Cyclops (XMCOTA)

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Ground Chain: Stronger
Normal Jump Chain: Stronger Cross
Super Jump Chain: Stronger
Tech hit type: Escape/Safe Fall
Weight Class: Middle

Moves List

Normal Moves

Cyclops can double jump, and the double jump can cancel normals (eh j.HK xx Double Jump, attack). During a normal jump, this resets your limitations.

Running DDT Throw F,F, HP+HK
Long startup, long recovery (miss or hit), grab range during the run is fairly short. Very limited uses. You could throw it in as a surprise reset during a low corner juggle, but chances are they can hit you before they land.

Special Moves

Optic Blast D,DF,F + Punch (ground and air, beam type)
LP- Crouch low, shoot forward.
MP- Standing height, shoot forward.
HP- Standing, shoot up forward.
All strength air beams shoot forward.

Gene Splice F,D,DF + Punch (ground only, mash for more hits)
Stronger buttons mean more forward motion and slightly increased height (when unmashed, mashed hitting height increases greatly).

Mini-Combo F,F, LP+LK (starts out with 2 hits, keep tapping for up to 6)
Combo looks like stand jab-jab, stand short-short (these start the juggle), c.MP, s.HP.
Cancels normals, good for some combos and pressure.

Super Attacks

Mega Optic Blast D,DF,F + 2P (ground only)
Can be comboed into with specific setups. The recovery on this makes it a bad idea to chip vs fast characters.

Super Optic Blast D,DB,B + Punch (ground and air, controllable directions, can reflect off of floor)
Recovery on the ground is similar to the MOB, so it's a much better idea to use in the air, where recovery is less (or harder to take advantage of). Easy to combo into as a juggle.

The Basics

Cyke's air normals have large hit radii and priority (+ down ones especially).

Advanced Strategy

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