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Victor, aka the Frankenstein. He's the token grappler of Vampire Savior. Vic has neither airdash, [conventional] hop, nor quick overhead. This being the case, Victor relies on zoning, high priority moves, and pressure/throw mixups. A majority of his moves have an alternative electrified version, which chips(white damage), and gives Victor's normals their augmented priority. While Victor's offense relies on merely pressure, throw setups, and zoning, patience, good intuition and decent defensive measures are all that victor needs to balance and excel in a match.

Noteworthy normals

**Note: All of Victor's "medium" and "hard" normals have electricity forms, which are performed simply by holding the button down a bit longer than usual.(maybe a half second longer... not even). His electrified normals can nullify ALL normal projectiles(not EX/ES'd)

Standing Normals

-standing jab - Victor does a jab that hits mid up close, with a hitbox that goes from around his waist, to near his head. Its all purpose, and does not change close nor far & has no electric version. Somewhat standard, with not much to say. It is bufferable, which allows it to be used in [simple]combos.

-standing strong (far)- Victor does a gut punch that shoots from his waist. It hits mid against all characters but qbee(-_-). The charged s.strong(far) has GREAT priority, and hits most crouching chatacters(except qbee-_-, a few others that i can't think of), but suffers from stupid recovery if you miss.

The uncharged s.strong(far) does recover faster, but its priority isn't anything to write for. Use primarily the charged version. ^_^

s.strong(far, elec)XXc.mk is a staple poke for victor, despite the risk of wiffing(i.e. use is smart).

-standing strong (close)- Victor does a swiping chop. Recovery of the charged and uncharged versions follow in the same manner as the far s.strong(with the electrified version having more startup). BUT, since you're already quite close to the enemy to be doing a s.strong(c), you should Always do an electrified version. (which is normally during wakeup, to prevent them from jumping). With it hitting or guarded, canceling into c.mk is a worthwhile habit to pick up.

-standing fierce - I love electrictrified far s.fierce. It hits high for the most part(mid for the larger character), and comes out decently enough to punish moves/movements that are about to happen. The range allows for victor to use it from a considerable distance as well. It falls weak to fast jumpers though, where the coarse of action [of course] is to use it more sparingly(though, don't spam it against normal characters normally anyway....common sense pple). cancel to c.rk if you hit(for that extra bit of meter)

close standing strong is a hammer fist, with the hitboxes going from above victor's head, to in front of him. I believe it hits most crouching opponents as well(which far fierce doesn't always do), ensuring you don't wiff. It makes for a decent wakeup too, but too often(due to the startup), if victor is this close to the opponent, you're better off using shorts or jabs.

-standing short- somewhat generic of a s.short. It hits mid, and is low enough to hit all crouching characters(its max distance is longer than s.lp), and is bufferable, which's always a plus.

-standing forward - standing forward's hitboxes are near the same as s.mp, if only a bit slower on startup & recovery. Also, since mk is later in the hunter chain(lp, lk, mp, mk, hp, rk), you only have c.rk as an option to cancel into, provided you hit. as far as standing pokes go, stick with electrified s.mp, and s.mk

close standing forward is a non-bufferable ass cheek attack. I don't use it often, and cannot comment much about it. Victor is left at a +1 frame advantage hit, and -13 blocked(meh) electrified or not, his c.mk or far s.mk are the more worthwhile choices to use of this normal.

-standing roundhouse- s.rk aims for above the average character's head. electrified, it makes for a high priority AA... if it hits. the startup is quite slow, and wiffing a s.rk(like all of his standing electrified normals) means you're asking to get punished. having good intuition/abilitiy to read the opponent is the only way this move can be practical.

close standing roundhouse is a knockdown capable ass cheek attack(also non-bufferable). again, I have similar opinion of it as close s.mk(it can't be comboed into though, since the knockback from chains normally puts him too far away for this to come out)

-Standing Normal Frame Data -

Name State Startup Hit adv Blk adv Buff Blk pos
Jab Close 5 +8 +7 y H/L
Far 5 +8 +7 y H/L
Strong Close 6 0 -1 n H/L
Far 6 0 -1 n H/L
Fierce Close 11 kd -19 n H/L
Far 11 kd -19 n H/L
Short Close 5 +6 +5 y H/L
Far 5 +6 +5 y H/L
Forward Close 6 -2 -3 y H/L
Far 6 -2 -3 y H/L
Roundhouse Close 7 +4 +3 n H/L
Far 8 -7 -8 n H/L
Crouching Normals

c.lp - Victor does a bufferable elbow, that hits standing and crouching. it seemingly rapid fires faster wiffing than c.short(or perhaps its my own personal illusion). I've used it to knock demitri out of hit bat super(I don't remember if it was early or near early during the EX at this point), and Gallon(Talbain) out of beast cannon. Depending on positioning, its often practical to combo into spinny punch, knee, or headbutt. . c.lp->c.lk, c.lp/c.lk makes for decent pressure as well

c.mp - c.mp is similar to his far s.mp [while crouching of coarse!], and serves much the same purpose when electrified: to zone & hit any silly move that opponent throws out. I believe it has an 8 frame startup, but its lacking is its recovery should you miss. Canceling into c.mk is the recommended default habit, though I must admit, I like just throwing out well placed electrified c.mp's.

