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A powerful fighter who has lost all memories, including those of his family. The huge scars on his back prompt him to become an assassin, and he travels the world defeating warriors. One day he finds himself in Southtown, where he enters the tournament. He does well, but near the finals he comes up against someone with the same fighting skills as himself. Winning, his opponent disappears. Gato realizes that it was an image of his father.

Gameplay Overview

To come.

Move List

Command Moves

Muran-geri (Hop Kick): F+B
Crossover: Press CD in the air
Sai-gaku (Hammer Smash): F+A

Special Moves

Shin-ga (Quaking Fang): QCF+P, can follow with F, F+P
Fuu-ga (Gale Fang): QCB+K
Kou-Ga during Fuu-Ga, A
Sen-Ga during Fuu-Ga, B
Kyuu-Ga during Fuu-Ga, C
Katsu-Ga during Fuu-Ga, D
Rai-ga (Lightning Fang): F, D, DF+K
Houzan Sai Heki-ga (Cannon Thrust): Set D. U+C (CA)

Super Moves

Rei-Ga: QCFx2+P

  • This super has a reasonably short range.
  • Both version of the Rei-Ga have a 0 frame start up.

Ryuu-Ga (Murderous Fang): QCFx2+K

  • This super has a short range, but can act as a good anti-air.
  • In certain situations, the S. Power of this super will juggle the opponent. The only possible moves you combo into after this super juggles, ( that are known so far at least) are the Rei-Ga or another Ryuu-Ga.
  • At the corner, if you knock-down your opponent (say with a Crouching D for example) if you time the S. Power as they get up, it is possible for them to be juggled. This however is VERY risky.

Tenryuu Retsu-Ga (Violent Fang of the Heavenly Dragon): F, D, DF+AB 3 times

  • This is a P. Power super
  • You must input F, D, DF+AB 3 times to get the maximum damage from this super.
  • If you do the first F, D, DF+AB & don't do the rest of the follow-ups, the power guage is emptied.


To come.

Frame Data


Name SU FA BFA dmg
Close A 3 +6 +6 4
Close B 5 +6 +6 6
Close C 5 +3 +3 10
Close D 3 +5 +5 6+6
Far A 3 +1 +1 5
Far B 6 -3 -3 7
Far C 10 -4 -4 14
Far D 13 -1 -1 14
Crouch A 4 +6 +6 4
Crouch B 4 +4 +4 6
Crouch C 7 -1 -1 10
Crouch D 8 dwn -10 10
Air A 5
Air B 5
Air C 10
Air D 10


Name SU FA BFA dmg
HEM 9 -5 +1 10
LEM 8 -3 +3 6+6
Sai-Gaku 19 +1 +1 10
Muran-Geri 13 +1 +1 11
Mouko Kouba San 21 dwn -19 17


Name SU FA BFA dmg
Shin-Ga A 7 -1 -1 10
--Follow-up dwn -9 10
Shin-Ga C 16 -5 -5 12
--Follow-up dwn -11 11
Rai-Ga B 3 dwn -37(+6) 5+4*4(5)
Rai-Ga D 3 dwn -38 (+6) 5+4*4+7(5)
Fuu-Ga B 6 -11 -11 10
Fuu-Ga D 7 dwn -19 10
--Kou-Ga 11 15
--Sen-Ga 4 dwn 12
--Kyuu-Ga 9 13
--Katsu-Ga 7 dwn -9 5
Houzan Sai Heki-ga 5 dwn 20


Rei-Ga A 0 dwn -8 10+28
Rei-Ga C 0 dwn -8 10+20+25
Ryuu-Ga A 4 dwn -55 7+6*6
Ryuu-Ga C 4 dwn -78 7*9
Tenryuu Retsu-Ga 11 -9 -9 14
--1st Follow-up -14 -14 17
--2nd Follow-up dwn -21 32
  • SU are the amount of frames for the move to start.
  • FA are the amount of frames advantage on hit.
  • BFA are the amount of frames advantage on block.
  • DMG is the amount of unprorated damage a move does.
  • dwn means that the opponent gets downed by the hit.

Attack Notes

To come.


1- Jumping C-->Crouching C-->QCF+C then F, F+C

  • This one of Gato's best (if not the best) BnB combo as it does a good amount of damage & gives you a good amount of power guage energy.

2- Jumping C-->Down+AB-->F, D, DF+AB 3 times

3- Standing C-->QCB+B then A

  • A rather odd looking combo, just press the A button a split second after the QCB+B for the combo to work.

4- Standing/Crouching A 2 times-->QCFx2+P

Corner only:-
5- Jumping C-->Down+AB-->QCB+B then C-->QCFx2+P

  • You must time pressing the C button & then quickly input the super as Gato lands.

5b- Jumping C-->Down+AB-->QCB+B then C-->Standing A-->QCFx2+P

  • A small alteration of the above combo, if you're fast you can link a Standing A before the super.

6- Jumping C-->Standing C-->F, D, DF+B-->QCFx2+P

  • An easy corner super which does a fair amount of damage.

7- Jumping C-->Down+AB-->QCB+D then B-->QCB+B then B (only the follow-up will hit, but do this move 1 or 4 times)-->F, D, DF+B-->QCFx2+P

  • Gato's most powerful combo! If your timing is right you can add up to 4 B follow-ups of the QCB+B! You can get usually 1 follow-up, but even with that this combo does around 75% damage! The only other hard part is comboing the F, D, DF+B & then properly inputting the super as Gato lands.

T.O.P. Notes

To Come.

Overall Strategy

To Come.

Matchup Notes

To come.

Advanced Tactics

To come.

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