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Body Tosses

Suite Shoukou - Near opponent, press back or forward + C or D

Unique Moves

Benpatsuken - Press forward + A

Kazeka Matome Ito - Press down-forward + D

>Ikazuchika Matome Ito - During Kazeka Matome Ito, Press E

Special Moves

Habarushimu Kyaku - dp + B or D

Hike Kyaku - qcf + B or D

Genma Hishoukei Kou - During jump, qcb + B or D

Suite Ma-ashiho - Near opponent, hcb, forward + A or C

Sutemi Juuryuu - qcf + A or C (can be repeated up to 3 times)

>On-fukuo Ryuume-Wa - During Sutemi Juuryu (A), Press forward + B (SC)

>Shiryou Kunhotsu Seikin - During On-fukuo Ryuume-Wa, qcb + A or C (SC)

Super Moves

Hiden Genmu Kyaku - qcfx2 + B or D

Hiden Genmu Juon Shikon - qcb, hcf + B or D

Hiden Genmu On-Ryou Kabe - hcbx2 + A or C (DC)

Leader Move

Okugi: Tajuu Genmu Ankei - Press A, C, B, D

Differences from King of Fighters 2003

Overall movement speed, priority and damage output has dwindled.

Cannot cancel crouching B.

Lost the Hika Tenshi (Flying Cross Cord).

Lost the Sankaku Tobi (triangle jump).

Has gained the new unique move, Benpatsuken.

The Kazeka Matome Ito is now cancelable into specials and supers.

Habarushimu Kyaku only hits from the front. In addition, it will not knock the opponent down nor put them in a juggle state. Now the opponent only suffers from a normal hit stun. Habarushimu Kyaku can also be super cancelled now.

Hike Kyaku does not travel as far, comes out slower and has lesser invincibility frames. Do to these changes it is harder to set-up cross-up's on the opponent.

Genma Hishoukei Kou must be done from the air now. Before Duo-Lon would teleport and fall from the air kicking his opponent. The Genma Hishoukei Kou does not knock down anymore either.

Suite Ma-ashiho can no longer be comboed into. Plus, it comes out slower and recovers slower.

The last command of Sutemi Juuryuu cannot be super cancelled. It also does not knock the opponent down nor does it put them into a juggle state anymore. Instead it merely resets the opponent.

The frame advantage on Shiryou Kunhotsu Seikin has been decreased, making it harder to link a combo from it. Duo-Lon also suffers from a large recoil as well. Due to the recoil and the frame disadvantage, Duo Lon no longer has access to his infinite.

Has gained the new Hiden Genmu Kyaku super move

The Tajuu Genmu Ankei, his LDM, now has two images, instead of one, copying his attacks. The attacks no longer randomly miss. The startup delay is also dismissed when this move is super/dream canceled.


Jumping deep C, crouching B, link crouching A, Sutemi Juuryux3

Crouching A, link standing close C, Kazeka Matome Ito, Sutemi Juuryux3

LDM Combo


crouching A/close C, qcf+A, f+B, qcb+C Super Cancel

This is your main setup


Crouch C,foward A,(Close C, qcf+B) x8

Basic LDM Combo

Crouch C,foward A, qcf+B, (crouching A, qcf+A, f+B ,qcf+B ) x N

Crouch C had a big vertical hitbox and better horizontal range than Close C, foward + A vacuum opponent and short teleport had a short recovery enough to connect a normal to special move.


(Crouch C,foward A, qcf+B, crouching A/close C, qcf+A, f+B ,qcf+B, crouching C ) x 2~3



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