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EX Hell Dunk dp+pp
EX Hell Dunk dp+pp
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-=Introduction=- This is the zombie of the group. Easily one of the fastest characters in that game and also top tier. Not reasons to pick him but, good to know. He has NASTY normals, good specials/supers and a great iad (leading to a great mix-up game). Feel free to edit if you believe some information is incorrect OR add your own findings. Thanks.

-=Special moves=-

Death Copter qcb+k

Skull Sting d,u+k(no charge required)

Hell's Gate hcf+k

Death Phrase dp+k

Skull Punish hcb+p

-=Supers=- Dark Force Ultimate Undead

EX Evil Scream f,b+PP

EX Death Voltage hcb+kk

EX Hell Dunk dp+pp