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(Remixed Changes)
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= '''Remixed Changes''' =
This section refers to HD Remix (360 / PS3)
Modified moves:
                Rekka Punches: Motion is a little more forgiving, so it's not as
                              hard to get all 3 in the series. Travels a little
                Flying Kick: Changed to D, DF, F + Kick. LK version can go thru
                            fireballs. Flying kicks have lower priority on
                            first hit, allowing them to be countered air-to-air
                            a little more easily. They also have 5 additional
                            frames of recovery to prevent them from comboing
                            after. Reduced meter gain.
                Flame Kick: MK and HK always knock down and can juggle. Because
                            of this, flying kicks (juggle) -> flame kick
                            (juggle) is a new standard combo. The total juggle
                            limit shared by flying kicks + flame kicks is 4
                            hits. After 4 juggle hits, it's still possible to
                            juggle with a super. LK is no longer safe on block
                            from point-blank range. Reduced meter gain.
                Super: After the last hit of the super, it is not possible to
                      juggle further. (You couldn't anyway in the old game due
                      to startup time on flying kicks, but new juggle
                      properties on flame kicks would have allowed this). Super
                      travels farther. Fei Long's head is vulnerable during 4th
                      and 5th hits of the super (and can't go through fireballs
                      during that, but still can during first 3 hits).
--added by: [[User:MJ| _MJ_#R]]
= The Basics =
= The Basics =

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FeiLong's portrait in Super Turbo



I would rank Fei Long towards the lower middle tier for the simple fact that Fei has more bad matchups than good ones. There are many people who feel that Fei "dominates" certain matchups but I don’t agree. Fei is a brawler/rushdown fighter and can end a match rather quickly if give the right opportunity. If you are looking to learn Fei be prepared to actually WORK alot harder for your wins than you would playing Sim or OG Sagat. This guide is for New Fei only. Despite what many people say I think SSF2 Fei is a waste of time trying to learn because he loses so much in favor of gaining the ability to 2 in 1 most of his normals. Not worth it IMO.

Jesse Howard was the first person to actually take Fei to a national finals tournament at the Mid-West Championships back in the early-mid 90’s VS Mike Watson. Back then I had only heard of his Fei and not seen it in action until years later. When I watched the footage I noticed that he and I had totally different play styles. With that being said, there is no right or wrong way to play Fei but I do think that Fei is a much better offensively than defensively(my opinion of course). The only time Fei Long should turtle is when you have a HUGE lead and time is running out.

To win with Fei Long you have to create openings. You have to make your opponent guess which way you are going. A blitzkrieg barrage of attacks that is relentless and flawless in execution. Be prepared to face battle tank style defenses. Fei can’t hurt what he can’t touch so you have to make it all happen.

Now taking risks doesn’t mean kamikaze style attack plans. Get a feel for your opponents and see how consistent they are at doing reversals. See how bulletproof their patterns are. It is essential that you catch on to any bad habits and patterns as soon as possible because this can make the difference between winning and losing. If you opponent is uppercut crazy, bait them. If they play safe and turtle, tick throw them. If they go for the throw, make sure you got your reversals down pat! You have to play on the fly, reacting to every single thing your opponent does. It’s easy for players to stick with something that works ie fireball traps, patterns, etc but this doesn’t work very well for Fei Long. These tactics only go so far and once your opponent can predict what you are going to do next you may as well consider yourself beat.

IMO 90% of the fight should take place in the corner. Trap your opponents and give them very few options. Naturally this is a turtles paradise but this is where you want your opponents to be because a stationary target is easier to hit than a target that is moving around all over the place. By putting this kind of "boxed in" pressure it helps to break your opponents down, causing them to make risky decisions. You'll be in their personal space and they will do anything to keep you away.


Color Options

New FeiLong Colors

New FeiLong's color options in Super Turbo
To choose the "Hold" color, press and hold any button except Start for 2 seconds. To choose any other color, simply tap the desired button.

