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While, I'm no expertly expert playing as sasquatch, I've aquired a good deal enough about him to at least give insight on the basics of his game, and why he's so slutty(while feeling comfortable enough to know that i'm not giving misinformation).

Noteworthy normals

Standing Normals

-s.lp - "the flick" - everyone says its good(I think its overrated), theres better stuff you could be doing... but it does have the priority that people talk about. It is one of a whole array of normal moves which sasquatch has at his disposal. What makes it different from the rest?: it's rapid fire cancelable,

-s.mp - "the hand" - s. strong is infamous for its priority, and is bufferable!!

-s.fierce: an upward hitting punch, think ryu's close fierce, except his arm/hitbox is much MUCH bigger -_-

-s.lk - Sas kinda leans back and does a kick thats meh. nothing noteable

-s.mk - Sas does a handstand, and his feet come out. makes for an ok Anti Air option, but aside from that, use his s.mp.

-s.rk - Sas hops. Great if on wakeup, you know your opponent will jump. It will hit them, and keep them grounded.

-Standing Normal Frame Data -

Name State Startup Hit adv Blk adv Buff Blk pos
Jab Close 5 8 7 y H/L
Far 5 5 4 y H/L
Strong Close 6 5 4 y H/L
Far 6 5 4 y H/L
Fierce Close 8 6 -7 n H/L
Far 8 6 -7 n H/L
Short Close 5 7 6 y H/L
Far 5 5 4 y H/L
Forward Close 7 0 -1 n H/L
Far 7 0 -1 n L
Roundhouse Close 8 11 0 n L
Far 8 11 0 n H/L

Jumping Normals

-j/d.lp/mp: Both normals have a down-forward(approx 45º's down from forward) hitbox. the j/d.lp will empty link easily into the mp, so if you dont hit with the lp(dashing or jumping) you should be able to throw that mp in. on a regular jump, you might be able to do a late j.lp, if you start with a j.mp, though j.mk may be a better option

-j.fierce - Sasquatch (hammer?) swings his arms approximately 270º's(maybe a little less) around his body. the hit boxes go from behind his head, to a little behind his ass. There is a shitload of priority, and instant knockdown. of course, its only one hit... so if you bank on just jumping around doing j.fierce, you'll eventually get chicken guarded at some point, so chaining to j.rk may be wise.

-j/d.lk/mk -Tthe animation for these moves appear to be exactly the same... though there are slight differences. these are great to shorthop with; I didn realize it till recently. the hit boxes are awesome. shorthopping in on a grounded opponent with a sh.mk lessens their safety in jumping. priority is good too. empty jump j.lk->j.mk is most exceptionally useful, or j.lk->j.mp to cover all grounds(if they end up doing nothing)

-j.rk: 2 hit ass attack. decent priority. its the 2 hits that throws people off. whether it be a sh.rk, or a j.rk on wakeup, if done properly, the opponent wont know whether to block low at the correct time. in many situatitions, you'll have them block prematurely, which leads to some sort of groundcombo->knockdown.

-Jumping Normal Frame Data -

Name State Startup Blk pos
Jab jumping 5 H
Strong jumping 6H
Fierce jumping 10 H
Short jumping 5 H
Forward jumping 6 H
Roundhouse jumping 8 H

Crouching Normals

-c.lp - Much like Sasquatch's s.lp, only crouching.

-c.mp - Much like Sasquatch's s.mp, only a poke, with priority at his hands/fingers.

-c.fierce: I call it the pancake flipper... relatively safe(provided they block it of course). the priority is decent(neither shitty nor outstanding)

I've had many experiences with princess chibiabobo(ya, i think its a corny name too...) spamming c.fierce on me in the corner on wakeup. you can either trade with it(which is waht majority of moves do), or block and pushblock it. jumping will get you hit.... theres likely more to this move, but thats all I have on it for now....

-c.lk: sas does a little russian hop. this move is in no ways fast. infact, I should take the opportunity at this point to state, sasquatch has no fast low hitting moves. imo, using c.lk is about as good as using c.forward. this move is bufferable I think... tho yeah... i dont want to say dont use it, b/c its mixupable with the shorthop. but you can't rapid cancel it, like c.lp; so do the smart thing...::brief mental fart::

-c.mk: a low hitting ass attack(he slides it along somewhat reminiscent of a dog with itchy ass) bufferable. well mixed up with a bunch of shorthops.

