Geese Howard (NGBC)

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Body Tosses

Tate Katate Nage - Near opponent, press or N or + +

Unique Moves

Fudou Sakkatsu Uraken - Press +

Raimei Gouha Nage - Press + on downed opponent

Special Moves

Reppuken - +

Double Reppuken - +

Shippuken - During jump, + or

Jaeiken - Briefly hold, press + or

Joudan Atemi Nage - +

Chuudan Atemi Nage - +

Gedan Atemi Nage - +

Shinkuu Nage - Near opponent, 360° +

Desperation Moves

Rashoumon - Near opponent, 720° + or

Raising Storm - + or

MAX Raising Storm - + + (2 stocks required)

Deadly Rave - +, press,,,,,,,, qcb + (3 stocks required)


  • Chuudan Atemi Nage (SC), MAX Raising Storm

Advanced Strategy

Geese is a very over-powered and popular character among such titles as SVC, RB2 and KOF NW. Unfortunatley fan-boys, Geese is rather basic and SNKP decided to make Geese more like his FFS incarnation. No more juggles or infinite. In fact, Geese is D tier. He was looked upon as high or mid tier when NGBC first hit arcades, but that was mainly for his corner game. Geese falls victim to not having anyway to verify his supers or a DA Assault off of light attacks. The new motion for his Rashomon makes it less deadlier. A empty jumping Geese with bar is a huge give away. His Jaeiken is slow, he has the old Shippuken which falls victim to slow fireballs upon recovery. His overall combo potential just isn't the same either. Outside of the corner his ability to lock down an opponent is limited. As said before, it's back to the basics.

Corner Traps

Standing close (1 hit) (blocked), Double Reppuken, link crouching, Double Reppuken, standing (kara-cancel), Double Reppuken, link crouching, Double Reppuken, repeat