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[[Category:Street Fighter Alpha Series]]
[[Category:Street Fighter Alpha Series]]
[[Category:Street Fighter Alpha 2]]
[[Category:Street Fighter Alpha 2]]

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Moves List

Normal Moves

Kuchu Chohatsu

  • (In Air)Press Select

Yoga Shock

  • Back + LP, Hold LP

Yoga Palm

  • Forward + LP


Yoga Smash

  • Back or Forward + MP

Yoga Throw

  • (In Air)Back or Forward + HP

Special Moves

Drill Kick

  • (In Air)Down + Kick

Drill Zutsuki

  • (In Air)Down + HP

Yoga Fire

  • Quarter Circle Forward + Punch

Yoga Flame

  • Half Circle Back + Punch

Yoga Blast

  • Half Circle Back + Kick

Yoga Teleport

  • Back, Down, Down-Back, or Forward, Down, Down-Forward + All the Punch Buttons or All three Kick Buttons
    • May be performed in the air

Yoga Escape

  • (When knocked down)Back, Down, Down-Back + Kick

Super Moves

Yoga Inferno

  • Double Quarter Circle Forward + Punch

Yoga Strike

  • Double Quarter Circle Forward + Kick

The Basics

Advanced Strategy

Custom Combos


Vs. Adon:

Vs. Akuma:

Vs. Birdie:

Vs. Charlie:

Vs. Chun-Li:

Vs. Dan:

Vs. Dhalsim (self):

Vs. Gen:

Vs. Guy:

Vs. Ken:

Vs. M. Bison (dictator):

Vs. Rolento:

Vs. Rose:

Vs. Ryu:

Vs. Sagat:

Vs. Sakura:

Vs. Sodom:

Vs. Zangief:

Street Fighter Alpha 2
Adon - Akuma - Birdie - Charlie - Chun-Li - Dan - Dhalsim - Evil Ryu - Gen - Guy - Ken - M.Bison - Rolento - Rose - Ryu - Sagat - Sakura - Sodom - Zangief