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Legend & Notation

Attack Notation

Attacks are represented with the following notation:

Lp.png LP/JP
Jab/Light Punch
Mp.png MP/SP
Strong/Medium Punch
Hp.png HP/FP
Fierce/Heavy Punch
P.png P.png PP
Two punch buttons pressed simultaneously.
P.png P.png P.png PPP
Three punch buttons pressed simultaneously.
Lk.png LK/SK
Short/Light Kick
Mk.png MK/FK
Forward/Medium Kick
Hk.png HK/RK
Roundhouse/Heavy Kick
K.png K.png KK
Two kick buttons pressed simultaneously.
K.png K.png K.png KKK
Three kick buttons pressed simultaneously.

The terms are interchangeable, but in most cases, what's stated above will hold true.

Frame Data Notation

The column Header is as follows:

Name | State | Startup | Hit adv | Blk adv | Buff | Blk pos

Listed from left to right:

  • Name: The name or command of the Attack being described.
  • State: Whether the character is close or far to the opponent, or if it is irrelevant.
  • Startup: Amount of frames that it takes for the move to execute into active (hitting) frames.
  • Hit Advantage: Amount of frames which you recover ahead of your opponent after a successful hit.
  • Block (or Guard) Advantage: Amount of frames which you recover ahead of your opponent after having them block your attack.
  • Bufferability: Whether or not the move may be canceled into an ES or EX move.
  • Blocking Position: Whether the move should be blocked High (H), Low (L), either (H/L), or is unblockable (UB).

Controller Motion Terminology

Qcf.png Quarter circle forward
Qcb.png Quarter circle back
Hcf.png Half circle forward
Hcb.png Half circle back
Dp.png Dragon-punch type motion. Forward, down, down/forward
Rdp.png Reverse dragon-punch type motion. Back, down, down/back
360.png Full circle starting forward and going clockwise.


Prefixes in this guide are notated as follows:

  • s. = standing ____
  • j. = jumping ____
  • c. = crouching ____
  • d. = dashing ____
  • f. = flying ____
  • sh. = shorthop ____

D,F,B,U+_ = Press that direction simultaneously with the attack (Is a direction, as oppose to a character state(crouching, jumping, etc…))

(i.e, s.F+HP for B.B. Hood tells you to stand, and press forward and Heavy (or Fierce) Punch at the same time.)

Shorthand Abbreviations/Acronyms

  • GC - Guard Cancel
  • KD - Knock Down
  • TK - Tiger Knee Motion
  • UBK - Unblockable
  • RTSD - Rush(ing) That Shit Down
  • BC - Beast Cannon [See Gallon(Talbain)]


  • Anything meant to be repeated over and over again (even things that aren't infinites) are now in this notation:


Where N is the number of repetitions.

  • AttackA/attackB/attackC = you have the choice between these attacks while doing the combo
  • Representation of a link within a combo is represented by a "+" placed before the prefix of the attack. i.e. comboing two c.mp's with B.B. Hood would look like this:

c.mp, +c.mp

  • Representation of a cancel within a combo is notated by "XX" placed between the moves that are transitioning from one to another. i.e. comboing Dance flash EX with Felicia would look like this:

c.mp XX HCF+PP


c.mp XX (Dance Flash EX)

Commonly Used Jargon

Hit Stun and Block Stun

Two terms will be used a lot in this guide: Hit Stun and Block Stun. If you notice, whenever you land an attack on the opponent, the opponent gets "stuck" in a state. When you hit them, they go into an animation of reeling from getting hit. When they block your attack, they get stuck in a blocking pose for a fixed amount of time.

These are what are referred to as Hit Stun and Block Stun. Hit Stun is the concept that, when hit, you are stuck in the reel animation for a while. Any hits that connect during your Hit Stun are considered a hit that combos on you. And Block Stun is the concept that, when you block an attack, you are stuck in the block pose for a while. Any attack that connects on you during Block Stun is considered a true Block String. These are very important concepts to know about, and they will be talked about a lot throughout this guide.


The word "Frame" is going to be used a lot in this guide. We're going to be talking about Active Frames, Frame Advantage, animation frames, etc. etc. So without understanding what a frame is, you're going to get very lost very quickly. The easiest way to understand frames is to think about everything that happens on the screen as a cartoon. In a cartoon, you have to draw one picture at a time so that, when played in rapid succession, each picture creates an animation. Each of these pictures can be called an animation frame.