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(Custom Combos)
(Bread and Butter Combos)
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- J.Fierce ,c.Jab ,c.short ,Sonic Hurricane
- J.Fierce ,c.Jab ,c.short ,Sonic Hurricane
- J.Fierce ,s.Fierce ,Sonic Boom ,->Fierce
- J.Fierce ,s.Fierce ,Sonic Boom ,forward Fierce
- J.Fierce ,c.Jab ,c.Short ,level 2 Total Wipeout ,Flash Kick
- J.Fierce ,c.Jab ,c.Short ,level 2 Total Wipeout ,Flash Kick

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Well ,here he is ,the army guy of fighting games ,Guile .

Guile was first introduced in Street Fighter 2 : The World Warrior . Chronologically ,he made his debut in Street Fighter Alpha 3 .

Street Fighter Alpha 3 :

Guile ,a Lieutenant of the United States Air Force , is being ordered to find his best friend Charlie who got lost during a secret mission (Charlie is searching for Bison) .Guile meets the Interpol investigator Chun-Li who tells him to go back home because it would be too dangerous for Guile to follow Charlie .Guile refuses to leave and explains that he has to find Charlie under any circumstances ,as a friend and as a soldier .Chun-Li understands and teams up with Guile .

They find Charlie in Thailand ,the place where the base of the crime organisation Shadaloo lies .Bison shows up .Charlie and Guile fight him outside while Chun-li is investigating the base .Shortly after the battle Bison gets back to the base .The two friends enter the base .They find the Psycho Drive ,the generator that stores Bison's evil energy ,and begin to set explosives around the Psycho Drive .

Out of nothing Bison attacks Charlie with a Psycho Shot .Then he tries to kill Guile with a Psycho Crusher but Charlie grabs Bison from behind and saves Guile .Charlie tells Guile to leave the base because the explosives would blow up in any minute .Guile does so while Charlie is fighting Bison within the base .The base explodes .

Days later Guile stands on a hill with Charlie's dog tag in his hands .Chun-li appears and tells Guile that all facilities of Shadaloo have been destroyed . Guile doesn't respond .Chun-Li tries to console Guile by saying that she still believes that her father (he was also killed by Bison) is alive just like Charlie and that the only death occurs when you stop believing .

Street Fighter 2 :

Somehow Bison survives the explosion .

Guile swears revenge for what Bison did back then .Guile leaves his family and enters the second World Warrior Tournament after he got an invitation (Bison holds the tournament in order to get revenge on everybody who hindered his plans to dominate the world ) .

Guile gets his fight with Bison and wins .The defeated Bison tells Guile to kill him but suddenly Guile's wife Jane and his daughter Amy appear and beg him not to kill Bison because it would make Guile a murderer just like Bison and that killing him wouldn't bring back Charlie . Guile understands and together with his family he goes back home and is a family man .

Moves List

Normal Moves

Button Position Buffers: Itself Specials Supers Hit Block Startup Active Recovery Damage
Jab Standing y y y +5 +5 3 4 6 200
Crouching y y y +5 +5 3 4 6 200
Jumping - - - - - 8 22 - 500
Strong Close n y y +2 +2 3 3 16 700
Far n/n y/n y/y +2 +2 4 5 16 800,600
Crouching n y y +5 +5 4 5 10 700
Jumping - - - - - 8 16 - 700
Fierce Close n y y -9 -9 4 3 30 1100
Far n n y +4 +4 6 6 18 1200
Crouching n/n n/n y/n -3 -3 5 16 11 1200,700
Jumping - - - - - 8 8 - 1200
Short Standing y y y +4 +4 4 4 7 300
Crouching y n y +2 +2 6 4 9 300
Jumping Neutral - - - - - 4 22 - 500
Jumping Diagonal - - - - - 4 22 - 400
Forward Close n y y +0 +0 4 6 14 800
Far n n n +1 +1 11 5 14 700
Crouching n n y +6 +6 7 5 9 700
Jumping Neutral - - - - - 9 5 - 800
Jumping Diagonal - - - - - 8 16 - 700
Roundhouse Close n n n +0 +0 8 8 16 1300
Far n n n +4 +4 15 6 14 1100
Crouching n/n n/n y/n down +8 7 5(28)5 11 1300,1200
Jumping - - - - - 7 5 - 1200
Command Normals
b or f +Forward n n n +1 +1 11 5 14 700
f + Fierce n n n +0 +0 8 5 19 1300
b or f +Short n n n -12 -5 6 5 20 600
(close) b or f +Roundhouse n n n +1 +1 15 6? 17 1300

