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==Rock Howard==
'''Shinning Knuckle'''- <br>
S. Power does '''32''' points of damage at MAX hits (5).<br>
P. Power does '''47''' points of damage if not performed at the corner.<br>
P. Power does '''55''' points of damage if performed at the corner.<br>
'''Raging Storm'''-<br>
S. Power does '''33''' points of damage.<br>
P. Power does '''46''' points of damage at MAX hits (4).<br>
'''Neo Deadly Rave'''-<br>
When NOT performed at the corner, this super does '''49''' points of damage.<br>
When performed at the corner or if the final energy blast is performed at the corner, this super does '''59''' points of damage.<br>
= Introduction =
= Introduction =

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Gameplay Overview

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Move List

Command Normal Moves

Standing D, then Forward+D

Special Command Moves

Reppu-ken: QCF+A
Double Reppu-ken: QCF+C
Crack Counter: QCF+K
Hard Edge: QCB+P
Rage Run: QCB+K
Rising Tackle: Charge Down then Up+P
Evac Toss: 360+C
Rasetsu: Hold AB during Evac Toss

Super Moves

Raging Storm: QCFx2+A/C

  • Rock hits the ground as he is surronded by an aura of energy that damage the opponent.
  • The A is a good anti-air and a good follow-up if his QCB+A counter hits the opponent and juggles them.
  • The C version is VERY slow and is only combo-able from a Standing D or Down+AB at the corner. The C version can be delayed by holding C. One other method of comboing into it is by Breaking the 360+C and then doing the P. Power, however this must be done while Rock's back is to the corner.

Shinning Knuckle: QCFx2+B/D

  • Rock's version of Terry's Burning Knuckle.
  • B version does a total of 5 hits if done up close, therefore it is best to combo into this super when possible.
  • D version has Rock do a dashing punch then finish with a multi-hitting Rising Tackle. The P. Power does more damage at the corner and if the opponent was hit by this super from the air (or by a juggle or counter), then the player can follow-up with a Rising Tackle as the last part of this super juggles the opponent.

Neo Deadly Rave: HCB, F+A, A, A, B, B, C, C, D, D, QCB+C

  • Rock dashes forward and by tapping the buttons does an auto-combo.
  • This super is a P. Power.
  • You can finish this super with Crouching C-->QCB+C instead of the finisher.
  • This super does more damage at the corner.


Class: Middle Movement: Run

Frame Data

To come.

Attack Notes

Reppu-ken: Ground projectile

Double Reppu-ken: Rock does a point blank ground projectile then sends out a Reppu-ken. The Reppu-ken he sends is weaker than the normal Reppu-ken

Crack Counter: B counters mid & high attacks, while D counters low attacks.

Hard Edge: A version has Rock do a quick short dash with an elbow attack. C has him follow-up with a punch. The C version is slower than the A version.

Rage Run: B version has him dash then do an overhead punch, while D will warp him behind his opponent. The B version is very risky as the punch has some start-up delay. The D version is a good set-up for his 360+C.

Evac Toss: Command throw & is Break-able with AB. There are 3 things to do with this move:-
1- Just doing 360+C will have Rock throw his opponent to the opposite side of the screen.
2- Breaking the move with AB will allow Rock to follow up with a special move or super.
3- Holding AB during the Evac Toss will have Rock charge up his fist for an energy blast. The timing is strict to get this follow-up to connect. This follow-up is the Rasetsu.


1) Jumping C-->Standing C-->QCF+A
2) Jumping C-->Standing C-->QCFx2+K OR Neo Deadly Rave
3) Jumping C/D-->Down+AB-->QCFx2+A

Corner only:
4) Jumping C/D-->Down+AB-->QCFx2+P
5) Jumping C-->Standing A-->Standing C-->QCF+C
6) Jumping C-->Standing A-->Standing C-->Neo Deadly Rave
7) Jumping C-->Standing A-->Standing C-->QCFx2+K

Back to corner:
8) 360+C, Break-->QCB+A-->QCFx2+D-->C Rising Tackle
*Time this combo to get 15 hits total
9) 360+C, Break-->QCFx2+C
10) 360+C, Break-->Rising Tackle-->QCFx2+D-->C Rising Tackle

T.O.P. Notes

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Overall Strategy

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Matchup Notes

To come.

Advanced Tactics

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