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Kim Jae Hoon is the younger brother of Kim Dong Hwan, both of them together are the sons of Taekwondo Master, Kim Kaphwan. Unlike his older brother, Kim Jae Hoon is much more serious with Taekwondo and believes firmly in his fathers ideals of justice. Jae Hoon uses many of the same techniques his father before him used, such has the Hangetsu Zan and Hou'ou Kyaku, with a bit of an original spin of his own, adding his element of fire to his attacks to amplify the power behind his blows.

Jae Hoon enters the Maximum Mayhem tournament with his older brother Dong Hwan after their father, whom was visiting the newly re-built Second South, was attacked by an very strong oppenent and was injured. Jae Hoon swears to avenge his fathers defeat, and so, dragging Dong Hwan with him, the two compete in the Maximum Mayhem tournament with hope that one of them will be able to face the monster that defeated their father.

Gameplay Overview

Kim Jae Hoon plays a bit similiar to his father Kim Kaphwan in Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 in that he is mostly a close/mid range fighter and puts up an exceptional offense, and plays a fairly decent counter attack game. Jae Hoon can greatly punish his opponents when they leave themselves undefended, or throw themselves akwardly into an attack towards Jae Hoon, not to mention he has some exceptional mix up with his attacks.

Many of Jae Hoon's moves come out fast and many can be canceled with ease, making for some simple bread and butter combos (Ex- Jumping D, Crouching C, QCF+D), which is probably one of his high points. However it's important to note the sometimes akward recovery time between some of Jae Hoon's techniques, has this can make him or break him.

He has no real 100% "safe" moves, thus it's vital you take movement with caution and plan your attacks ahead, since Jae is left with a dash instead of a run, and lacks a super jump like Dong Hwan. Getting close enough to your opponent is very important, don't wait and let them come to you, or they will most likely waste you. Charge them carefully, even if you have to Just Defend a few projectiles to get close enough. When your within range, you can unleash all the mayhem you want, with caution of course.

With enough practice, patience, and dedication, Jae Hoon can be a fairly strong and effective character againest almost any opponent.

Move List

Command Attacks

Shou-kyaku Hou (Phoenix Cannon): Press B during Back-step

Special Moves

Shakka-shuu (Blazing Kick): QCF+P
Ryusei Raku (Comet Crusher): QCF+K
Hangetsu-zan (Half Moon Slash): QCB+K
Hien-zan (Phoenix Slash): Charge Down then Up+K [BREAK]
Hishou-kyaku (Diving Phoenix Kick): Down+K in the air, can then follow with QCB+K while in the air OR DF+K

Super Moves

Houyoku Tenshou-kyaku (Transcending Phoenix Kick): QCFx2+P (Hold HP during P. Power ver. to finish with a flaming kick
Hou'ou-kyaku (Phoenix Flattener): QCFx2+K


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Frame Data

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Attack Notes

Shakka-shuu - This move has an auto-guard property against high attacks when you hold it. This is a great move to take advantage of against characters that use a lot of high attacks. After guarding a move, release the button to smash your opponent! Just keep in mind that when you perform the Shakka-shu, it takes about a second for Jae Hoon to take up his stance and he will automatically release it if you hold it for too long.

Its usually best to try to anticipate when and where your opponent will strike before using this move to get the most out of it. It makes an exceptional guard cancel has well. This can be Jae Hoon's best defense when used properly, and occasionally a decent surprise offensive attack when your opponent isn't expecting it.

Hishou-kyaku<b>: After inputing the command for the move, you can Hold DF and keep tapping K rapidly to get the sliding kick finisher.

<b>Houyoku Tenshou Kyaku - If you hold down C while performing the P-Power version, after Jae Hoon lands he will yell and begin to charge up flames. If you let go of the C button on time has your opponent falls, you can get in one extra hit that packs quite a punch, or foot rather. If you use the S-Power version, it is possible to connect a Hou'ou Kyaku after you land and before your opponent lands. However, the window to connect is very small and it must be done very quickly.

Bread'n'Butter Combos

Jumping D, Crouching C, QCF+D - Jae Hoon's most basic combo, and one of the most damaging of the several variations of this combo that substitutes the QCF+D (Ryusei Raku) for a QCB+B (Hangetsu Zan) or QCF+C (Shakka-shuu).

Back-step+B, QCFx2+K - Very simple combo, you perform Jae Hoon's Shou-kyaku Hou, then you do the Hou'ou Kyaku (S-Power or P-Power) while Jae Hoon thrusts himsef forward. If you perform the Hou'ou Kyaku input before the Shou-kyaku Hou hits, you can cancel right into the Hou'ou Kyaku. Otherwise, while your opponent is launched into the air, you can then follow up with the Hou'ou Kyaku with careful timing.

T.O.P. Notes

Jae Hoon performs a Neri Chagi (Axe Kick), it has a slow start up, but it has a near-instant recovery time after the kick is dealt, and it's an overhead.

Overall Strategy

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Matchup Notes

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Advanced Tactics

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