--Raisin (April 8, 2007)

Old FeiLong Colors

Old FeiLong's color options in Super Turbo
Old FeiLong's input code is LLRR. Pressing Short simultaneously with Jab or Fierce will give you the alternate color.

--Raisin (April 8, 2007)

Fighting Philosophy

“"When the opponent expands, I contract, When he contracts, I expand, And when there is an opportunity, I do not hit--it hits all by itself." - Bruce Lee

Take a good look at that quote above. That pretty much sums up my Fei Long strategy in a nutshell. Don't be afraid to innovate your own ways of winning with Fei Long.


Strengths and Weaknesses

-Strengths -Speed, Speed and more Speed. Fei Long's strength lies in his ability to deal quick damage with his rekka punches and deadly combos.

-Jumping Jab has very good priority. Almost as good as T.Hawk's Jumping Jab.

-Has one of the best supers in the game.

-Has good throw range.

-Standing fierce has crazy hit box/dizzy properties.

-Has good dizzy combos.

-Has a pretty quick and useful overhead attack that advances you forward.

-Has an airthrow that can be useful.

-his rekka kick(aka Chicken Wing)has some odd startup invincibility properties and stuff a ton of movies in mid air. You can also combo off of it for insane damage or choose to set up another scenario.

-Weaknesses -He's a mini-me version of E.Honda only he can't "float" over fireballs and doesn’t have a flying headbutt to get your out of those tight spots. Fei has all the weakness of a "fat" character meaning he has a huge hit box and can easily be crossed up. This makes Fei very vulnerable to fireball traps, keep away patterns and zone tricks. Combine this with the fact that there is no trip guard in ST you will quickly realize just how much work you have cut out for you.

-His flame kick isn't invincible.

-He's a brawler... meaning you have to make physical contact with your opponents to win. No projectiles means more risk. Playing Fei = taking calculated risks to win.


Moves List

-Anti Air Moves

Fei has maybe 4 anti-air moves that I consider to be useful and a few others that are so-so.

-Flame Kick(reverse DP with Kick)

-Jumping jab(Almost as good as T.Hawk’s Jumping Jab)

-Close standing fierce(Use it as early as possible. The earlier you use it the less chance you will trade hits).

-Rekka Kick(chicken wing)

-Walk in-last second low fierce(Making opponents land on it). This is best used on characters who have normal jump in speeds. This doesn't work well against fighters like Vega, Sagat Blanka who have quick or low jumps.

-Far standing roundhouse kick.

-Standing short kick.

His best anti-air is his Flame Kick. It's best if it's used like Sagat's tiger uppercut(late as possible)for max damage and getting a clean counter instead of a trade. This move also can be a blessing and a burden as it doesn't advance you forward like a shoto's dragon punch.



Flame Kick - This is most reliable and most damaging reversal he has available. Not quite 100% invincible but can be just as reliable as Sagat's tiger uppercut. Stick to using the short kick version at all time and only use the other 2 versions for show off purposes only.

Rekka Kick(Chicken Wing) - I have used this move on wake up several times and have successfully been able to counter attack many moves. Since it has such odd hit box and priorities it can save your life. I mainly use it against characters who don't have a digging uppercut type move(DP, Tiger Uppercut, etc)because they have a bit tougher time countering it once they see it coming. It can register as a reversal but I wouldn't rely on it. Only use it to get you out of a pinch or if you're feeling daring.

Super - Like other supers in the game Fei can use his super combo as a reversal, even if being attacked with a meaty move.


Normal Moves

Special Moves

Super Move

Fei has one of the best supers in the game. It has 98%(my own guess)invincibility. It can juggle. It charges up quickly. I have never seen a good Fei player get off no less than 3 supers a round.

