Goodman (NGBC)

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Note: Goodman is only playable on the home versions of NeoGeo Battle Coliseum. He fights alone and cannot be tag with any other characters (consequently, he also lacks any Assist moves).


Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Super Attacks

The Basics

Advanced Strategy

Goodmans Reflect is quite simply the most powerful move in the game.

If it wasnt for this Goodman could be playable.

The main reason he's not playable has nothing to do with the Reflect though, its because he is a console character.

The main strategy with Goodman is to zone them like the CPU into the corner then what I do is use the Reflect to keep them there because it is unblockable and only Mizuchis Command Grab super can beat it.

AB Roll/Evade (Tap A+B to evade)beats it on wakeup but that costs you meter!!!