Special Moves

Sonic Boom :

- back charge ,forward punch

Flash Kick :

- down charge ,up kick


Total Wipeout :

- back charge ,forward ,back ,forward kick

Somersault Justice :

- down-back charge ,down-forward ,down-back ,up-forward kick

Sonic Hurricane (only level 3) :

- back charge ,forward ,back ,forward punch

The Basics

Bread and Butter Combos

These are Guile's main combo opportunities :

- J.Fierce ,c.Jab ,c.short ,Sonic Hurricane

- J.Fierce ,s.Fierce ,Sonic Boom ,forward Fierce

- J.Fierce ,c.Jab ,c.Short ,level 2 Total Wipeout ,Flash Kick

You can do a c.Forward instead of the c.Jab and c.Short for more damage but therefore it's less hit-confirmable .

- cross-up j.Short ,c.Jab ,c.Jab ,c.short ,Sonic Hurricane

Corner Pressure

The Sonic Boom is very important in the corner .

It avoids wake-up attempts by the enemy (making Dragon Punches useless) and the quick recovery gives you enough time to do a jump-in so that you can follow up with a 2-in-1 (for example j.Fierce ,close Fierce ,Sonic Boom) .

If your enemy's guard is almost broken ,kick him with Guile's Roundhouse (now the guard is broken) and ...Sonic Hurricane .

Corner Mix-ups :

Due to Guile's minimal lag after throwing a Sonic Boom you can walk up to the enemy ,wait until his block stun is over and throw him .

Ticking was helpful in the old days of Street Fighter ...and it still is ...

Guile's far Roundhouse is good as well as his forward Fierce (though the charge gets lost) .

Throw a Sonic Boom .If your enemy is blocking high do a c.Forward .

Use Guile's long-range attacks .They will keep your opponent in his defensive state because he can't get close to you .

If your enemy rolls out try to hit him with c.Jab ,c.Jab ,c.Short (don't do it too fast ,you have to gain charge) ,Sonic Hurricane .


Custom Combos

First off all ,I would like to note that Guile shouldn't be played in A-Groove simply because he'd lack juggle opportunities in mid-stage if the Custom Combo mode was activated .

The only time he has A-groove activated should be in the corner :

c.Roundhouse (to set up the juggle) ,s.Roundhouse ,

c.Fierce ,Short Flash Kick ,c.Fierce ,Short Flash Kick ,c.Fierce ,Short Flash

Kick ,...

...when meter depletes ,Somersault Justice


Be sure to use CROUCHING Fierce ,not STANDING Fierce because the c.version does more damage .

close s.Roundhouse ,Sonic Boom ,Sonic Boom ,Sonic Boom ,...

...when meter depletes ,Somersault Justice

You can also start with a Jab Sonic Boom (on the other side of the stage) , high-jump towards the opponent ,activate CC mode in mid-air , followed by a j.Roundhouse ,s.Roundhouse ,Sonic Boom over and over , finished by a Somersault Justice .

The damage is a lot higher but this setup is too unreliable (and too hard to pull off) in competitive play .

Advanced Strategy


Shotos :

Their main weakness in this special fight (Guile vs shoto) is their bad recovery (compared to yours) after a thrown fireball .Exploit this weakness by using Guile's pokes .His pokes will probably get blocked but that's the key , not to break their guard but to pressure them hoping that they are going to throw out a Hadouken . They have to be too far away to do an anti-air or any other normal attack .They want to damage you and their only rang-attack (that's what they think) in such a situation is a FIREBALL .

Fireball fights shouldn't be a problem .Guile has got less lag . Do a forward Fierce or (if you're close enough) c.Roundhouse . It's also possible to roll .Then throw .

Try to avoid jump-ins ,they will get you with a Shoryuken or c.Fierce . The only time to ever jump-in is when they have been floored or after you have thrown a Sonic Boom . Jump-in with a cross-up move ,tick and back throw them so that they end up in the corner .

You have got better overall-range (another advantage you should exploit) .Guile's c.Forward is one of his best normals .

Beware of their Hurricane kicks .If they activate it at the right spot they will make you block (or not if it comes very unexpectedly) and they will also recover fast .Now you could get thrown or get hit by a sweep and it's their turn .

Random Tricks/Notes