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For as long as Vampire Savior has been out, [American] people have been familiar with jedah. Because, well... his character design is just badass. BUT, it wasn't until the release of Capcom Fighting Evolution that people understood how to play Jedah.

Jedah is the new boss of the Vampire series, and ranks mid-to-low tier. (its really fuzzy) He has an adequate (yet shallow) rushdown and wakeup, but suffers from poor options AA. Nonethaless, if you do have momentum, he is a fun character to play, even if you get annoyed by all the Jedah fanboys

Noteworthy normals


-mp - jedah’s mp(fingernails) similar in all forms all versions come out relatively fast, and stay out long enough to get well enough in the way. The strength in all forms of jedah's mp lies in the amount of range which they cover.

-fierce - One of jedah’s more memorable moves that people who play against jedah are familiar with. scrubs will just spam this move. All of them have quite good priority(j.fierce beats out qbee’s normal air shit). The problem with this move lies in where the prime hitboxes are placed(a character and a half away from his body mainly), and the fact that if you wiff(which you shouldn’t be) you’ll likely get punished. Hp should be used when rushing from afar, or in a chaincombo of some sort.

Standing Normals

-s.lp - As of late, I've come to use this as a quick AA. It isn't 100% reliable, but its quickness alows Jedah to throw it out a couple times[when next to the opponent] to ensure that the opponent isnt jumping, then continue with hi-lo mixup.

-s.mp - Jedah fingernails in a down/forward direction. It hits majority of the characters crouching. Is useful in keeping the opponent on the ground in the corner

-s.fp - Minimize using the standing version of fierce alone. It has the same properies, and hit box locations, except it wiffs crouching characters. Unless you're looking to hit the opponent out of the air from afar, use this only in chains, and even at that c.fp is more reliable.

-s.lk - A standard standing short. It isn't slow, and recovers quick. Hits mid, so its primary use will be pressure, since you'll likely be doing a s.lk so you dont screw up a grounddash.

-s.mk - s.mk does a fair job as a poke. Jedah cuts his hands(as I can recall at the moment) and splashes a large amount of blood at the opponent. It has a large hitbox, much of the lower half is likely invincible(jedah's hitboxes are farther back and up). I use it much like s.mp, to keep the opponent grounded(in the corner).

-s.rk - Jedah pulls out his scythe(wing?) and does a big swing. hits high, and has quite some range. Its got quite a bit of startup, which is what makes this move less useful than it could be. Jedah clearly telegraphs that he's about to do a s.rk when he does. Using it requires having significant momentum should you even decide to use it. s.rk seems to work best finishing a low hitting/blocking chain combo(though as said before, use it minimally).

-Standing Normal Frame Data -

Name State Startup Hit adv Blk adv Buff Blk pos
Jab Close 4 +6 +5 y H/L
Strong Standing 10 -1 -2 n H/L
Fierce Standing 9 -13 -14 n H/L
Short Standing 5 +6 +5 y H/L
Forward Standing 7 +1 0 n H/L
Roundhouse Standing 35 KD -7 n L
Crouching Normals

-c.mp - looks like a good AA doesn’t it?... well use c.mk instead

-c.fp - After looking at the frame data, I'm debating on whether or not it is or isn't better to end chains with c.fierce

-c.lk - Jedah pokes his wing out, hitting low. A standard low hitting move, but it is a necessity in Jedah's hi-lo mixup.

-c.mk – Jedah plunges his arm to the ground, creating a large triangular splash of blood in front of him. All the hit boxes lie in this splash of blood, making for a great anti air(from a character away) and poke.

-c.rk - his crouching roundhouse actually recovers faster than his c.fierce. as such, its good practice to end ground chain combos with c.rk.

-Crouching Normal Frame Data -

Name State Startup Hit adv Blk adv Buff Blk pos
Jab crouching 5 +7 +6 y H/L
Strong crouching 12 +1 0 n H/L
Fierce crouching 10 -18 -19 n H/L
Short crouching 6 +6 +5 y L
Forward crouching 12 +1 0 n L
Roundhouse crouching 18 -6 -7 n L
Jumping/Dashing Normals

j/d.lp - Jedah sticks his arm out at a downward angle. Its hit boxes are higher than his j/d.lk, which creates a hole if your opponent is small/medium sized & is blocking. Should the opponent be within contact of the d.lp though, Jedah's dashing jab has enough priority to snuff majority of the standard attacks that opponents use to retaliate.

-j/d.mp - from afar, his dashing mp makes for a great instant overhead, comes out fast and you get the benefit of advancing at the opponent. j.mp allows for a variety of options on hit or block. On hit, a j.lk or j.lp can link, which can follow for more mixup, or a groundcombo.

