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My tutorial vid --Crazymasterhand 20:11, 24 November 2006 (UTC)

Move List


rank 3 speed, 15 reach points, stuns on CH, safe


rank 9 speed, 25 reach points


rank 6 speed, 30 reach points, chargeable


rank 6 speed, 15 reach points


rank 5 speed, 15 reach points, juggles on CH


rank 14 speed, nullifies, stuns on CH

<KP starts juggles.


Goku's E is slower than Vegeta's >P, and faster than Super Buu's >P, placing it between rank 11 and 12 speed. Ki blasts ignore nullifiers and juggle on CH. Ki blast beats throw. A ki blast is safe if deflected, blocked, or sidestepped. It seems to be impossible to combo off a reflected ki blast.


P+K nullifies immediately, making it a good reversal. It's chargeable.

>P+K doesn't nullify as quickly, but sets up wakeup games and is safe on block. It's also chargeable and is punishable if dodged. Cancelling it moves you backwards.

<P+K starts juggles. It's chargeable.

You can cancel >K+G for a little forward movement. The game will read >K+G as a teleport if you are attacked as you input it.


>>P sets up wakeup games on hit, except on big characters. It guardbreaks, but is punishable if dodged.



If you don't have SSJ equipped, you get Spirit Bomb. If you have SSJ equipped but are below it, you get Super Spirit Bomb. If you are SSJ or higher, you get Super Dragon Fist.

Dragon Rush

good luck


Ability Capsules

Kamehameha allows Goku to shorten his combos efficiently.

Dragon Fist grants Goku a non-scaling infinite which greatly boosts his damage. This is doubled or allowed to continue until your opponent is dead if you equip Turtle Shell. However, Kaioken is necessary to unlock its power, leaving you vulnerable to yakon. Yakon's effect can be minimized if you don't transform until you start a combo. If you don't have enough ki for a DF during the combo, you can use the >PPPP<P^ infinite to build some more.

Unique Equipment Capsules

Mediation cuts ki costs by 1/3. Combine this with SSJ, and you can teleport twice at baseline if you don't get yakon'd.

--Crazymasterhand 01:23, 12 March 2007 (UTC)

Capsule Set-ups

The Basics

Advanced Strategy