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DeeJay's portrait in Super Turbo


Color Options

New DeeJay Colors

New DeeJay's color options in Super Turbo
To choose the "Hold" color, press and hold any button except Start for 2 seconds. To choose any other color, simply tap the desired button.

--Raisin (April 8, 2007)

Old DeeJay Colors

Old DeeJay's color options in Super Turbo
Old DeeJay's input code is DDUU. Pressing Short simultaneously with Jab or Fierce will give you the alternate color.

--Raisin (April 8, 2007)

Move Analysis

Normal Moves

Command Normals

  • Knee Shot (ニーショット): in air, d + LK

Normal Throws

Special Moves

  • Max Out / Air Slasher (エアスラッシャー): charge b, f + P

Punch strength determines speed

  • Double Rolling Sobat (ダブルローリングソバット): charge b, f + K

Short version hits once, Forward and Roundhouse versions hit twice

  • Machine Gun Upper (マシンガナッパー): charge d, u + P (mash all three punches)

This move is one of the strangest in the game. Proper technique is required to get the full four hits of the move to combo. Piano tap all three punches until you see the third hit connect, and then STOP.

  • Maximum Jackknife (ジャクナイフマキシマム): charge d, u + K

Forward and Roundhouse versions are juggleable. Short version hits once, Forward version hits twice, Roundhouse version hits three times. Can juggle with super after for two more hits.

Super Move

  • Sobat Carnival (ソバットカーニバル): charge b, f, b, f + K

Remixed Changes

This section refers to HD Remix (360 / PS3)

Modified moves:

               Machine Gun Punch: Much easier to get all the hits (mash the
                                  buttons). Can destroy fireballs (except Ryu's
                                  super). Does less dizzy and less damage than
               Dread Kicks: MK/HK 2nd hit sped up so that it almost always hits
                            if the first hit connects. Also they have a few
                            frames of foot-invulnerability at startup (can hit
                            sweeps) and have reduced damage. They both can go
                            over low attacks like LK Dread can (not Sagat's low

--added by: _MJ_#R

The Basics

Advanced Strategy


Non-Dizzy Combos

  • Cross-up j.forward, c.jabx2, s.strong, RH sobat (second hit is random;can dizzy)
  • Cross-up j.forward, c.jabx2, RH sobat, super
  • Forward upkick, RH upkick
  • J.RH, c.fierce, sobat
  • Super, upkick

Dizzy Combos (TOD)

  • Cross-up j.forward, cr.Fierce, machine gun upper (2-hits)
  • Cross-up j.forward, cr.jab, machine gun upper (4 hits)

X-static (Jan 12, 2008)

Attack Info and Frame Data



This match is similar to the Honda match below. It's an easy match unless Blanka is able to cross you up with his godly j.short. Use your max-outs to keep him away; he won't be able to slide under easily like he would against Guile; he can still do it, but it isn't easy. His main option is to jump at you with his far reaching j.RH, which can be beat with DJ's slide. If you block a ball, s.RH will punish it.


This is a tough match, but it is winnable. Use max-outs to trade with yoga fires. Stay at a distance and beat his limbs with C.strong and c.fierce. You can also try to jump over his fires and kick him with DJ's long reaching j.RH. If he tries to use his drills, s.strong can beat them. If he gets knocked down, you can go for a cross-up or safe jump jab. Dhalsim's only reversal, other than super, is his teleport, so his wakeup defense isn't that great.

This match is actually pretty good for DJ. He has an easier time dealing with the yoga master than most characters.

E. Honda

E. Honda is an easy match for DJ; his best in the game. Just shoot out those FBs. The fatness of both Honda's ass and DJ's max-outs works in favor of DJ. For anti-air, his slide works wonders. Use it against his buttdrops too. Jump RH also works when Honda is on his way up way up.

Diagonal jump jab BEATS HIS HEADBUTT! Remember this. You can jump away to safety if he gets in too close. C.fierce also beats the headbutt.

Remember, although you have a major advantage, if he knocks you down in the corner, you are screwed.


This is a good match for DJ; it's slightly in DJ's favor. DJ can counter a lot of Guile's main attacks: slides go under sonic booms, c.strong can beat his c.forward. Keep pressuring him up close using c.strongs, c.shorts and c.RH.


See Ryu


The shotos can give DJ some problems. You will need to be the aggressor in this match. You will need to use your Max-outs, using slides in between to gain ground. When in place, a j.RH over a FB will kick him right in the face. Make sure to time this. Once you’re in, trip him and then go for a cross-up TOD (see combos). Also, c.strong will beat shoto c.forwards. If you get in a fireball trap, note that his short upkick can go through FIERCE fireballs.

O. Sagat

Short sobats and short upkicks are good for going over low tigers. After you get in, do what you would do against the shotos.


Two words: BE CAREFUL. This is a much harder match than it seems; it is very unstable. If he gets in, you are dead. If he stays out, he's dead. Simple enough, eh?

Keep him out with max-outs. Trip his lariats with your slide. If he jumps, use the many AA tools at your disposal. Not much too it, but don't get complacent! You normals do not have the reach of Guile, so the slides much be used wisely. Fire a FB into the lariat before it ends instead of using the slide when you see fit. c.strong can beat some of his low normals and c.fierce can beat his s.forward.

If he is able to get in on you, pray. DJ does not have a reliable reversal other than his super; he may have a sonic boom, but he sure as hell doesn't have a flashkick. He will tick you to death. A short sobat can beat his low normals. Use this to get you out of or avoid this bad situation.

X-static (Jan 6, 2008)

Serious Advantage Match-ups


Advantage Match-ups


Fair Match-ups


Disadvantage Match-ups


Serious Disadvantage Match-ups