On block, Jedah has the following options:

  • cancel into wheel
  • cancel into airthrow
  • land->low hit
  • land->grounddashed hp/mk/mp(range dependent)

j/d.hp- **see general notes**

j/d.lk - Jedah pokes his wing at a somewhat forward angle. It has decent range, which is further increased when dashing. Infact, the d.lk does a great job at crossing up, or just switching sides, when you're right on top of your opponent. Due to its natural nature, j/d.lk has quite a bit of priority around the tip of jedah's wing.

d/j.mk – Jedah sticks his wing out at a downward angle(45ºish). Mix up a pulsed d.mk when you’re near the opponent and rushing down…. It has an angle taylored for rtsd, & priority much like his j.lk.

j.rk – another move that people are becoming all too familiar with. j.rk completely removes jedah’s momentum with whatever he’s doing in the air. The hitboxes of this move are around jedah in a weird sort fo way(they are consistent, unlike Lei Lei/Hsien ko's pendulum swing). Crosses up, and more often than not you can squeeze a j.lk or j.mk before you land to throw them off while rushing down. A j.lk will link off of a meaty d.rk

airdash – its here, b/c it hits and aside from a double tap, requires not much special to use. You can chicken guard into it, and throw your momentum and direction left and right. It causes empty chained normals that are done after it to track the opponent, so should be use in your rtsd.

an immediate air dash off of a ground dash puts jedah at a height that allows him to graze over projectiles

Also worth noting, is that his airdash is bufferable. Off of a blocked or hit airdash, you can cancel into his airthrow or wheel. ~knocks down, and thus give him his primary way of using a pursuit.

Name State Startup Buff Blk pos
Jab jumping 6 y H
Strong jumping 9 y H
Fierce jumping 9 n H
Short jumping 5 y H
Forward jumping 7 y H
Roundhouse jumping 11 n H


====== Wheel "Dio = Seega"====== (qcf+p, doable in the air-1 hit) - Jedah throws a spinning blade at a height dependent on the button strength used to execute the move.

Everyone can use the wheel, but it takes proper anticipation to us it correctly. the 3 wheels spin in different positions, depending on the strength of the punch used. The lp wheel will be in the lowest position, when standing, and the highest position when jumping. The hp wheel works opposite to the lp wheel. Of course, their most obvious asset is to zone and pin the opponent down, while you run the fuck away, or rush down. An airblocked wheel will have the opponent land with a momentum that goes away from you.

-ES wheel (approximately 5 hits)- the ES wheel is where majority of your meter should be going. It takes up 2/3rds worth of the height of the screen, and allows for you to dash in for mixup, or throw a super at them(provided you pin them properly). If the wheel is behind them, you can still poke them back into the wheel. Should they rush YOU down, you can tech(pushblock) them into the wheel. --~hittind jedah cancels the wheel ~An airblocked ES wheel will have the opponent fly at you. Which gives you a free claw. ~ES wheel will be nullified by basic projectiles(soulflash, missles, fireballs)-so in that aspect, it only allows for 1 hit worth of a trade. ~hitting jedah early cancels the wheel. if hes hit, and the ES wheel’s developed, it will stay there.

====== Claw "Nero = Fautica" ====== (qcb+p, unblockable) – jedah’s 3rd "throw"… he claws at the air, and leaves claw marks... doesn’t hit low, but I think it may get a crouching victor(I halfto test it later). If the opponent touches the claw marks, they get put in a blood bubble and shit. Works as an AA IF you can anticipate ahead of time. C.mk is definitely safer though.

-ES Claw - The streak marks foran ES claw last significantly longer, allowing for a greater chance for the opponent to [ideally] jump/dash in to it. Recovery Increases. Startup Decreases

====== Air command throw "Ira = Spinta"====== (hcb+k, optional punch extension, air only) - I really like using this without the punch extension on wakeup, or just to change momentum of rushdown, but a player w/ quick reactions will bat you out of the sky. ~the ES version goes extra far(and doesn’t track, as some might wish/hope). Use it if you need to grab…. extra far.

====== Ground command throw "Sange = Pasaare" ====== (hcb+k) - jedah’s 3rd command throw… Noteably, this command throw is slow for a Vampire Savior Command throw, with a 6 frame startup. While the animation for every character is unique, and fun to watch, the slowness of this throw leaves Jedah to rely less on using it in his mixup. ~ has no ES

====== Guardcancel "Spregio " ====== (dp+p, gc only) – Jedah decapitates his head, and blood splurts, and hits the opponent. The hit boxes are in a nice enough place for this to be a reliable gc... and NO... you can't use it normally(if you ever think to come here saying that its not working)

~The ES gc is special case… make sure all the hits hit, b/c if they get hit by the 1st of iono how many hits of ES gc, then they fall and roll under you, ggpo.

