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The slow but powerful "grappler" of the game. Easy to pick up and a decent counter to Wolverine. Also a good counter for rushdown Storms, as all her electric attacks "ping" off of his Shoulder Charge Armor. Particularly bad match vs Sentinels that are good at zoning and runaway.

Ground Chain: Weak Start
Normal Jump Chain: Kick to Punch only (any)
Super Jump Chain: Kick to Punch (any)
Tech hit type: Counter Throw, easy to follow up after.
Weight Class: Super-Heavy

Moves List

Special Notes -- Col's forward dash has a startup delay (about 6 frames), back-dash doesn't have this.

Normal Moves and Throws

All of Colossus' normal moves cause chip when blocked.

F+HP (toward + hard punch): A swinging punch with less range than his usual HP, but much more dizzy power. If it's the move that dizzies the opponent, they will be dizzy on their back (except Akuma) , and you can start off a combo by picking them up OTG for a throw. (see below.)

MP Piledriver - Toward or Back + MP, then toward or back for the direction to throw them:
A Piledriver in the direction you held. After the piledriver the opponent will bounce a little and allow for follow ups (weight depending).

HP Suplex Toss - Toward or Back + HP, then hold direction:
-Toward + HP and Toward or Neutral throws them in front of you
-Back + HP and Back or Neutral throws them behind
-Direction + HP and Opposite Direction or Up throws them above you
Tossing the opponent up is almost always the best option, but how high they go is weight dependent (so Sentinel/Colossus don't go very high at all, leaving fewer follow up options).
- The "Counter Throw" Tech Hit throws them similar to the Up + HP toss.

Air Throws - Toward/Back/Down + MP or HP:
Grab opponent then accelerate straight towards the ground in a piledriver (with similar bounce, they bounce out from the direction you face).

OTG Throw - Down + MP or HP to pickup an opponent off of the ground, options follow:
Once you have your opponent over your head, your allowed movements are:
-Walk forward or backwards
-Dash forward (double tap forward only, no 2P, you cannot jump while dashing, hold back to stop the dash early)
-Normal jump (any direction)
-Super Jump (you'll only go straight up)

Kick buttons do nothing, but any punch will result in a throw, such as:
-LP throws the opponent in the direction you're facing at a medium (less than normal jump) height and a far arc, vs superheavys the arc/height/distance (seem) lower, and the animation is different.
-MP is your MP piledriver in whatever direction you were holding.
-HP is your HP toss in whatever direction you were holding. To throw upwards and not get a jump by accident, dash then hold up and hit HP.
-All normal jumping punches toss the opponent in whatever direction your were holding, in the same way. If you land close to the opponent you should have enough time to combo hit OTG except maybe vs Sentinel. You also cannot toss upward, but you can toss straight down.
-Super jumping throws are similar to normal jumping, except if you throw the opponent early in your jump, you continue the rest of your super jump path up and down afterwards. Not a good idea, and neither is waiting till the top of your SJ, since the opponent can mash out.

Limitations - You can only have 2 throw types per combo in this game, so if you do throw, OTG throw (escapable as it doesn't combo), you can't do another OTG throw, or combo another throw. You also cannot OTG throw at all if you start a combo with a Tornado Grab.
-OTG pickup can be mashed out of (as well as Tech Hit), so throw ASAP.

"Command" Normals

-Elbow-Knee: LP, MK, HP
--Causes a little elbow-knee move. The knee hit will knock the opponent up slightly and away. This move can cancel normals, but you can't cancel the move into a super. To get a super or anything else after it, the knee has to just barely knick them at the very end of it, and they have to be cornered. The Elbow won't even combo into the Knee if you're not close enough. Uses are bit limited, but I'm looking more into it.

Special Moves

Tornado Grab (Giant Swing): D,DF,F + P -(ground only)
A blockable throw special. Once the opponent is grabbed, spin the stick and mash the buttons to throw them higher.

-Tornado Grab can only grab an opponent with their feet on the ground. If they are considered airborne in any fashion, even if it *looks* like the grab should hit, it will pass right through them.
(example): Iceman jumps, and does an Ice Avalache right before he lands. Even though his feet appear to touch the ground, he's still considered airborne, and the Tornado Grab won't connect.

