Dhalsim (CvS2)

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Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Yoga Fire QCF+P Strength of punch determines speed of fireball. Fierce yoga fire is probably the fastest projectile in the game. 14 frame startup on all versions with 42/43/44 frame recovery. Great for zoning and chip/guard damage.

Yoga Flame HCB+P Strength of punch determines duration that flame stays active (20/41/56 frames). Good when used at max range for pressuring, especially when RC'd. Very punishable up close due to heavy recovery. Will neutralize normal projectiles.

Yoga Blast HCB+K Strength of kick determines duration that flame stays active (12/20/28 frames). Average anti-air with lk version being most useful (19 frame startup). Difficult to time due to slow startup and should not be used against characters with very fast jumps (vega, benimaru, etc.). Will not neutralize parallel to ground projectiles and does not hit most grounded targets.

Yoga Teleport DP+3P/3k or RDP+3P/3K (F,D,DF or B,D,DB) The famous yoga teleport that can be done in the air. DP motion moves Dhalsim towards while RDP moves Dhalsim away. 3 punches move Dhalsim a short distance while 3 kicks move Dhalsim a longer distance. Fairly slow and punishable when misused but excellent for escaping or zoning.

Super Moves

The Basics

Advanced Strategy