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Guile is a all round balanced character. however he has been toned down quite a bit compared to his cps-1 version

Color Options

New Guile Colors

To choose the "Hold" color, press and hold any button except Start for 2 seconds. To choose any other color, simply tap the desired button.

--Raisin (April 6, 2007)

Old Guile Colors

Old Guile's input code is UDDD. Pressing Short simultaneously with Jab or Fierce will give you the alternate color.

--Raisin (April 6, 2007)

Move Analysis

Normal Moves main poke fast attack to push a close opponent away to ideal range. used as an anti air at a certain range.

c.hp- the main anti air to use when being jumped on and you aren't charged for a flash kick. for crossups. the most used jump-in move when won't reach

j.hp- a good air to air move. used mostly when jumping backwords to counter dictator's stomps or claw's wall dives.

--Tataki 21:44, 1 September 2007 (UTC)

Normal Throws

Command Normals

b+lk- the knee bazooka. allows you to advance forward while charging a sonic boom.

mk/f+mk/b+mk- a great kick. allows you to move forwards or backwards while attacking, and also goes above low hits like shoto or guiles at certain ranges can be used as an anti air.

f+hp- the backfist's awesome range makes this guile punisher. used at anti air at certain ranges but mostly to punish fireball lag after you cancelled the fireball itself with a sonic boom and the opponent is left open.

--Tataki 21:44, 1 September 2007 (UTC)

Special Moves

Sonic Boom Charge B,F + P

Somersault Kick Charge D,U + K

Super Move

Double Flash Kick: Charge DB for 2 secs, DF, DB, UF + Kick

Risky move. Must be done close to get hits in. Juggles air opponents for 4 hits. Good wake up tool but unsafe.


Advanced Strategy


These the the only combos you should be trying to do.

  • j.HP/HK, HP/c.Mp xx Flash Kick
  • j.HP/HK, HP xx Sonic Boom, Backfist
  • X-up LK, c.MP xx Flash Kick (for O.Guile you can swap the X-up LK to X-up MK but i think that only works on crouching opponents).

Best way to land the super is on a crossup LK

  • X-up LK, c.LP/c.LK x2 xx Super
  • j.fierce/roundhouse, c.fierce xx super

You gotta be a superman to land this one. Dump the jumping attack and do the C.fierece cancelled into super as a meaty If you really want to do the super off a forward jumping attack do it like this:

  • j.HP/HK, c.MP xx Super

Attack Info and Frame Data



Beat the Slide Punch
1) Standing short
Standing short beats not only the slide punch but also horizontal balls and Blanka's super. One of the sweetest things Guile can do is jab sonic -> standing short. If Blanka tries to slide under the sonic at max-range your short will hit him into it for a 2 hit combo.

2) Standing roundhouse
Try to catch him as he goes into the punch. Especially good if Blanka tries two slide punches in a row -- hit him with roundhouse in between. Blanka can beat Guile's standing roundhouse with his standing jab but if he's doing those jabs you can hit him with an old fashioned crouching forward.

3) Fierce Sonic
Mix these in with the jab sonic booms sometimes to try to catch him flinching.

No-charge Air Defense (Standard)
Any given option can be beat, so good anti-air is a matter of knowing the proper spacing and reading your opponent.

1) Crouching forward/roundhouse
Loses to a late Blanka jump fierce. You can also do the crouching forward a little late looking for a blocked hit. If Blanka is really sneaky he could forward hop over that one but you should have a Flash Kick charged by then so...

2) Vertical jump roundhouse / climbing jump fierce
If you're backed into the corner and you get beat air-to-air by a Blanka jump jab, note that you're vulnerable to his fierce ball trickery so be careful.

3) Crouching fierce This usually loses to Blanka's jump short but that ain't the end of the world. Do it early such that Blanka hits you high, and you can do a defensive two-way mix-up on the back end: sac-throw or Flash Kick. Crouching fierce a little later if you're trying to trade.

No-charge Air Defense (Non-standard)
1) Backfist
At long range this is not unlike Sagat's standing fierce. Do it as late as possible to try to trade or beat Blanka's jumping jab/jumping roundhouse.

2) Far standing strong
3) Neutral or back+medium kick Sobat
4) Standing roundhouse
5) Standing short (!?)

Cross-up Short Blanka is a huge target for an ambiguous jump short -> crouching strong -> (hit confirm) flash kick. If your opponent has a reliable reversal vertical ball this doesn't mean much but...

Whiff -> Throw Trickery
Up close, joystick plus roundhouse (the upside down kick) and joystick plus medium kick (sobat) both miss. Whiff the kick and throw the beast. (nohoho)

Vega (Claw)

Guile 3-7 Vega
- Sliding is annoying
- No air defense when he jumps a sonic [from close]
- Difficult to okiseme

Pinned in the corner
- Use flash kick vs. chip damage attempt [rolling claw]
- Gamble flash kick vs. Izuna/Barcelona
- When you predict a wall dive fake out, fierce sonic

Anti Slide Kick
Unless he's right on top of you there's no good way to stop the slide kick. Gamble flash kick misses. Sonic trades unfavorably. Towards+medium kick sometimes works but you have to predict and Guile's down on a trade. [Far standing roundhouse works here and there, too.] Keeping quiet and blocking is safest. At least it doesn't do chip damage.

Also, after a blocked slide, sonic is not recommended. You'll eat crouching strong. If he gets predictable with blocked slide -> crouching strong you can flash kick but don't get carried away.

Bad range for Vega
Get into a more favorable position with jab sonics. Some breathing room. [half screen ish]
- Counter the jump in with crouching roundhouse.
- If he vertical jumps the sonic, use crouching forward. (Try to meet him in the air [w/ jump roundhouse or whatever] and you'll eat his vertical jab)
- If he blocks it, move back with back+medium kick and throw the next sonic.

[when you knock Vega down you want to try to tick but:]
- Very difficult to time safe jump in vs. Vega.
- Doesn't mean much since he's got standing flip kick.
- If he backflips you can't throw him.
- Even when you do get the throw he'll tech hit.
Risk reward stinks.

Ultimately, a blocked jab sonic might be best.(T.Akiba via nohoho)

Serious Advantage Match-ups

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