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[[image:KOFDaimon1.jpg|right|Daimon Dunks]]
Very powerful grappler with a dazzling variety of techniques. Seize the initiative with his strong offensive hitboxes, and seize the opponent with his wide-ranged grabs and throws.
The truly noticeable differences from OG:
* The Jiraishin ('''dp + P''') OTG/wakeup bug has been taken out back and shot (so no more Zujō Barai juggle > weak Chō Ukemi > Jiraishin). Oh well.
* Zujō Barai ('''df + C''') has reduced priority.
Welp, no more unblockables.
* Arashi no Yama ('''hcf hcf + K''') super is now a counter, not a throw.
=Move list=
=Move list=

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Daimon Dunks


Welp, no more unblockables.

Move list

At a glance

Normal throws
Jūji Jime (very close) f/b + C
Tsukami Tataki Tsuke (throw) f/b + C
Okuri Ashi Barai (throw) f/b + D
Command moves
Tama Tsubushi f + A
Zujō Barai df + C
Special moves
Jiraishin dp + P
Chō Ukemi qcb + K
Kumo Tsukami Nage hcf + A
Kirikabu Gaeshi hcf + C
Chō Ōsotogari (throw) dp + K
Tenchi Gaeshi (throw) hcb f + P
Nekko Gaeshi qcf + K
Ura Nage hcb f + K
Super special moves
Jigoku Gokuraku Otoshi (throw) hcb hcb + P
Arashi no Yama: Nekko Nuki hcf hcf + K
┗ Arashi no Yama: Zoku – Kirikabu Gaeshi (during Nekko Nuki) hcf + K
 ┣ Arashi no Yama: Bukko Nuki Ura Nage (during Zoku – Kirikabu Gaeshi) dp + K
 ┗ Arashi no Yama: Zoku – Tenchi Gaeshi (during Zoku – Kirikabu Gaeshi, with MAX conditions) dp + K

Normal throws

  • f/b + C – Daimon has two C-button normal throws: Jūji Jime and Tsukami Tataki Tsuke; the former is a grab, the latter is an escapable throw. Both do unrollable knockdown.
  • f/b + D – Escapable, and does rollable knockdown... so use the C throws.

Normal moves

  • st.C, st.D, and st.A – powerful jump checkers. Those first two leave you open if they whiff, so don’t get trigger-happy with ’em.
  • st.B – long reach, quick startup. Very convenient zoner.
  • j.D – very high-priority downward-facing hitbox. Incredibly difficult to bat down by any means.
  • j.A – powerful in air-to-air.

Command moves

  • Tama Tsubushi
  • f + A
  • Unrollable knockdown on hit. Can’t cancel into it. The hitbox is extremely high-priority – with proper timing, it can invalidate projectiles. It is now an overhead, and generally more convenient than OG.
  • Zujō Barai
  • df + C
  • Goro lifts the arm from foot-level to above his head. The hitbox is unusually high-priority and has quick startup, so it smashes all sorts of moves – ground and air. No longer does as much extra damage for a counter-hit. Juggles midair hits.

Special moves

  • Jiraishin
  • dp + P (A does the move, C is a feint)
  • Causes an earthquake; deals damage to the opponent if they’re standing. Doesn’t hurt the opponent if they are in the air, crouching, or performing a sliding-type move. A bit faster than in OG, but does less damage and the OTG/wakeup bug has been expunged from the game.

  • Chō Ukemi
  • qcb + K
  • Causes Goro to do a looser forward roll than AB does. The weak version is quick, the strong version is... leisurely. He is fully invincible during this roll. It does not go through the opponent, even right next to them (it can push them back a little).

  • Kumo Tsukami Nage
  • hcf + A
  • Unblockably grabs an opponent in midair. No actual invincibility frames to speak of, but his hitbox does shrink just a little at startup. You can use it as an anti-air, but it leaves you pretty open.
  • Kirikabu Gaeshi
  • hcf + C
  • Blockable command throw with OTG capability. Grabs the feet but can be blocked high. Doesn’t leave you very open if blocked.

