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*[http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=33534 SRK Dan thread]
*[http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=33534 SRK Dan thread]
{{Street Fighter Alpha 3 characters}}
{{Street Fighter Alpha 3 characters}}
[[Category:Street Fighter Alpha 3]]
[[Category:Street Fighter Alpha 3]]
[[Category:Street Fighter Alpha Series]]
[[Category:Street Fighter Alpha Series]]

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Always known as the "joke character" of the Street Fighter series, Dan Hibiki first appeared in Street Fighter Alpha. His trademark is his bright pink gi and his neverending supply of funny taunts. Capcom created him as a way to take a friendly jab at rival fighting game mogul SNK (Dan specifically mocks the Kyokugen characters like Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia; he even sports a similar hairstyle and facial structure to Robert). Dan's moves have always been shallow mockeries of the "Shoto-type" moves. He hates Sagat for killing his father Go Hibiki in the fight where Go took Sagat's left eye. Dan is a former student of Ryu and Ken's master but was discharged from the dojo when the master saw nothing but revenge in his eyes. Since, Dan has practiced a self-styled art called "Saikyo" (or "Strongest"). In SFA3, Dan has already defeated Sagat and is now trying to find new students for his dojo. He is friends with Blanka.

Moves List

Normal Moves


Seoi Nage

  • Back or Forward + Any two punch buttons

Otoko Nage

  • (In Air)Back or Forward + Any two punch buttons

Special Normals

Shagami Chohatsu

  • (While Crouching)Taunt
    • Dan Taunts while Crouching

Kuchu Chohatsu

  • (In Air)Taunt
    • Dan yells "Wah-Hoo!". Serves no purpose.

Zenten Chouhatsu

  • Quarter Circle Forward + Taunt (X, A, or V-ISM mode)
    • Dan rolls forward slightly then taunts his opponent. Unlike normal taunts, this can be performed as much as desired during the round. Serves no practical purpose.

Kouten Chouhatsu

  • Quarter Circle Back + Taunt (X, A, or V-ISM mode)
    • Same as above but Dan rolls backwards.

Saikyo Defense

  • (While blocking an opponent's attack)Forward + All three Punches (V-ISM Only)
    • Dan thrusts forward slightly to blunt some of the damage from the attack.

Special Moves


  • Quarter Circle Forward + Punch (X, A, or V-ISM)
    • Dan thrusts his back hand forward and launches a short-ranged projectile. It can be used to cancel incoming projectiles. The punch used determines how far the projectile goes before terminating.

Dankuu Kyaku

  • Quarter Circle Back + Kick (X, A, or V-ISM)
    • Dan jumps into the air and throws mid-air kicks while moving forward. Depending on the kick used, he can throw up to 3 kicks. The light kick version has him perform a hopping knee. The medium kick version has him throw a knee then a flying side kick. The hard kick version has him throwing the knee, the side kick, then a swinging roundhouse. This attack can be performed in the air.


  • Forward, Down, Down-Forward + Punch (X, A, or V-ISM)
    • Dan performs his version of the Shoryuken. He leaps into the air with a half-extended fist for a rising uppercut strike. The punch used will determine how high he jumps. Sometimes, this move will randomly flash before he strikes. When this happens, the attack becomes invincible to strikes. Unfortunately, there's no tactical advantage to the flash due to its random nature.

Super Combos

Shinkuu Gadoken

  • Double Quarter Circle Forward + Punch (A-ISM Only)
    • Dan winds up then throws an upgraded form of the Gadoken. It does not travel across the whole screen but it does travel farther than his standard Gadoken. The punch used determines the level, the distance covered, and the number of hits (Level 1=3 hits, Level 2=4 hits, Level 3=5 hits).

Koryu Rekka

  • Double Quarter Circle Forward + Kick (A-ISM Only)
    • Dan crouches down then attacks with an upgraded Koryuken. When used in Level 1, it stays in place and only has a vertical component. At Levels 2 and 3, the attack will slide forward slightly and cover some horizontal distance as well. The kick used to initiate the attack determines the level, forward distance covered, and hits (Level 1=4 hits, Level 2=5 hits, Level 3=6 hits).

Hisshou Buraiken

  • Double Quarter Circle Back + Kick (X or A-ISM)
    • Dan covers his face with his arms before going into a frenzy of punches and kicks that ends with a multi-hitting Koryuken. The attack must be performed up close to his opponent to score the full damage. The kick used to start the attack determines how long the attack lasts and how many hits connect (Level 1=5 hits, Level 2=7 hits, Level 3=11 hits).

Chouhatsu Densetsu

  • Double Quarter Circle Forward + Taunt (A-ISM Only)
    • A joke super. Dan rolls forward and taunts every time he stands up. After rolling 6 times, he will jump forward with a shout. Does no damage and requires one Super stock.

Chouhatsu Shinwa

  • Double Quarter Circle Back + Taunt (A-ISM Level 3 Only)
    • Dan throws a cheeky thumbs-up then returns to his normal fighting stance. What can only be described as the "Custom Combo of Taunts", Dan can move around the screen freely. All the buttons change from attacks to taunts. He can do as many as he wants in any position (standing, crouching, or jumping) for a limited time. Pressing the Taunt button again causes him to throw the thumbs-up pose again. Dan won't be able to attack in this state, only use taunts. You will know when the "combo" ends when Dan throws his thumbs-up taunt one more time and his teeth sparkle.

The Basics

Advanced Strategy

V-Ism Combos


  • (VC1)HP Koryuken, MK Dankuu Kyaku, (LK Dankuu Kyaku) x N

Corner/Guard Break

  • (VC1)HP Gadouken x N



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