Goten (DBZ:B3)

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Best poke is <P. <PP^ still combos when you delay it which makes hit confirming easier, after it hits do a few more and finish with P>PPE, <PP^ is an infinite in the air. <P.>P- if blocked.

PPPK is a chargeable nullifying stun

KKK is safe on block so he can pull the same (KKK/KKKK- throw/CH) trick as Goku

<K nullifies and stuns on CH

>P <P >K and <K OTG

Charge = counterpoke & wakeup unblockables

1-bar combos

>PKK~, >KKK>K*, KK>K>KE [Charge] 1153

2-bar combos

>PKK~, >KKK>K*, <K*, PPPK*, KK>K>K^, KK>K>K^, P>PPE [Charge] 1500

--Crazymasterhand 15:58, 14 June 2007 (UTC)

Capsule Setups

Super Saiyan
Fruits of Training
Mixed Blood Power
Ki Control