Bait Super Many players think that bait super tactics are one of the cheapest thing a Fei player can do. "It's cheap! It's scrubby! It's SO predictable!" but damn it's priceless when it connects

Chances are that if you do connect with a super it's going to be because you baited your opponent into missing a move. We can talk about comboing the super off of normals later though :)

Baiting opponents into sticking out a move, jumping straight up or even baiting them into throwing a projectile are what you want. Use the super and you will breeze through and smack them down for sick damage. Just don't get too predictable because a good opponent will read you and simply time a forward jump as you pass below them and land safely behind you as you are still stuck in super animation. This is risky for them too because the whole point is to bait them into jumping at you and countering them with a flame kick, or have them miss a move that will leave them open for a rekka punch combo or a super. If they jump straight up or jump back you can do super and you can juggle them in the corner for great damage or worse case scenario they will block and you will get some pretty good block damage.



Almost ALL of your combos will start with close standing fierce because it's the most damaging and the only practical one to use since New Fei can only combo off of his punches.

-Dizzy Combos (combos that will often dizzy the opponent)

Meaty Double Low Fierce - These are very hard to counter because it can only be countered by a perfect reversal. Risky but worth it if you think your opponent is not 100% consistent with their reversals.

Multiple Standing Fierce(Handshake) - Not really a combo but if your opponents are really into using pokes to keep you away be sure to show them how friendly you are by sticking out your standing fierce "handshake" punch. It counters many moves cleanly and does very very good dizzy damage. I have seen opponents get hit with just 2 of these and get dizzy. This punch has good recovery time too so use it in close quarters.

Standard Combos (combos to do when the opponent is dizzy)

5 Hit Rekka - Basic jump in combo that is easy and damaging. Use roundhouse or forward kick instead of fierce. Fierce has a funny habit of whiffing through your opponent if you try to hit too deeply. Use the kicks instead as they provide a little more reach and have a better chance of connecting. Follow up the jump in attack with a connecting close fierce and 2 in 1 into rekka punches for a deadly 5 hit combo. If you are lucky you can score a dizzy too! Try this combo with Fei's cross up forward kick.

3 Hit Burn - Jump in with attack of choice, followup with jab, strong or fierce 2 in 1 into short flame kick. Quick damage and a knockdown. Again, also try this with Fei's cross up forward kick.

3 Hit Cross Up Links - Cross up forward kick, close standing strong, low fierce.

Special Combos VS Guile, Dhalsim, Zangief and Fei - Cross up forward, close standing strong(or standing forward), standing jab 2 in 1 into short flame kick. It dizzies almost every time and does nearly 50% damage. It only works on these characters because of their hit animations. This is a link combo, not a chain.

Super Juggle - If you connect with a rekka kick(chicken wing)you can juggle your opponents for additional damage if timed correctly. You can also do the opposite by hitting them with a super and then juggling with the rekka kick. The opportunities are quite random but you can usually tell if it will connect by the way your opponent is falling. Some say this is kinda fancy but every bit of energy you can drain helps.


The Basics

Rekka-Ken Science

If you aren’t within striking distance of the Fierce Rekka Ken punches then you aren’t close enough. This is Fei Long’s “sweet spot” so to speak. It allows you to hit and not be hit because of the insane range that the rekka ken punches have. Being in within this range not only gives you the ability to have a menacing presence in front of your opponent but it also allows you the freedom of using faints to lure your opponent into missing a move.

- Rekka-Wreckage(Important Things To Remember About Rekka Kens)

ALWAYS use the Rekka Kens from MAX DISTANCE. This means using the fierce punch version(has the most range). The closer you are to an opponent, the weaker the punch version should be used...but always try your best to stay right within the fierce rekka ken. It's safer.

Learn the timing of the rekka punches and how they effect each opponent(blocked or hit).

Learn how to manipulate the different button combinations for using the rekka punches(Fierce-Fierce-Jab, Fierce-Strong-Stop, Fierce-Fierce-Pause-Jab, Strong-Jab-Jab, etc etc).

