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To come.

Gameplay Overview

Grant is a beast. His attacks do large amounts of damage, his stamina is tied with Tizoc as the highest, his kick super is one of the best in the game, and a single mistake from the opponent can all but seal the round for Grant.

With that said, Grant has his drawbacks. Many of his normals are almost useless, leaving him very open to counter attack if used improperly. None of Grant's ground based normals can be canceled (d+AB evasion attack is the only exception), meaning every single ground combo must be a link or a juggle. Grant cannot feint cancel any of his normal moves what so ever. The only reliable anti-air Grant has from the ground is a punch super, meaning Grant relies very heavily on meter. If you have the patience to turtle, and don't mind having a very limited toolset of options at any time, Grant can be a great character to play. Grant can also be a great rushdown character as well, since he has a very quick dash to help him get in on opponents a lot quicker.

Move List

Command Moves

Ma-heki: DF+C

Special Command Moves

Kokuen-ryu: QCB+P
Kyou Choujin: F, D, DF+P, can then follow with Down+K
Messhou Hisetsu: Down+K in the air
Gou Dangai: QCF+K
Gou Retsu-shou: Forward, Back, Forward+P

Super Moves

Majin Haten Dan: QCFx2+P

  • This move is a good anti-air.
  • It seems Grant is invulnrable to some attacks at this super's start-up.

Majin Engetsu Rin: QCFx2+K

  • Only attempt this super against a Standing opponent or after a link.


Class:Heavy Movement: Dash

Frame Data

Information care of Howard Arena

Attack To Hit Block Adv. Hit Adv.
cs.A 3 +6 +6
cs.B 6 +4 +4
cs.C 8 -12 -12
cs.D 9 +5 +5
s.A 6 +4 +4
s.B 6 +4 +4
s.C 9 -6 -6
s.D 14 -4 KD
c.A 4 +5 +5
c.B 5 +2 +2
c.C 10 -20 -20
c.D 7 -14 KD
d+AB 8 -2 -8
A+B 21 +3 -3
d/f+C 12 -9 KD
Attack To Hit Block Adv. Hit Adv.
qcb+A 13 -11 KD
qcb+C 20 -3 KD
dp+A 7 -24(+7) KD
dp+C 5 -12(+7) KD
(air) d+B 17 -2~+5 -2~+5
(air) d+D 17 -4~+5 -4~+5
qcf+B 11 -5 KD
qcf+D 22 -1 KD
f,b,f+A 19 -16 KD
f,b,f+C 25 -16 KD
(T.O.P.) C+D 15 -15 KD
qcfx2+A 12 -11 KD
qcfx2+C 11 -11 KD
qcfx2+K 0 -2 KD


Attack Notes

To come.


NOTE: The percentiles in brackets are the amount of damge that combo does. In the case that a combo ends with the super, the first percentile will tell how much the S. Power will cause for the combo & the 2nd well tell how much the P, Power will cause for the combo.
1) Standing D-->Crouching A-->QCFx2+K [41%-53%]

2) Corner: QCF+D-->F, D, DF+C then Down+K

3) Mid-Screen: Cross-up B/D-->Standing A, Crouching A (link)-->QCFx2+K

4) Mid-screen: Cross-up B/D-->Standing A-->F, D, DF+C, Break-->(QCF+B OR QCFx2+P)

5a) Corner: Jumping D-->Standing A-->F, D, DF+C, Break-->DF+C 3 times-->QCFx2+P 5b) Corner: Jumping D-->Standing A-->F, D, DF+C, Break-->DF+C 3 times-->QCF+B OR F, D, DF+C then Down+K

  • For the above combos, Cross-up D doesn't work on all characters.

6) Jumping D-->Dash in Standing A 2 times, Crouching A (link)-->QCFx2+K

7) Crouching/Standing A, Crouching A (link)-->QCFx2+K [36%-48%]

8) Jumping D-->Standing B-->QCFx2+K [42.5%-55%]

9) F, B, F+P-->DF+C-->QCF+B [32%]

10) F, B, F+P-->DF+C-->QCFx2+P [40%-48%]

11) Down+D in the air-->QCFx2+K [38%-50%]

  • This is a rather difficult combo to do since you need to be at a certain distance to combo off the dive kick. You could be lucky though and counter hit the opponent with a dive kick.