  • Tenchi Gaeshi
  • hcb f + P
  • 1-frame throw. Nice wide grabbing range. Very powerful and does a lot of damage, but leaves you wide open if you miss.

  • Chō Ōsotogari
  • dp + K
  • Unblockable; has slow startup, but also has full-body invincibility during that time. Less vulnerable than, say, Kumo Tsukami Nage.

  • Nekko Gaeshi
  • qcf + K (trap)
  • Trap move; puts forth a hitbox at chest-level that will grab normal and command moves. Very difficult to use, and doesn’t do that much damage anyway.

  • Ura Nage
  • hcb f + K
  • A moving throw. Goro no longer maneuvers behind the opponent, and it’s quicker overall. It still leaves you way open, but it is much, much more useful than it was in OG.

Super special moves

  • Jigoku Gokuraku Otoshi
  • hcb hcb + P
  • 1-frame throw with a wide grabbing range. Loads of damage. Aim for it if you have gauge stocks.

  • Arashi no Yama (Nekko Nuki >> Zoku – Kirikabu Gaeshi >> Bukko Nuki Ura Nage / Zoku – Tenchi Gaeshi)
  • hcf hcf + K (trap) >> hcf + K >> dp + K
  • The biggest difference between OG Goro and UM Goro is right here: this is now a trap move, not a command throw. It doesn’t trap low hits. Aside from those tough cookies, it’s even stronger than in OG. Remember, the forward and backward directions flip at each step for the derived moves because he turns around!



  • j.D > cl.D >> Kirikabu Gaeshi or Tenchi Gaeshi or Jigoku Gokuraku Otoshi
  • Basic combo. Specials are listed in order of low to high risk.
  • cr.A or cl.D >> Zujō Barai >> all sorts of specials
  • Used only when very close. The specials listed for the combo above will combo.
  • cr.B >> Tenchi Gaeshi or Jigoku Gokuraku Otoshi
  • Pressure from a low hit.

The Basics

Mr. Daimon is not very strong at close range. You need to set up a solid defense. The first line is st.A against hops. This is powerful combined with his st.B for ground-to-ground. Stuff normal and super jump startups with st.D; if that’s not possible, pull out the Kumo Tsukami Nage or something on them.

At long distance, threaten forward rolls and such with Jiraishin. If you use Chō Ukemi and the opponent reacts by jumping, you can catch them with Kumo Tsukami Nage, but this is a pretty old trick, so not too many people fall for it anymore. That being said, you can check what your opponent will do when you use Chō Ukemi and adjust your plans accordingly, which is always a valid technique. If the Kumo Tsukami Nage isn’t the right thing to do, consider, say, Chō Ōsotogari or Arashi no Yama.

If the opponent will not come in to attack, there are a few things you can do. Use j.D in conjunction with st.B / cr.B to harden up the opponent; gently dashing in, you have an option between cl.D, Chō Ōsotogari, and Tenchi Gaeshi, which should take care of jumps, attack attempts, and blocks respectively. You can also use the occasional Tama Tsubushi for an anti-jump measure. All of these moves do unrollable knockdowns, so you can move on to wakeup meaties.

When your opponent is another character that’s good at zoning, the moves that tend to win out when fighting over the middle are Zujō Barai and Nekko Gaeshi. The former can smash most zoning moves; the latter will trap their jump-checking moves, and you can move on to wakeup meaties from there. Either way, try to foresee what your opponent is going to do. Also, you can use Chō Ukemi to ride right through the opponent’s strong attacks and approach in one swift stroke; from there, press them with strikes and throws. You can cancel into Chō Ukemi from a Zujō Barai that smashes a zoner, and deal lots of damage unto them from there.

Wakeup meaties here are Chō Ōsotogari or Tenchi Gaeshi, and cr.A. From cr.A, you can input a Zujō Barai linking combo. The great part about this is that whichever route you decide on, a success will end with the opponent grounded again. But these alone won’t really apply to characters that have midair invincible moves and such, so for them, adding blocking and Chō Ukemi into this will also help.

Advanced Strategy