Garou: Mark of the Wolves/Freeman

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Gameplay Overview

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Move List

Special Moves

Nightmare: QCF+P
Crow: QCB+K
Phobia: F, D, DF+P
V.O.D. QCB+P (x3)
Morbid Angel: HCF+K

Super Moves

Full Blast: QCFx2+P (C)

  • This super can be delayed by holding P.
  • The S. Power version does 25% damage, and the P. Power does 38%.
  • This first slash of the P. Power does less damage than the S. Power (19% damage).
  • If the S. Power counter hits, you can follow with another one.

Creeping Death: QCFx2+K (CA)

  • This super will only damage the opponent if Freeman is attacked WHILE WALKING.
  • At the corner it's possible to combo a Crouching C after the S. Power version of this super.
  • This super can reverse Jumping & Standing attacks.


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Frame Data

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Attack Notes

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18- Jumping D-->Down+AB-->QCB+C (x3)
19- Jumping C-->Standing C-->QCF+A
20- Jumping C-->Standing C-->QCFx2+P
21- HCF+K, Break-->Standing C-Feint->Crouching C-->QCFx2+P

Corner only:-
22- Jumping C-->Standing C-->QCB+P (x3)
23- Jumping C-->Standing C-Feint->Crouching C-->QCFx2+P

T.O.P. Notes

Freeman's TOP move is a barrier that surrounds his body. Recovery on the move is ok, but be cautious. While this T.O.P. attack does great guard crush damage, it is impossible to

Overall Strategy

Scratch, scratch, SCRATCH!!

Matchup Notes

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Advanced Tactics

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