-Special Move Frame Data -

Name Strength Startup Hit adv Blk adv Blk pos
Wheel "Dio = Seega"(ground) Jab 46 - - H/L
Strong 46 - - H/L
Fierce 46 - - H/L
ES 46 - - H/L
Wheel "Dio = Seega"(aerial) Jab 44 - - H/L
Strong 44 - - H/L
Fierce 44 - - H/L
ES 44 - - H/L
Claw "Nero = Fautica" Jab 11 kd - UBK
Strong 11 kd - UBK
Fierce 11 kd - UBK
ES 11 kd - UBK
Air command throw "Ira = Spinta" Short 47 kd - UBK
Forward 47 kd - UBK
Roundhouse 47 kd - UBK
ES 47 kd - UBK
Air command throw "Ira = Piano" Jab 62 kd - H/L
Strong 62 kd - H/L
Fierce 62 kd - H/L
ES 62 kd - H/L
Guard cancel "Spregio" Jab 13 kd -30 H/L
Strong 13 kd -30 H/L
Fierce 13 kd -30 H/L
ES 13 kd -42 H/L
Ground command throw "Sange = Pasaare" Forward 6 - - UBK
Roundhouse 6 - - UBK
ES n/a n/a n/a n/a
Pursuit Regular 37 - -
ES 37 - -

Supers & DF

-jedah's supers have low utility (they're both unblockable which is their saving grace imo). they also have the most annoying official names in any game I can think of

====== Hell Super "Finale = Rosso"====== (down, down+PP; unblockable) – A super that grabs from beneath the opponent. Stays out for quite a while. But if you miss, you’re fucked. characters such as victor have a bit of a harder time avoiding it; but in general, you must position your wheels to ground your opponent first, then use this super.

====== Contract Super "Purova = Déi = Cervo"====== (hcf+KK, k after to grab; unblockable) – slow, sends a wave of blood that, upon command will grab the opponent. use it in the same manner as the hell super... sparingly, and with the wheel.

====== Dark Force====== : he flies… I can’t say much, because I haven’t found effective utility in using it. Jedah has two semi-infinities using his flight , but of course if you cannot use flight for purposes other than combo-ing(i.e. rushdown/zoning), then the df itself becomes near impractical to use

-EX Move Frame Data -

Name Req meter Startup Hit adv Blk adv Blk pos
Hell Super "Finale = Rosso" 1 33 - - UBL
Contract Super "Purova = Déi = Cervo" 1 42 - - UBL
Dark Force(28 frames of invincibility) 1 26 - - -


jedah's game is most effectively played as a rushdown(tho, i try to play all characters rushdown)/zoning character.

unless you're going at the opponent from a high airdash, always ground-dash in pulses(enough to just hop into the air & do an attack) going high into the air with a groundash sacrifices your ability to block[which isnt good].

Rushing down: choices and options(oh so fun..)

from afar, these are the best options to get in on the opponent(imo):

  • a hopped hp, or mp
  • fwd, fwd, fwd, air normal/blade(this'll have jedah grounddash, then do a low airdash,)
    • (an additional benefit; once hes dashed, he naturally grazes over fireballs)
  • groundash back, ad forward, empty linked normals(tho, this is one of the more obvious ways of getting in imo.)
  • normal jump, lp/mp blade, airdash in(also unsafe, & very obvious)

once you get in close, mix up w/ hi/lo shit.

for up close, your best options are:

  • pulsed groundash, d.mp/mk/rk/lk

jump straight up, airdash, immediate rk, into empty linked normals for annoying possible crossup.[i'll generally do ad.rk, ad.mk, ad.lk->land]

wakeup options:

  • dash toward enemy & attack for hi/lo
  • dash/airdash then airthrow
  • blade on wakeup
  • meaty super

also, you could opt for a light-air-command throw, if you know you're gunna get on top've em on wakeup(or even just dashing in). opponents tend to spend a bit of time thinking/blocking an attack that never came out.

Misc. Info

If you wiff normals during his ground dash, jedah DOESN’T build meter

unlike morrigan(who's down/up groundash "homes in" on the opponent), if you decide to dash w/ your opponent while they move on the ground, you'll rely moreso on intuition[than laziness]

the primary characters you wanna watch out for as far as wakeups go are anak[who has his anti-pursuit move], and demitri(lilith too maybe)[who's got the high priority(not invincible) uppercut]. I'm pretty sure you can counter both by chicken guarding in, but again, thats countered by ground normals -_-