Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition/Dhalsim

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Color Options

Default Start
Dhalsim-mp.gif Dhalsim-old1.gif

Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Yoga Fire: d, df, f + Punch

Yoga Flame: b, db, d, df, f + Punch

Yoga Noogie: close, b or f + Medium Punch

Yoga Throw: close, b or f + Hard Punch

Yoga Spear: in air, d + Hard Kick

Yoga Mummy: in air, d + Hard Punch

Slide Kick: d + K

Double Headbutt: close, Hard Punch

The Basics

Anti Air: close Medium Punch

High Pokes: standing Medium and High Kick

Low Pokes: crouching Medium and High Punch


  • cr.MK,cr.MK
  • cr.Mk xx Yoga Fire

Advanced Strategy