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Garou: Mark of the WolvesGarouLogo.gif


To come.


-Power Throws -Strategic Faints -normal standing and crouching moves have great range for poking


-lack of non power move combos -Lack of BR Moves -Big Target combos

Character Colors


Gameplay Overview

To come.

Move List

Command Normal Moves

Grif-Fall: After C throw do DF, DF+C

Special Command Moves

Command Move Weak Damage Strong Damage
Rdp.png + Punch.gif Poseidon Wave 19 22
Qcb.png + Kick.gif Olympus Over 18 20
in air Qcf.png + Snka.gif Icarus Crash 22 NA
Hcf.png + Snkb.gif Hercules Throw 8 NA
Dp.png + Punch.gif Active Tupon 23 23
360.png + Punch.gif Justice Hurricane 26 32
Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Kick.gif Daedalus Attack 27 47
360.png360.png + Punch.gif Big Fall Griffon 40 57


When a move can be canceled, it can either be canceled into a special/super/feint. Some moves that can't be canceled when they hit can be canceled when the opponent blocks while some moves that can be Special/Super canceled cannot be Feint Canceled.

Command Cancel on Hit Cancel on Block Feint Cancel
Far Snka.gif O O O
Far Snkb.gif O O O
Far Snkc.gif X O O (on block)
Far Snkd.gif X X X
Close Snka.gif O O O
Close Snkb.gif O O O
Close Snkc.gif X X X
Close Snkd.gif X X X
D.png Snka.gif O O O
D.png Snkb.gif X X X
D.png Snkc.gif X X X
D.png Snkd.gif X X X
jump Snka.gif O O NA
jump Snkb.gif O O NA
jump Snkc.gif O O NA
jump Snkd.gif O O NA
hop Snka.gif X X X
hop Snkb.gif X X X
hop Snkc.gif X X X
hop Snkd.gif X X X
Snka.gif + Snkb.gif X X X
D.png + Snka.gif + Snkb.gif X X X
F.png + Snkc.gif, Df.png, Df.png + Snkc.gif X X X

Frame Data

Legend :
Command = the input for the attack.
Start Up = How many start up frames an attack has.
Hit = When the attack hits.
Block = When the attack is blocked.
+ signifies how many advantage frames the attacker has.
- signifies how many disadvantage frames the attacker has.
KD means the attack will knock the opponent down.

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Close Snka.gif 4 +3 +3
Close Snkb.gif 7 0 0
Close Snkc.gif 14 +1 +1
Close Snkd.gif 6 +4 +4
Far Snka.gif 4 +1 +1
Far Snkb.gif 7 0 0
Far Snkc.gif 14 +1 +1
Far Snkd.gif 12 -9 -9
D.png Snka.gif 4 0 0
D.png Snkb.gif 7 +2 +2
D.png Snkc.gif 11 -5 -5
D.png Snkd.gif 12 KD -10
Snka.gif + Snkb.gif 13 +1 +1
D.png + Snka.gif + Snkb.gif 20 +1 +7
360.png + Punch.gif 3 KD
Qcb.png + Snkb.gif 29 KD -11
Qcb.png + Snkd.gif 56 KD -9
Rdp.png + Snka.gif 18 KD -9
Rdp.png + Snkc.gif 37 KD -8
Dp.png + Snka.gif 28 KD
Dp.png + Snkc.gif 41 KD
Hcf.png + Snkb.gif 13 KD
air Qcf.png + Snka.gif 4 +10
Snkc.gifSnkd.gif 20 KD -18
360.png, 360.png + Punch.gif 0 KD
Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Snkb.gif 14 KD -27
Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Snkd.gif 13 KD -27

Data from Howard's Arena


Garou Tizoc Grab.jpg

Command Total Frames
Close B.png/F.png + Snkc.gif -

Garou Tizoc ForwardTaunt-1.jpgGarou Tizoc ForwardTaunt-2.jpg

Command Total Frames
F.png + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif -

Garou Tizoc DownTaunt.jpg

Command Total Frames
D.png + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif -

Garou Tizoc cl.A.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Close Snka.gif 4 +3 +3

Garou Tizoc cl.B.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Close Snkb.gif 7 0 0

Garou Tizoc cl.C.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Close Snkc.gif 14 +1 +1

Garou Tizoc cl.D.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Close Snkd.gif 6 +4 +4

Garou Tizoc s.A.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Far Snka.gif 4 +1 +1

Garou Tizoc s.B.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Far Snkb.gif 7 0 0

Garou Tizoc s.C.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Far Snkc.gif 14 +1 +1

Garou Tizoc s.D.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Far Snkd.gif 12 -9 -9

Garou Tizoc cr.A.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
D.png Snka.gif 4 0 0

Garou Tizoc cr.B.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
D.png Snkb.gif 7 +2 +2

Garou Tizoc cr.C.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
D.png Snkc.gif 11 -5 -5

Garou Tizoc cr.D.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
D.png Snkd.gif 12 KD -10

Garou Tizoc j.A.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Jumping Snka.gif 7 ? ?

Garou Tizoc j.B.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Jumping Snkb.gif 9 ? ?

Garou Tizoc j.C.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Jumping Snkc.gif 11 ? ?

Garou Tizoc j.D.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Jumping Snkd.gif 8 ? ?

Garou Tizoc AB.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Snka.gif + Snkb.gif 20 +1 +7

Garou Tizoc 2AB-1.jpgGarou Tizoc 2AB-2.jpgGarou Tizoc 2AB-3.jpgGarou Tizoc 2AB-4.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
D.png + Snka.gif + Snkb.gif 13 +1 +1

Garou Tizoc CD.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Snkc.gif + Snkd.gif 20 KD ?

Attack Notes

  • His forward feint has lower body invulnerability.


Combo tutorial here.

1- 41236B-->421A

  • Do the 421A immediatley after the throw

2- 41236B- jump 236A in the air

  • This combo is a bit harder, but during the HCF+B, hold UF and Tizoc will jump, then time the QCF+A while in the air. This combo is more damading than the one above.

3- HCF+B-->QCFx2+B

  • You need to time the super after the throw to get at least 2 hits in OR all 3 hits.

4- Jumping D-->Crouching B

5- Corner: Jumping D-->Standing D

6- Jumping D-->QCF+Ainto QCF+D for his super

Corner only:-
7- B, D, DB+P-->Crouching D

  • This combo sort of feels like a bug or something. This combo won't work if the P. Wave counter hits a jumping opponent.

T.O.P. Notes

Tizoc's TOP move is a drop kick with a fair amount of priority. It is not easily punishable by most moves and has decent recovery.

Overall Strategy

Grab, Grab, GRAB!!

Matchup Notes

To come.

Advanced Tactics

Here are some VERY important notes to help you get in some grabs.
1) Tizoc's Forward+AC feint has upper invincibility frames and moves him forward. This is ESPECIALLY useful when attempting to get in close for a grab.
2) Tizoc's taunt has lower invincibility frames which might help in getting close as well for grab.
3) You can input a 412369 motion instead of a full 360 and get the J. Hurricane. Furthermore if you jump and do 2 270s in a row (270, then another 270) you can get his Super THrow move to come out as well.
More To come.
4) If he techs a throw whe he has his back to the corner, he can do his 720 as soon as the tech animation ends => unblockable, cannot jump out or backdash