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Gameplay Overview

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Move List

Command Normal Moves

Grif-Fall: After C throw do DF, DF+C

Special Command Moves

Icarus Crash: QCF+A in the air next to opponent
Hercules Throw: HCF+B next to opponent
Olympus Over: QCB+K
Active Tupon: F, D, DF+P
Poseidon Wave: B, D, DB+P
Justice Hurricane: 360+P next to opponent

Super Moves

Big Fall Griffon: 720+P next to opponent

Daedalus Attack: QCFx2+K

  • Both the S. & P. version of this super are slow & Tizoc can be easily hit out of it by a Standing A for example.
  • The first hit of this super is an overhead where he swings his fist downwards. In the P. Power ver., all later downward punches are overheads as well.
  • P. Power has a faster start-up than the S. Power.
  • S. Power can be comboed into after the Hercules Throw.


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Frame Data

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Attack Notes

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Tizoc isn't exactly a combo type character, however he does have some combos which do a fair amount of damage:-
1- HCF+B-->B, D, DB+A

  • Do the B, D, DB+A immediatley after the throw for a nice damaging combo.

2- HCF+B-Hold UF->QCF+A in the air

  • This combo is a bit harder, but during the HCF+B, hold UF and Tizoc will jump, then time the QCF+A while in the air. This combo is more damading than the one above, but slightly harder to do, yet very flashy.

3- HCF+B-->QCFx2+B

  • You need to time the super after the throw to get at least 2 hits in OR all 3 hits.

4- Jumping D-->Crouching B

5- Corner: Jumping D-->Standing D

6- Jumping D-->QCF+A, QCF+D

  • The above combo was found by Nocturnal of the Forums. To do this combo right, as Tizoc lands, buffer in a Standing A when doing the first QCF, then do QCF+D for the super to come out. This super does app. 47% damage.

Corner only:-
7- B, D, DB+P-->Crouching D

  • This combo sort of feels like a bug or something. This combo won't work if the P. Wave counter hits a jumping opponent.

T.O.P. Notes

Tizoc's TOP move is a drop kick with a fair amount of priority. It is not easily punishable by most moves and has decent recovery.

Overall Strategy

Grab, Grab, GRAB!!

Matchup Notes

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Advanced Tactics

Here are some VERY important notes to help you get in some grabs.
1) Tizoc's Forward+2P feint has upper invincibility frames. This is ESPECIALLY useful when attempting to get in close for a grab.
2) Tizoc's taunt has lower invincibility frames which might help in getting close as well for grab.
3) You can input a 225-270 motion instead of a 360 and get the J. Hurricane. Furthermore if you jump and do 2 270s in a row (270, then another 270) you can get his Super THrow move to come out as well.
More To come.

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