12) Standing B, Crouching A (link)-->QCFx2+K [36.5%-50%]

Corner only:-
13a) F, B, F+P-->DF+C 3 times-->QCFx2+A [52%]

13b) F, B, F+P-->DF+C 4 times-->QCFx2+C [66%]

14) F, B, F+P-->DF+C 4 times-->F, D, DF+C (2 hits), then Down+D [50%]

15) Jumping C/D-->Standing D-->QCFx2+K [45%-57.5%]

16a) Standing A 2 times, Crouching A-->QCFx2+K [38%-50%]

16b) Crouching A 3 times-->QCFx2+K [38%-50%]

17) Standing B-->Crouching A 2 times-->QCFx2+K [40%-52.5%]

18) Jumping C/D-->Standing A-->F, D, DF+C, Break-->DF+C 3 times-->F, D, DF+C, then D+K [46%]

T.O.P. Notes

Grant's TOP attack is pretty strong. For some characters, two blocked TOP attacks will Guard Crush. His TOP attack hits up to 3 times. Overall, his TOP attack is a great poke for once in a while, can even work as a anti-air at times. Just remember to use it wisely and don't become predictable with it.

Grant's reliance on meter and his turtling playstyle benefit greatly from being in TOP. Placing the TOP at the beginning of his lifebar is the best choice.

Overall Strategy

Grant's winning strategy is simple: Stay in TOP. This is more important than meter building, more important than run away, and more important than mixups. Focusing on this single task is priority #1. Since you placed TOP in the beginning of his bar like you should, this means a lot of patience right in the beginning of the game through the end of the match. The benefit of TOP, such as health regeneration, greater damage, and faster meter, turns the match clock into an advantage for you and a disadvantage for the opponent. Remember that even if you are doing nothing, you are continuing to win.

In gameplay, Grant's "sweetspot" is just outside of sweep range. You want to be close enough to punish anything on reaction with a short jump D, but still be outside of general footsie or poke range. Make the opponent come to you.

When in the corner, one of Grant's major weaknesses comes out, namely his lack of solid anti-air. Having a single stock of meter overcomes this weakness. Grant's punch super is rather slow to execute, but comes with an amazing amount of invulnerability. Keep a stock of meter handy as much as possible to discourage and punish those who try to put a blind rush down on you in the corner.

When not in the corner, using a punch super as an anti-air isn't as effective. Instead, use a jump back D to knock them down. If hits or they JD, you can continue to keep the match at an standstill. Mix things up by adding in a divekick inplace of, or after, the j.D.

Matchup Notes

Tizoc (The Griffon Mask)

A solid Tizoc with TOP in the first 1/3 of his lifebar is the hardest matchup for Grant. Both players have to wait for a mistake from the other, and Grant has no way in that doesn't leave him vulnerable to a punch super. Be patient, run the clock out to the final seconds, and short jump j.D (land) kick super to win the round by chipping. These are long, painful, boring matches, but unless the Tizoc makes a mistake, there is practically nothing else in your arsenal to use. A Tizoc with his TOP anywhere but the first 1/3 is the easiest win in the game for Grant. Just keep him away.

B. Jenet

Unless they are so high in the air that they will glide completely over you, learn to listen for the 'WOOHOO!" sound B. Jenet makes when doing her aerial d+K move, and punch super on reflex.

Terry Bogard

Terry is an extremely difficult matchup for Grant. Terry can push you into a corner and guard crush with little difficulty. There is very little you can do in these situations, so you must know exactly what to do when. Terry's guard crush strings have to use either a jump in, or a f,f+C to continue. Grant is in the heavyweight class, so takes longer to guard crush than most characters, so you will see these opportunities more than most characters. Against a jump in, especially a short jump, use a punch super to knock him down and get out of the corner. If the jump was high and you can react fast enough so you connect high in the air, you can use a dp+C to knock him down, and the d+D follow up to leave the corner. Against the f,f+C shoulder, use a d+AB evasion attack to interrupt him. You can cancel the first hit into a kick super, but this is hard to do on reaction. The push back from the hit will help reset the match and give you an opportunity to leave the corner.

Terry's C Burning Knuckle is a common way of closing the distance with Terry. If it is blocked and not JD'ed, do not try to poke! A brake'd Power Dunk will interupt it every time. If you JD'ed the Burning Knuckle, then a c.A is safe to throw out.

Terry has little answer to a repeated dp+C, late d+D. You NEED meter for this match, you need to keep Terry out, and you need control the clock. A runaway strategy can accomplish all of these.

Terry wants to get into point blank range and feint combo you to death. Watch how he gets in, and know Grant's counter to it:

  • Burning Knuckle: JD, then c.A
  • Overhead Kick: Block, then kick super
  • Jump in: jump away j.D, or punch super
  • A+B evasion attack: Let it hit, reversal kick super
  • f,f+C: d+AB xx kick super
  • Power Dunk: block, kick super

Advanced Tactics

To come.

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