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Saiyaman doesn't have any regular defensive % capsules. He has Mixed Blood though.
Saiyaman doesn't have any regular defensive % capsules. He has Mixed Blood though.
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Generic P Reach 15, speed 3.

P stuns on CH. From CH P*, you can link >KKK>K~ for sidestep cancel. PP stuns much like Bardock and you can combo into >K here too. You have more frame advantage on block after PP than P. PP>P is also much like Bardock's PP<P. It contains a chargeable nullifying stun that tracks,

PP>P can be sidestepped by a well timed sidestep like most other moves that track. It also nullifies very early. If you decide to let the nullifying stun go early to stop counter attempts..

PP>PPP- can keep you somewhat safe if it's blocked. You can also buffer dashing attacks from PP>P- from at least 10 reach points.

PP>P- doesn't work at point blank range.

>P is also generic. Reach 25, speed 9. >PPPP also has a nullifying stun like PP>P but it doesn't combo.

>PPP&P* can be used in combos from behind the opponent for an easy reset in damage and the combo hit counter. For example, Great Saiyaman's current medium combo is: >KKK>K~, [>KKKK-]x5, >KKKE [Justice Kick] 1630. With the >PPP&P reset it could be: >KKK>K~, >PPP&P, [>KKKK-]x4, >KKKE [Justice Kick] 1873

K is generic. Reach 15, speed 5 and launches on CH. Saiyaman can still use it as a starter because he can still juggle well from CH but P is much better at this range. >KKKK- is an infinite. <K. Same as >K. <K >K- is probably an infinite with perfect canceling.


>K+G is like Krillin's slide except it starts juggles instead of ground combos. It goes under a lot of stuff. Reach is 45 with 10 speed. It's a great poke. It has more reach than nearly all starters. It can be canceled for safety. You can buffer dashing attacks from max range by manually pressing K and G. You can back dash buffer to use your reach advantage. On hit, go straight into >KKKK- infinite.

>K+G- (slide) is safe to TC's.


P+K doesn't nullify in the air.


Justice Kick is better than Justice Punch. Both consume one ki bar, both do the same damage.

Justice K breaks guard and doesn't have a super freeze like most death-moves making it hard to react to. It's a physical death-move so Saiyaman gains ki from it which results in a ki loss less than when using E or a single dodge. The first two hits break guard but can be dodge. The third hit is unblockable and undodgeable but if they dodge the first two, chances are the third will miss completely anyway but you should still be safe from retaliation. Mix this in with your rushdown mix-ups for free damage from a cancel. Will he use his nullifying stun, cancel into P, throw, Justice K? There is never any reason to pick Justice P over Justice K.

Justice Punch is a poor man's Charge (pointless)


Saiyaman doesn't have any regular defensive % capsules. He has Mixed Blood though.