-c.rk:crazy ranged sweep... i think its at least 1/3rd of the screen. nuff said.

-Crouching Normal Frame Data -

Name State Startup Hit adv Blk adv Buff Blk pos
Jab crouching 5 6 5 y H/L
Strong crouching 6 4 3 y H/L
Fierce crouching 7 3 -6 n H/L
Short crouching 5 5 4 y L
Forward crouching 6 5 4 y L
Roundhouse crouching 10 kd -6 n L


====== the puff "Big Breath"====== (qcf p) - Sas does a quick puff of ice something into the air. its small, and quick... important too. because this is the move he has, thats relatively safe to spam to build meter. it makes a decent(barely tho) AA, there may be additional ES properties, that I'll look into, but none that I know of currently. use it mainly, when the opponents on the other side of the screen being a bitch.

======swing punch "big blow"====== (dp p) - Sas's chargeable swing punch. why it's chargeable I dont know. I rarely use it. I think the japs rarely use it. you can combo the strong version(mp for the pple of lesser knowledge) into it off of a s.strong, likely c.mk too. tho sometimes it doesnt connect for some reason or another.

======Spinny kick "Big Typhoon ====== (dp k) - This doubles as sas's guard cancel. he does some weird kick where he spins his leg in some sort of awkward way.... awkward enough to give a large area of hitboxes -_-. Tho it may be his gc, it is no shoryuken. from afar, its only one hit, and you can chicken guard it from the air.

======Towers "Ice Tower"====== (down, down p) - this move is splooged almost as much and fast as mike tyson did with his money. everyone uses the ES version of this move.... I think even megaman xcopied it in some of his incarnations.

well, the motion is quite simple(and unsusual for a capcom game... since i'm taking note of these things..) sas assumes the "about to take a shit" position, and long towers of ice pop out. much like blanka's RC electricity, there is recovery where you can retaliate, despite sasquatch still being surrounded in icicles(i hope the cvs2 players can at least understand the blanka reference)

as I said earlier, the ES version is splooged alot... which is much'a problem with new players, who take every opportunity to use it as soon as they get meter. used sparingly, you can catch the opponent off guard plenty of times tho.

======360 throw "Big Swing"====== (360 k) - to honestly say, I'm not at liberty to judge this move, mainly because I dont use it much. I'm too one minded w/ rtsd. tho in the same token, I see this move used rarely(more than the big punch/blow... its a 360 throw... thus unblockable, use at your own discresion i guess):

======Swallow "Big Gulp"====== (hcb mp or hp): much like the big swing, I dont feel confident in my judging it. BUT, it has great utility if you can set it up. the swallow has great utility in that he spits out his opponent in an ice form of sorts. BUT, is still in a comboable state. so, provided you know this(which you do now), you can dash in and combo his ass, or do something from afar.

-Special Move Frame Data -

Name Strength Startup Hit adv Blk adv Blk pos
Big Breath Jab 28 60 24 H/L
Strong 28 60 24 H/L
Fierce 30 62 26 H/L
ES 30 103 26 H/L
Big Blow Jab 18 kd -19 H/L
Strong 38 kd -31 H/L
Fierce 69 kd -47 H/L
ES 22 kd -45 H/L
Big Typhoon Short 8 -5 -6 H/L
Forward 11 2 -15 H/L
Roundhouse 10 -5 -22 H/L
ES 9 kd -52 H/L
Ice Tower 7 24 24 -8 H/L
Strong 7 14 -18 H/L
Fierce 10 4 -28 H/L
ES 9 kd -18 H/L
Big Swing Short 2 kd - UBK
Forward 2 kd - UBK
Roundhouse 2 kd - UBK
ES 2 kd - UBK
Big Gulp Forward 2 kd - UBK
Roundhouse 2 kd - UBK
ES 2 kd - UBK
Pursuit Regular 33 - -
ES 33 - -

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