Elena (3S)

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Elena's Character Select Portrait
Elena's Neutral Stance

Moves List


Leg Lift Throw LP LK * Kara-Throw with F Mk

Command Normals

Handstand Kick (Overhead) F MP
Handstand Whip (Overhead) F MK
Round Arch B HK
Sliding (Sweep) DF HK

Target Combos

  • In air, LP -> MK
  • In air, MP -> HP
  • HP -> HK
  • MK -> D HP

Special Moves

Spin Scythe Qcb K (can Qcb K a second time for extra attacks) (EX)
Rhino Horn Hcf K (EX)
Scratch Wheel Dp K (EX)
Mallet Smash Hcb P (EX)
Lynx Tail Rdp K (EX)

Super Arts

I Spinning Beat Qcfx2 K 3 stocks
II Brave Dance Qcfx2 K 2 stocks
III Healing Qcfx2 P 1 stock


Normals You Should Be Using

I think Elena has a lot of really useless normals. That seems to be more common in this game than in other games; I'm not really sure why. But, in any case, here are the normals I use...some, more often than others:

1. S.Lk - Cos sometimes, it's just nice to have a standing normal that cancels into stuff. In any case, I don't use this very much.

2. C.Lk - This move is kinda funny. It can go under fireballs at point blank (not all that useful), and it can combo into EX Spin Scythe or SA2. In fact, it's her only low cancelable normal. It's really a shame that this one is really hard to hit confirm, but in any case, it's probably good to know about it.

3. S.Mp - One of my other less-frequently-used normals, this one is nice when your opponent jumps in from too close to use Back Roundhouse effectively, and I don't have enough time to dash under my opponent.

4. C.Mp - This one is nice. It's got almost as long of range as C. Mk (on characters with straighter stances, there really is no difference, and on characters with less-straighter stances like Chun-Li, the difference is negligable), it's actually pretty nice anti-air, and it's her only viable hit-confirmable move. The only problems are that it's a mid, and its start-up time is a little slow in comparison to similar moves (Ken C.Mk, Chun C.Mk). Still, this one's very important.

5. F Mp Overhead - It's an overhead. It's a little slower, or maybe as fast as her UOH, but the range on it is quite long, and it doesn't move her forward at all. I use this one less than her F Mk Overhead, but this one has its uses, mainly in countering slow crouching attacks.

6. S.Mk - I used to not like this move too much; however, the range, speed, and priority of the attack made it quite an excellent move for stuffing attacks. It also can be used in a target combo (S.Mk C.Hp), which is quite a valuable tool for SA3 users.

7. F Mk Overhead - Oh man...I love this move. It's got about the same range as the F Mp Overhead (surprisingly; I thought this move had much better range), and it comes out waaay faster. The only trouble with this move is that it recovers a bit slower, and it moves Elena forward, which can put her in trouble sometimes...If this move gets parried, you're in a lot of trouble. Just learn when it's safe to follow up and when it isn't, and you'll be fine.

8. S.Hk - One of Elena's important normals for her defense. This one sends Elena forward, and can go over some low attacks. This beats quite a lot of stuff on ground AND air, but is VERY slow to recover, and the range isn't quite as long as it looks. Use this if you're sure your opponent is gonna attack, so you can counter it. Otherwise, use it in close proximity. If you whiff this, it's GONNA hurt. Another thing...While this can be used as anti-air, you don't wanna use it as anti-air on closer jump-ins. Stick to S.Mp for that kinda stuff!

9. B Hk - The other important defense normal. B Hk moves Elena slightly backwards, giving her throw invulnerability. Is also goes over a lot of low attacks. As if that wasn't enough, it has crazy priority (better than normal S. Hk!), and does crazy large amounts of stun. Just like S.Hk, you don't wanna use this on close jump-ins, so watch out. Be sure to use her Hks along with S.Mp and C.Mp for a surprisingly solid defensive game.

10. C.Hk - A quick sweep that's pretty effective at far ranges, and even goes under fireballs on occassion. Going under fireballs isn't very practical, but it can be useful to remember. This move comes out pretty fast, and is surpsingly safe on block, considering you didn't do it too close to the opponent.

11. OC.Hk - A sliding kick that knocks down and has decent range. While the range is better than her C. Hk sweep, it's not really a lot safer, and you can't abuse it quite as much as some people's slide kicks (Dhalsim or Guy, anyone?). The range isn't quite as long as it looks (her foot doesn't actually hit the opponent), and it can whiff pretty easily. If it does whiff, btw, you're screwed - this move has horrible recovery time. Be sure to use this only when you've got a clear shot.

12. J.Lp - This move crosses up, but that's not the point...the main point is that you can use this in a target combo (J.Lp J.Mk). If you're going for a jump in that clearly isn't going to cross up, this is the way to go, since you can stagger the timing for mind-games.

13. J.Mp - Nice move. This makes a great air-to-air move because of its speed and priority, but also because you can use it in a target combo (J.Mp J.Hp). Overall, this makes it the best option for if you plan on meeting your opponent in the air.

14. J.Mk - This move is a nice cross-up. I used to not really like crossups too much, but sometimes, they can be effective. I still don't reccomend going for it incredibly often, but if you're going to, this is the move you should be throwing out.

15. J.Hp - If you're certain that your jump-in won't be parried, this is the way to go. It is the best jump-in to use for going into a combo, hands down - it's much easier to link into a combo after landing it than any of her other jump-ins, and jump-in combos beginning with J.Hp do the most damage. Use this one!

Special Move Breakdown

Elena has great special moves...but none of them are particularly safe unless you use the EX versions...that's just my opinion, though. The normal versions can be nice when used in combos, but that's about the extent to which I use them. In any case...

1. Spin Scythe - Sigh...this move would be really nice in any game without parrying...but I guess there's no point in wondering what that would be like. Pretty much any person you play against will not fall for any of the built in tricks of Spin Scythe (additional hits, Hk Spin Scythe ticks), and none of the normal versions will combo in from any move you do. Thusly, you have to resort to EX. EX Spin Scythe, though, is very nice; it's the staple of all her B