-You are not allowed to OTG Lift after the Tornado Grab. You're only allowed to OTG lift again after they've been reset by a dizzy or the combo stopped.

Shoulder Charge (Power Tackle): D,DF,F + K -(ground only)
--Back + Any Kick to cancel all versions, before or after they hit. Even if it hits, cancel right after, or it will go a little further and then into recovery.
--LK: Travels along the ground, knocks opponent very slightly up and away.
--MK: Travels at an angle up to a little above jump height, knocks opponent up and away.
--HK: Travels at a sharp angle up to (about) the top of the playfield, knocks opponent in a similar(?) arc to MK but higher
--Juggles are relative to the opponents current position, and as usual height varies by character weight.

Shoulder Charge Armor - (more later)


Super Armor - D,DB,B + 3P
After a significant startup delay, you become shiny and don't go into hitstun, but can still be thrown. Throws don't cause the super armor to end by themselves, but the next comboed hit (that isn't a throw) will. Super Armor also doesn't stop Omega's Coils, they will hit and you will immediately lose the armor, effectively wasting you meter. Same with Colossus' Tornado Grab. You can still be dizzed, and if you are, Super Armor will end.

All of those setbacks make it's uses pretty limited. You will still need it when facing skilled zoners and runaways. Super Armor in conjunction with Shoulder Charge armor should make "getting in" less of a headache. Because you still need meter to Tech Hit, it's best not to use unless you are at full meter. You also don't build meter when powered up (wtf). Keep in mind this isn't a mode like Iron Body Zangief, you still can block.

Super Attack

Super Dive - D,DF,F + 2P, D+P to dive (ground and air)
Practically instant startup but huge recovery, even if it hits.
Use as a Guard Cancel, anti-air or even to stuff many moves as they come out. Or to "hop" over an opponent's missed attack, and into the opponent.
Use as a Wakeup vs opponents trying to keep the pressure on. Does alot of chip for a 1 (or 2) hit move, so it can chip-kill opponents with a few pixels of life left. (DOES NOT CHIP-KILL ON SUDDEN DEATH!)

Outside of that, it's easy to use in combos, but generally you'll want to use it early in the combo or the damage gets scaled down (eventually to nothing) the later it comes in.

Just don't get baited. Once your opponent sees you using it as a guard cancel/wakeup, they'll come to expect it.. and may run up and block, or jump in and do nothing, expecting you to super. Beware of Master Baiters.

The Basics

Ground Dizzy Setups: (so you can start a combo with the OTG lift)
The "Ground Dizzier" is F+HP. By itself this move is enough to put any character in Yellow. In a combo, it'll ground dizzy any character only a few hits in*.
--Easiest setup is Tornado Grab near the corner (mash hard), and combo F+HP (doesn't work if it doesn't combo). It'll dizzy anyone, even Sentinel, though you do have to mash harder for it to work on him.
--MP throw, F+HP (must combo). Works anywhere.
(dizzies Cyclops, Omega Red and Akuma**)
--(variation) HP throw up, HK launch, sj, MP/HP throw (combo), F+HP (dizzy) works on:
Omega Red, Silver Samurai, Akuma (near corner), Cyclops (anywhere).
--(corner) Jump in D+HP, dash in (as deep as possible) C.MP, F+HP. Works on:
Psylocke, Cyclops, Iceman, Omega Red, Wolverine (right corner only?)
For Silver Samurai, add in dashing standing LK, C.MP before the F+HP.
--dash jump-in D+HP, F+HP
(works on everyone up to and including Omega Red.)

  • May not work if the character is in "extended dizzy" state, which basically would be (EXAMPLE): Character is dizzied, you jab them but jab doesn't combo, then you go into infinite, it will take FAR more hits than usual to re-dizzy the opponent.

(Another Example) You start your combo/infinite on them, but they recovered from the dizzy (but didn't block). This puts them in "extended dizzy" as well.

    • Akuma won't be ground dizzied (guess they forgot to give him that state), he'll simply stand up in a normal dizzy animation.

Advanced Strategy

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