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Your quiet old master that its a 2-in-1 styles fighter, its a bit nerfed of SFA 2 incarnation but in A-ISM its more powerful.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

(SO) Hyakurenko: Punch rapidly [X Z V]

     -Gen jabs furiously in front of himself over a large radius. He will
      continue to attack until the Punch buttons are not pressed rapidly.
      The stronger the Punch button used, the faster Gen will punch.

(SO) Gekirou: F,D,DF+Kick (Kick rapidly) [X Z V]

     -Gen leaps into the air with a high kick. If he knocks his opponent
      into the air, he will pause for a moment. During that time, press the
      Kick button used to start the Gekirou rapidly to kick more times;
      pressing other Kick buttons will have no effect.

(KI) Jyasen: CB,F+Punch [X Z V]

     -Gen rolls forward and finishes with a chop strike. The stronger the
      Punch button used, the longer Gen will roll and the more times he
      will hit.

(KI) Oga: CD,U+Kick [Z V]

     -Gen leaps to the back wall, pushes himself off it, and dives down with
      a kick. The stronger the Kick button used, the farther Gen will leap.
      Pressing Up-Forward at the end of the motion will make Gen leap to the
      other wall. Upon touching the side of the screen, holding Up will make
      Gen bounce to the top of the screen, but he will not attack when he
      drops. Tap Up and Gen will do a head-stomp attack (Thanks Another

Super Combos

(SO) Zanei: QCF,QCF+Punch [X Z]

     -Gen slides forward low along the ground. If he passes his opponent,
      they will be hit several times after Gen passes.
        Level 1: 4 Hits      Level 2: 5 Hits       Level 3: 6 Hits

(SO) Shitenshu: QCB,QCB+Punch [Z]

     -A more powerful version of the Kyakurenko, Gen swings a flurry of jabs
      finished with a finger jab. If the finger jab hits the opponent, they
      will start to flash and a 9-second countdown timer will appear over
      their head. Unless Gen is hit, the opponent will continue to take
      damage as the timer counts. When it reaches zero, the opponent will be
      knocked back and dizzied.
        Level 1: 3 Hits      Level 2: 5 Hits       Level 3: 7 Hits

(KI) Jyakoha: QCF,D,DF+Kick [Z]

     -Gen will leap forward into the air while trying to grab his opponent.
      If he makes contact with them in the air, he will stomp them to the
      ground and, at Levels 2 and 3, jump on their chest.
        Level 1: 1 Hit       Level 2: 2 Hits       Level 3: 3 Hits

(KI) Koga (air): QCB,QCB+Kick [Z]

     -A more powerful version of the Oga, Gen will do a diving kick, then leap
      to the opposite wall and perform another kick. Each Level will add
      another leap and kick. Gen will always leap to the closest side of the
        Level 1: 9 Hits      Level 2: 10 Hits      Level 3: 12 Hits

The Basics

Which Ism?



Have excellent Super Combos and with useful links


It had good damaging V-Cycles but are to complex to learn.


-In X-Ism, Gen appears to always be in So stance, but he is able to use

 any of his available attacks from both stances.
-The Koga Super Combo is too awkward to be effective, since it gives the
 opponent plenty of time to block or counterattack between Gen's kicks.
-Another Gamer informs me that during the Oga and Koga, pressing different 
 buttons will make Gen do different attacks

Advanced Strategy



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