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Circle Mailorder: can I ask a question about q-bee?

gbursine: whats up?

Circle Mailorder: I'm trying to connect q-bee's crouching forward into hcf+punch but because of negative edge, I end up doing her qcb+k move. what's the best way to avoid this?

gbursine: you can do it off of her crouching strong too but if you wanna do it off the crouching forward just hold the forward that way you avoid negative edge all together

Circle Mailorder: ah... keep it held down. Does crouching strong have more range?

gbursine: about the same

Circle Mailorder: hmm... any advantages? faster execution, or less recovery?

gbursine: just as good. hits a bit lower

Circle Mailorder: I see.. that's my only way of connecting into hcf+punch and even then, I have to land crouching+forward/strong pretty deep. well, deep considering it's range

gbursine: c.mp hits a bit lower & both recover insanely fast. the advantage of the c.mp is that you can chain into c.mk and recovery is about even after that so you can air dash in for more hi-lo mixup

Circle Mailorder: so that's if I'm not deep enough

gbursine: yup c.mk hits a bit higher so it does a decent job of swatting the opponent out of a jump from afar

Circle Mailorder: I see Circle Mailorder: I notice that q-bee can't cancel her dashes... so she kind of slides even when she executes an attack Circle Mailorder: when I'm dashing in from a distance, I use standing strong for that range... but I'm not sure if I can link to anything else

gbursine: ya

Circle Mailorder: it seems like it's just a poke

gbursine: practice canceling into s.lp it recovers really fast you can still get hit but its does a decent enough job for you to do d.lp->airdash whatever

Circle Mailorder: so... dash in with standing strong punch, cancel into standing low punch?

gbursine: no gbursine: on the ground you're going to dash and cancel it w/ a dashing lp either lp, mk or mp. Mp if you know they're gunna do shit, or not block b/c its got crazy reach

Circle Mailorder: yeah

gbursine: mk if they're somewhat close and u know they're about to jump gbursine: and lp just to cancel the dash quickly

Circle Mailorder: ah... so if I cancel correctly, lp stops my momentum

gbursine: yup

Circle Mailorder: yeah, I really need to play q-bee better. right now, I'm playing her like Chun-Li... just doing mp and crouching strong/forward for pokes Circle Mailorder: but yeah, I air dash in for that overhead mix-up Circle Mailorder: but it's random

gbursine: its like a controlled random. her air normals are so good

Circle Mailorder: I use strong and roundhouse, should I be using others?

gbursine: if they're right next to you use lk and lp. if they're below you gbursine: and you want to hit them pre-emptively use mp. hp is always a nice failsafe if you think they'll do something like uppercut

Circle Mailorder: hmm.. I've guessed wrong with hp before, though.. and got punished for it Circle Mailorder: maybe I need to do it lower

gbursine: with the hp? do it really early not late

Circle Mailorder: oh

gbursine: or else you'll end up eating something it turns off the momentum of the airdash which is what you need sometimes say against a demitri who's uppercut happy so you'll airdash, then hp and he'll upper right into bees

Circle Mailorder: ah, right... the bees act as a projectile, pretty much

gbursine: yup but they don't negate anything not that she needs it

Circle Mailorder: ah : (

gbursine: since she can crouch under everything

Circle Mailorder: I see Circle Mailorder: is her qcb+k ever good? or even the EX one? Circle Mailorder: I'm thinking for random mixup

gbursine: the qcb+k move is decent gbursine: like gbursine: you can airdash gbursine: then cancel intoqcb+k move late giving yourself more airtime and avoiding alot of shit like

Circle Mailorder: oh..

gbursine: a well timed cancel can avoid lei lei's ground spikes

Circle Mailorder: ah, same with her delayed jump thing

gbursine: you can float, airdash, then jaguar tooth

Circle Mailorder: yeah, I never thought of using them like that

gbursine: you can also tack on a c.mp->c.mk after it. she has nice frame advantage

Circle Mailorder: thought it would just be a one-hit thing Circle Mailorder: and I remembered it as a knockdown for some reason Circle Mailorder: ah, reminds me... I need to do pursuit attacks -.-

gbursine: if it hits aerially but thats a given more often than not don't use the ES jaugar tooth. she can better use her meter in other places

Circle Mailorder: speaking of meter, are there setups into her bees and honey goop ES?

Circle Mailorder: I always throw them randomly. I only spend meter on the hcf+pp one .. which I also do randomly, or from c.strong/forward

gbursine: they're all impractical though. The bee super is best used in anticipation on wakeup. The honey super is best used on knockdown then you mixup, hoping it lands

Circle Mailorder: ohh...

gbursine: or full screen then dash in with it as cover

Circle Mailorder: it's pressure

gbursine: but using it fullscreen just doesnt work against alot of characters

Circle Mailorder: is her DF any good? gbursine: maybe I havent found a way to utilize it well yet so i'm not at liberty to say yes or no

Circle Mailorder: last question.... what are setups into hcf+pp other than c.strong/forward?

gbursine: c.strong/forard/short, s.mk.. you're basically going into them off the airdash if you honey them go right into the command throw b/c any normal move will knock them down on the first hit.

Circle Mailorder: alright, I will use these tips

Circle Mailorder: a friend got VS for his sega saturn, so he's been ripping me up with Jedah, Morrigan and Sasquach >.<

gbursine: w/ jedah you half to play a bit more cautiously; use her j.hp alot but not crazily

Circle Mailorder: to stop him from tossing those disks?

gbursine: b/c his jumping hp beats out alot of her stuff clean

gbursine: no, if he tosses disks dont be afraid to just airdash the hell out of him. morrigan just rush down b/c she has poor AA options

Circle Mailorder: haha

gbursine: sas iono i just rushdown

Circle Mailorder: gotcha

gbursine: her airdashing lk will beat morrigan's uppercut clean

Circle Mailorder: sort of weird a lk would beat the priority of a shoryu-esque move

gbursine: ya. its all hitboxes

Circle Mailorder: I guess that's why Morrigan's mid-tier on the list I saw

gbursine: and theres no invincibility

Circle Mailorder: ah... that would do it

gbursine: just alot of priority