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('''Command Normal Moves''')
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== '''Command Normal Moves''' ==
== '''Command Normal Moves''' ==
'''PloiKick''': ''Forward+'''B'''''
'''PoliKick''': ''Forward+'''B'''''
== '''Special Command Moves''' ==
== '''Special Command Moves''' ==
'''Hell Trap''': ''QCF+K''<BR>
'''Hell Trap''': ''QCF+K''<BR>

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To come.

Gameplay Overview

To come.

Move List

Command Normal Moves

PoliKick: Forward+B

Special Command Moves

Hell Trap: QCF+K
Hell Arrest: HCF+P next to opponent
Hell Rotor: QCB+P (C)
Creeper: QCB+B, attack with A or B, or cancel move with C
Abide Mine: QCB+D
Hell Snipe: F, D, DF+P

Super Moves

Lucky Strike: QCFx2+P

  • S. Power juggles the opponent.
  • P. Power does more damage if performed a distance away from the opponent.

Gattling Freezer: QCFx2+K

  • This super will 'freeze' the opponent allowing you for a free combo.
  • P. Power is most likely the P. Power with THE FASTEST start-up.
  • S. Power does 17.5% damage, while P. Power does around 30% damage.


To come.

Frame Data

Normal Moves

Input Damage Startup Block Hit Cancel Guard Description
far A 5 3 +2 +2 Yes Mid Jab
far B 7 9 -6 -6 No Mid Mid Kick
far C 11 11 -11 -11 No Mid straight punch, kara-cancalable
far D 14 11 -9 -9 No Mid Spinning kick, kara-cancalable
close A 4 4 +2 +2 Yes Mid Jab
close B 6 4 +2 +2 Yes Mid Mid Kick
close C 10 6 -9 -9 Yes Mid Hook, kara-cancalable
close D 14 11 -9 -9 No Mid Spinning kick, kara-cancalable, can be comboed from thru cancel but is really odd
A+B 10 22 +6 0 No High Jumping Near Verticle Kick
C+D 7,7,7=21 7 -2 KDN No Mid-All Hits Rolls on the ground
c.A 4 4 +2 +2 No Mid Low Jab
c.B 6 5 +2 +2 Yes Low Low Kick
c.C 9 6 -7 -7 Yes Mid Crouching Mid Kick
c.D 10 7 -12 KDN No Low Sweep
c.A+B 10 8 0 -6 Yes Mid Lays on butt and pokes leg out upwards
j.A 6 ? ? ? ? High Jumping angled Jab
j.B 6 ? ? ? ? High Quick jumping near horizantal kick
j.C 10 ? ? ? ? High Jumping chop to the dome
j.D 10 ? ? ? ? High Spining jump kick, wont hit most croaching characters

Attack Notes

To come.



  • Jumping C-->Standing C-->QCB+A
  • Jumping C-->Standing C-->QCF+K, Break-->F, D, DF+A
  • Jumping C-->Standing C-->QCFx2+A-->QCB+A [Charge] or F, D, DF+A
  • Jumping C-->Standing C-->QCFx2+C
  • Jumping C-->Standing C-->QCFx2+D-->Jumping C-->Down+AB-->QCF+K, Break-->F, D, DF+A
  • Jumping C-->Standing C-->QCF+K, Break-->QCFx2+D-->QCB+A [Charge]
  • QCB+A [Charge to MAX]-->QCFx2+D-->F, D, DF+A
  • s.C>qcf+K(break),qcb+A(charge level 1, it does work with both kicks)
  • s.C>qcb+A(hold)>C+D(causes standing C)>qcb+A(hold)>C+D(causes standing C)>qcf+K(break),qcb+A(charge level 1) (Call this Rotor cancel)
  • s.C>rotor cancel s.C>qcfx2+B,twitch charge three times, let the third Hell rotor go into the automatic roll then s.C>rotor cancel s.C>qcfx2+B, twitch charge three times, let third roll then s.C>rotor cancel s.C>qcf+D(break), qcb+A(level one charge) if you end in the corner qcfx2+A, end with Hell snipe or charged Hell rotor
  • s.A>rotor cancel standing or crouching C is also worthy of note

Corner only:-

  • Jumping C-->Standing C-->QCFx2+B-->Jumping C-->Down+AB-->QCFx2+B-->Jumping C-->Standing C-->QCF+K, Break-->F, D, DF+A
  • Jumping C-->Standing C-Feint->Down+AB-->QCFx2+C
  • QCB+A [Charge to MAX]-->QCFx2+D-->QCB+A [Charge to MAX]
  • Jumping C-->Standing C-->QCF+B, Break-->QCB+A [Charge quickly]-->QCFx2+A-->QCB+A [Charge quickly]-->QCFx2+A-->QCB+A [Charge quickly to MAX]
  • s.C>rotor cancel s.C> rotor cancel s.C> rotor cancel c.C> qcf+D(break), qcb+A, qcf,qcf+D, finish with charged hell rotor or hell snipe

T.O.P. Notes

Whenever in top mode, Hell rotor canceled by C+D will produce a top attack instead of a standing C.

Overall Strategy

To come.

Matchup Notes

To come.

Advanced Tactics

  • Hell rotor can not only be canceled, it can be canceled into a short hop normal right off the ground, which allows Kevin to jump in and keep attacking after a string in the corner, making pushback not such a big factor in his corner pressures. Also, he can cancel his dash at any point. I think standing A into broken Hell trap can be repeated infinitely in the corner for a guard crush string, but its probably escapeable. Well, mine anyway.
  • Kevin can "twitch charge". Hell rotor canceled with C+D will cause him to use a standing C outside of top mode. The standing C can be Kara cancelled into another Hell rotor. This means Kevin can charge his own meter at a rapid pace. Also, he can cancel into any normal done at the same time as the D. However, you have to hold A and D doesnt do anything on its own (unless canceled very early, in which an automatic roll will be produced). This limits the normals he can cancel to to only B and C, which can be standing, crouching, or jumping.
  • A particularly worthless trick Kevin can do is to dash up to the opponent, Hell rotor, cancel with c+d and away from the opponent, and the opponent will be thrown with the Hell rotors flame effect in the background. Yes, completely worthless.

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