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== Vs. ST Zangief ==
== Vs. ST Zangief ==
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Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Super Move

The Basics

Advanced Strategy


Vs. ST Balrog (boxer)

Vs. HF Blanka

Vs. ST Cammy

Vs. ST Chun-li

Vs. ST Dee Jay

Vs. ST Dhalsim

Vs. HF E. Honda

Vs. ST E. Honda

Vs. ST Fei Long

Vs. CE Guile

Vs. HF Ken

Vs. ST Ken

Vs. CE M. Bison (dictator)

Vs. HF Ryu

Vs. ST Ryu

Vs. CE Sagat

Vs. ST O. Sagat

Vs. ST T. Hawk

Vs. CE Vega (claw)

Vs. ST Vega (claw)

Vs. HF Zangief

Vs. ST Zangief