The beauty of this move is that it is instant. It’s like throwing a fireball that instantly hits and can be multiplied X3! It has awesome range and does great tick damage. The best part is having the advantage of option selection once you see whether or not the first hit connects or is blocked. It charges up your meter very quickly. It literally intercepts a plethora of moves before you opponents can even finish them.

The tricky part is that sometimes getting in close can take a very long time. Patience and a good reaction/execution skills are key here. Sometimes this means trading hits or taking a few hits just to get close(Just don't get sloppy). Just make sure you are using the right pokes for the job. Once you are inside it is vital to stay just outside of their normal attack range to take advantage of any whiffed moves. For every whiffed fierce punch or roundhouse kick you should nail them for 20+% of their energy with a rekka ken punch combo. Don't let these valuable opportunities slip away.

I will go into specific advantages and disadvantages of using Rekka-Kens in each match-up scenario. With so many variables in each match you will be switching your attacks like crazy to best suit the situation so be ready.

Avoiding Fireballs

Fei long has the same weakness that E.Honda has had in the past versions of SF2.....Fireball traps. Getting in close and dealing with fireball traps can be a nightmare and since there is no trip guard it becomes very frustrating. You have 3 options.

1. Jump in from max distance - this means your opponent is on the farthest end of the screen and you are on the opposite farthest side. You can jump in and have a good chance of gaining ground because the opponent is usually too far away to trip you when you land. The downside to this is that you can land on slow fireballs. Sometimes it gets even tougher against fighters like OG Sagat....imagine jumping over a tiger shot only to literally land on another one even after perfectly timing a jump in! Grrrr!! Sometimes this almost seems impossible to do against some characters that have longer limbs and long reaching attacks(DeeJay, Sim).

2. Rekka Kick(Chicken Wing) - It's a very risky move and one that I don't condone too much but when you are feeling both desperate and lucky you can use this move to go over projectiles. If you time it early enough you can gain alot of ground and still be safe. Very very risky but it can work. Once your feet touch the ground you have pretty good recovery time and you can choose to go into a flame kick or into super.

3. Inch your way forward and jump straight up over projectiles- Quite possibly the most annoying and slowest way of gaining ground on your opponents. Fei is a pretty fast walker but nothing sucks more than to gain ground only to get pushed back by projectiles. Get into the habit of knowing your projectile speeds and jump straight up over them.


Advanced Strategy

Wake Up Mind Games

Meaty fierce(standing) is one of the tactics I use quite often and it’s VERY risky because it can be reversed.

It’s a gamble that has a huge pay-off if your opponent guesses wrong or screws up.

Don’t use this against E.Honda though or any fighter that has a safe command reversal(I think T.Hawk has this advantage also).

The move itself(close standing fierce) has a very long animation and a very large amount of hit frames.

I quote a scene from The Princess Bride because it relates so well to all wake up mind games(if you hated the movie just skip it)

Westley: Alright, where is the poison? The Battle of Wits has begun. Its ends when you decide and we both drink and find out who is right, and who is dead

Vincini: But it's so simple. All I have to do is divine from what I know of you: Are you the sort of man who would put the poison into his own goblet or his enemies? Now, a clever man would put the poison into his own goblet because he would know that only a great fool would reach for what he was given. I am not a great fool so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of you. But you must have known I was not a great fool--you would have counted on it--so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of me!

Westley: You've made your decision then?

Vincini: Oh not remotely!

The whole goal is to have more options than your opponent at that moment in time. They usually have 1 of 3 choices on the wake up:

1. Sit there and block 2. Go for the reversal 3. Block, Wait and React

You on the other hand can:

1. Go for the meaty fierce and gamble they miss their reversal and they eat a huge damaging combo of your choice.

2. Go for the meat fierce knowing they will more than likely block and not risk getting comboed and rush if for the throw as your fierce punch retracts.

3. Wait just outside of their range and see what they do. If they miss an uppercut you walk up and combo standing fierce into rekka kens. If they sit in defensive crouch go for the overhead or go for the throw. Or you can walk up and super, stuffing any move they stick out in the process.