c.fierce - I really only use this move electrified. The startup(17) and recovery(+46h, -5g) aren't great, but the placement of the hitboxes of the move are fixed to go from in front of victor, to a little behind his head, which deters sloppy crossups, and predicable jumpins.

c.lk - Victor's only low hitting bufferable move has quite some distance. roughly a character away from the tip of his toe. You can combo off of his electrified c.mk into c.lk, and cancel into headbutt. Or, you can combo back into c.lp or s.lp into another bufferable move of some sort. Very useful, w/ its options as a combo starter(bufferable or chain)

c.mk - c.mk has excellent range and recovery. there is adequate frame advantage off of a connected electrified c.mk to link into a c.lk(provided the right range of coarse). it makes for a great low poke and a safe chain ender.

c.rk - longest range of all low hitters. knocks down, and comes out fairly fast. I'm pretty sure the un-electrified version is safer on block, but don't hold me to it atm.

-CrouchingNormal Frame Data -

Name State Startup Hit adv Blk adv Buff Blk pos
Jab crouching 5 +9 +8 y H/L
Strong crouching 7 kd -1 n H/L
Fierce crouching 7 kd -11 n L
Short crouching 5 +7 +6 y L
Forward crouching 7 +1 0 n L
Roundhouse crouching 8 kd -1 n L
Jumping Normals
  • j.lp - a fast jumping normal, where Victor chops his hand in front of him. the range is barely mediocre, but the priority(due to the speed) and recovery makes this move your ideal starter for empty chains

  • j.mp - Victor does an aerial straight punch downwards 15º. this move has alot of priority, and stays out long... to long to be a practical starter for an air chain, but definitly a practical ender. good for air-air confrontations, as well as air-groud jumpins from a mid ranged distance.
  • j.hp - victor's "body dive" move that all capcom grapplers have. The initial startup of the move has the front of Victor's front hitboxes lean back for a bit before his hands pound down for the active hitting frames. the startup is only ok, but the priority is above par generally against grounded opponents(its higher against aerial opponents lower than him). This move also makes for a good empty chain ender, and crosses up fairly well(the legs do not hit).

  • j.lk - he kicks similarly to his far s.lk. I'm unsure of its priority, and cannot comment much on this move(I prefer j.lp). It is a viable choice for empty chaining.

  • j.mk - This is [imo] Victor's dedicated air-air normal. he does an aerial ax kick that ends in front of him. Like all his medium and heavy moves, it has too much recovery to start an empty chain, but it makes for a great normal to go air-air or hit late as an air-ground.

  • j.rk - Victor does a LONG reaching kick 45º downward. It has the same startup issues(slighty longer though) as his j.hp, but does the damage/hitstun necessary to land and mixup.

-Jumping Normal Frame Data -

Name State Startup Blk pos
Jab jumping 5 H
Strong jumping 6H
Fierce jumping 11 H
Short jumping 5 H
Forward jumping 6 H
Roundhouse jumping 7 H
Down+Roundhouse jumping 10 H
Dashing Normals

-Dashing Normal Frame Data -

Name State Startup Hit Adv Blk Adv Blk pos
Jab dashing 4 +4 +3 H/L
Strong dashing 5 +6 +5 H/L
Fierce dashing 8 -10 -11 H/L
Short dashing 4 +4 +3 L
Forward dashing 6 +1 0 L
Roundhouse dashing 7 kd/td> -1 L

Name Direction Type Startup Acrive Recovery
Dash Forward Ground 6 14 9
Dash Backwards Hop - - 14

*Optimized chain combo- I'm pretty sure this is necessary...what do I mean by this? all the different chains that every character has... theres of course one route through all those chains that each character has that does the most damage.(to be removed) I'm pretty sure this is aubaths(I'm gunna check tonight...heh) cuz I see the japs doing it during the bubble trap.

(jumpin), c.lk, s.mp, s.mk, c.rk

*Bufferable normals:

    • s.lp, c.lp
    • s.lk, c.lk
    • s.mk


-Special Move Frame Data -

Name Strength Startup Hit adv Blk adv Blk pos
Sonic Wave Jab 15 +63 +2 H/L
Strong 16 +59 -2 H/L
Fierce 18 +52 -6 H/L
ES 15 +63 +2 H/L
Poison Gas Short 28 +61 0 H/L
Forward 30 +57 -4 H/L
Roundhouse 34 +52 -9 H/L
ES 28 +61 0 H/L
Tricky Fish Short 25 kd -9 H/L
Forward 25 kd -9 H/L
Roundhouse 26 kd -10 H/L
ES 25 kd -14 H/L
Cataract Cry Strong 2 kd - UBK
Fierce 2 kd - UBK
ES 2 kd - UBK
Gem's Anger Forward 7 kd - UBK
Roundhouse 7 kd - UBK
ES 7 kd - UBK
Pursuit Regular 38 - -
ES 35 - -

*note: Aubath's pursuit has 8 frames of recovery.

Supers & Dark Force

Dark Force "Ocean Rage"

-EX Move Frame Data -(to be changed)

Name Req meter Startup Hit adv Blk adv Blk pos
Water Jail 1 40 - - UBL
Aqua Spread 1 42 kd -3 H/L
Sea Rage 1 28 +7 -11 H/L
Direct Scissor 3 25 kd -23 H
Dark Force 1 32 - - -

Combos & Patterns


Victor Querks