight up RH. Upkicks are pretty much worthless because Ryu can just do an air hurricane kick to beat upkicks clean. In the worst case scenario (he trades an air hurricane kick with your jump straight up RH), you both get knocked down, so he can't continue the pressure.

After you hit him with out of the air with jump straight up RH, you should follow it up with something: [meaty cr.Forward, cr.Fierce] or max range lightning legs (100% safe unless he has meter).

If you have meter, always do the super as anti-air. It is not too hard to time it such that Ryu is grounded for all 6 hits. If he does an air hurricane kick, it is extremely easy to time.

Far st.Forward and far st.Strong are both good at stuffing fireballs. Far st.Fierce can also be used from much further away, but it has considerable lag, so use it only if you are certain he will do a fireball. And of course you can super through the fireball if you have meter.

If you are stuck in the corner, you can do jump back Spinning Bird Kick over fireballs to build meter. Be careful though, because if he see's this coming, he can deley his fireball and make you land on it.

If the hurricane kick is just starting up, far st.Forward is her best counter. If he's already spinning and coming towards you, st.Short will beat it cleanly. If he's already passed over your head and he's spinning away from you, you can catch him with a far st.Fierce, far st.Strong, or super (just one hit). Lightning legs will usually beat hurricane kick cleanly.

After he has passed over you and is spinning away from you, be careful when using normals to counter his hurricane kicks. If his spinning leg is facing you, you will trade or lose cleanly. If his spinning leg is facing away from you, you will beat him cleanly. If you're low enough on life where a hurricane kick will kill you, it might not be a good idea to try to hit him.

Misc. Notes
-If you have the super stored, don't be afraid of Ryu's super. On reaction, you can super through his super.
-Meaty instant head stomp for the kill is good against Ryu because all of his DPs lose cleanly to head stomp.

--NKI 16:22, 10 May 2006 (CDT)

Vs. O. Sagat


O.Sagat's Game Plan

Chun's Game Plan


Misc. Notes

Vs. T. Hawk


Hawk's Game Plan

Chun's Game Plan


Misc. Notes

Vs. Vega (Claw)


Claw's Game Plan

Chun's Game Plan

Turtle it up. Chun controls that match on the ground because lightning legs beat all of Claw's normals, and upkicks beat his jump-ins. He has to take it to the air, so it becomes a guessing game between wall dive, punch wall dive, and wall dive fake-out. Chun has an answer for all three, but you have to guess right. If he does real wall dive, just do jump back medium kick. (Or if he tries to do real wall dive off of your wall, just air throw him before he gets to the wall.) If he does punch wall dive or wall dive fake-out, just fireball him.


Misc. Notes


Vs. Zangief

Chun wins this fight approximately 7/3. She can effectively keep Zangief out the entire round with fireballs. If Gief manages to get in once, Chun usually takes at least one SPD, but it is very difficult for Gief to close the gap in the first place.

Zangief's Game Plan
Gief has one objective in this match: to get in. If he can close the gap and start tick throwing, it's pretty hard for Chun to get him off her. Unfortunately for Gief, he doesn't really have an effective way to get in. He has to use really unreliable tactics like predicting a fireball and jumping over it, or psychic Green Hand to nullify a fireball. Of course he can try to lariat through fireballs, but that doesn't really get him anywhere. Unless the Chun player screws up somewhere, it's very difficult for Gief to do anything effective.

Chun's Game Plan
Chun's only objective is to keep Gief out. He is spending the whole round trying to get in for those grabs, so you don't want to do his job for him by closing the gap. It's extremely hard for him to get around Chun's fireballs and normals, so just stick to those. You should never jump at Gief. If you knock him down, do not go for the cross-up. Just do a meaty fireball. Worst case scenario is that he reversal lariats through it, but at least you still maintain the position advantage.

It's not exciting, but the way to win this match is to hold down/back and do cr.Forward a lot. When he's safely out of range, throw a Jab fireball, and when he jumps, anti-air him. Make him block a fireball as he gets up, and repeat.

After knocking him down, you have the option of doing meaty D/F+RH, cr.Forward xx lightning legs. The advantage to this is that the D/F+RH is safe (even if he does reversal lariat, it will lose cleanly) and lightning legs do more block damage than a single fireball. The disadvantage is that if you mess up, you have lost your position advantage, and he is now right next to you. It's your choice if you want to go for it or not. It is safe if done correctly, but I tend to just do a meaty fireball instead.

Once you get meter, you can two-in-one motion the super over your fireball, walk up behind your fireball with the super stored, and wait to see what Gief does. If he tries to lariat through it or jump over it, super him. If he blocks it, walk back and repeat.

If you mess up somewhere along the line and he manages to get in on you, it can be hard to get him off you. Really your only option for reversing his ticks is upkicks, but you must be VERY careful with this move. If Gief knows it's coming and lets you whiff it, he can do the stomach crunch (jump straight up up+Fierce) for the instant dizzy (Japanese version only).

Also don't forget that if he is too close to you on a tick attempt (if he's within your throw range), you can reversal throw him for free. But make sure not to throw him into the corner though, because if he techs it he gets a free 360 (or even worse, 720)

Her best anti-air is making him land on a fireball. If he's closer than 1/2 screen, you will most likely trade hits and you may even lose the damage trade by a little bit, but you get the extreme position advantage. He is knocked down, so you can take a step back to regain your distance, then throw a meaty Jab fireball for him to block as he gets up.

If you're really good at using the upkicks, you can use those as well, but when I play this match, I find it difficult to consistently use the upkicks as anti-air, and all Gief needs is for you to screw up once. I prefer to use fireballs because they are much more fail-safe.

If you don't have a charge, you can also use jump straight up RH or jump straight up Short.

Misc. Notes
-It is not safe to do a super against Gief. On reaction to your super, he can do kick lariat to beat it cleanly.
-If you're going to throw Gief, do not throw him into the corner. Always throw him away from the corner, because if he techs into the corner, you get thrown for free.

--NKI 13:13, 12 May 2006 (CDT)