4. If they don't have a "scooping" reversal that hits on the first frame you can do a semi meaty low forward kick and choose to wait and go for the throw. Or delay a flame kick. Or go for the overhead.

Depending on the kind of player you are facing your wake up games are all going to vary from doing risky meaty attacks to tick-baiting and faint moves. Your focus is not to solely rely on using the meaty fierce but to use it as one of your weapon options. The more options your opponents know you have the more confusion and frustration they will have.

Now of course you aren’t going to try as many risks if you have a low amount of life but if you have 50% or more then it may very well be worth it. Personally I will risk eating a DP just to see if they will or will not take the bait. If they do, then I know that they go for reversals. If they don’t then I know they don’t take chances and prefer to turtle.

However they react to what I do is valuable knowledge for the rest of the match.

Some will argue that meaty standing fierce is easily reversible(and it may be, I dunno) but if I didn’t have such good success with it then I wouldn’t use it. Use it on a match by match basis.



Fei Long is one of those underdog characters like Blanka, T.Hawk and Cammy. On paper they pretty much suck because of their arsenals or because of certain characteristics. But make no mistake, any fighter in this game can be deadly in the hands of the right player. Don't give into that counter character BS. It's amazing how so many "great players" crumbled at the SBO qualifying tourney a few years back because of the One Character Only rule. Anyways, that's a whole other subject....just stick with your character and learn every single match as best you can.

Fei Long does ok against pretty much everyone. I can't say that he "dominates" anyone at all.

He does really well VS Zangief and Chun Li

VS Everyone else Fei has a very hard time or barely breaks even and I will explain why in the in depth strategy section.

Fei has an extremely hard time against: Ryu, Ken, O.Sagat, Guile, E.Honda, ALL the boss characters, Dhalsim, Dee Jay. If there is a character not mentioned here then Fei has a pretty good chance of winning. Odds are usually against you. Above all, if you are facing a really good turtle you are going to have a hard time.

The biggest deciding factors that turn the odds in your favor are experience, execution and clutch. How quickly you take advantage of an opponents mistakes are going to be EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.


Vs. Balrog (boxer):

Vs. Blanka:

Vs. Cammy:

Vs. Chun-Li:

Vs. Dee Jay:

Vs. Dhalsim:

Vs. E. Honda:

Vs. Fei Long (self):

Vs. Guile:

This is one of my favorite fights. A smart guile can almost ALWAYS keep fei away with booms and trading hits... and again this is where staying just outside his low forward kicks range (aka max Rekka punch range). If you are quick enough you can punish Guile for missed low forward kicks. Take it from me, you will eat a lot of low kicks and a lot of booms so be on your guard. Low fierce works great because it can counter Guile's low attacks cleanly most of the time. Your best bet is to not let Guile breathe and once you are inside use tick throws... bait him into missing his reversal flash kicks and punish him with big damage rekka combos... just dont let him breath because once he pushes you back out its back to square one again and you have to get back in to do damage.


Vs. Ken:

Vs. M. Bison (dictator):

Vs. Ryu:

Many seasoned players will say that this match is in Fei Long's favor but don't be fooled. Fighting Shotokans(especially good ones)can be very frustrating for Fei Long.

Ryu's Objective

Ryu's main goal(if they are smart) will be to keep you away using zone tactics, slowly chipping away life with fireballs and countering your jump in attempts with low sweeps. The only time Ryu is going to get very aggressive on you is when you are knocked down or if he has you cornered in a fireball trap. That's when he usually goes for the crossup. Watch out for these attacks along with followup mindgames like overhead strong or low kicks. The best policy is NOT to give Ryu the chance to cross you up. Once you are down and he goes for the crossup you are at his mercy. You pretty much have to guess correctly to get out of that spot.

Fei Long's Objective

As Fei Long, your goal is to stay just within your fierce rekka ken range. At this range you give Ryu a very limited number of options. The options he has at this range are rather dangerous ones too because if he makes a wrong move or you anticipate his attacks you can end the match very quickly.

Watch Out For The Following

1. FIREBALLS - Yep, you guessed it. Good ol' Hadokens in your face, stuffing you like a Thanksgiving Turkey! If you aren't accustomed to blocking on reaction as you walk forward then get used to it. Ryu will do anything and everything to keep your pressure off of him so keep moving forward until you are withing striking distance. Beware of RED fireballs because they can knock you down and at this range it sets you up perfectly for a crossup barrage so be careful! Remember, a smart Ryu will do all he can to keep you away and beat you like E.Honda(fireball, low roundhouse, rinse, repeat).

2. HURRICANE KICKS - I never knew just how deadly these babies were until recently. The problem is that they are so fast and bash you like a damn baseball bat....and they knock you down to boot! The best counter for this(if you see it coming)is a short flame kick. Sometimes Ryu players will use the roundhouse version of this move. You can duck and let them fly over you and then use the fierce rekka punch for a free counter. It knocks Ryu right out of the hurricane kick for a free knockdown.

3. REVERSAL REVERSALS - Nothing is more frustrating than perfectly timing a flame kick reversal only to be stuffed with a shoryuken reversal that reverses your reversal. It's a really tough thing to deal with because you have to guess what Ryu is going to do. Is he going to throw me? Is he going to sweep me? Is he going to do a shoryuken? Is he going to wait for my reversal attempt and then counter? Is he going to do an overhead? Since Fei Long's flame kick isn't 100% invincible you have to sorta be careful on when you use it.

Normal Pokes

Ryu isn't a very "fat" character and most of his limbs aren't punishable(ie Dhalsim, E.Honda, Blanka). Good pokes to use vs Ryu are low fierce, low strong(this move has good range), low roundhouse and standing fierce. Use these when you are playing footsie games with Ryu.

Low Fierce - Probably one of Fei's best normal pokes. It has really good priority, relatively safe to use at close or max distance and it has very good dizzy damage. Sometimes 2 of these is enough for a dizzy. Most people will agree that doing a meaty fierce on wake up is a very good strategy to use(and I agree). If your opponent is a reversal junkie I would risk it if you had the energy to spare. NOTE: For some strang and screwed up reason Balrog(Boxer)can block Fei Long's low fierce standing up! Easily the worst thing that can happen to Fei because this is probably one of his hardest fights.

Low Strong - This move is pretty useful even if it doesn't do all that much damage. It has a stabbing like property and it works great as a close poke. Use it against Blanka if you block his roll. You can walk up and tag him with low strong most of the time.

Low Roundhouse - Probably the weakest of his pokes because of it's limited range. Counters Guile's low forward most of the time and it's a good setup move if it connects for a knockdown. low fierce

Using Rekka-Ken Punches On Ryu

Rekka punches are Fei's best weapon against Ryu. When fighting a Ryu player who is unfamiliar with this match you may even think that Fei Log was custom made as a Shoto counter character but I assure you he is not, lol!

As mentioned before try to stay within fierce rekka striking distance. Ryu's normal moves are short range so his options are limited to fireballs, hurricane kicks, jumping back and psychic dragon punches.


Vs. Sagat:

Vs. T. Hawk:

Vs. Vega (claw):

Vs. Zangief:

Vs. O. Balrog (boxer):

Vs. O. Blanka:

Vs. O. Cammy:

Vs. O. Chun-Li:

Vs. O. Dee Jay:

Vs. O. Dhalsim:

Vs. O. E. Honda:

Vs. O. Fei Long:

Vs. O. Guile:

Vs. O. Ken:

Vs. O. M. Bison (dictator):

Vs. O. Ryu:

Vs. O. Sagat:

Vs. O. T. Hawk:

Vs. O. Vega (claw):

Vs. O. Zangief: